The Glorious Coming of Jesus Christ and the Entry of the People into the New Creation

20 October 2018


The apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje are known in the whole world and have involved a large number of people. On 24 June 1981, the Mother of God presented Herself to the world as the Queen of Peace, and since then She appears every day. This is witnessed by six visionaries who also say that these are the last Marian apparitions on Earth.

Based on this, we may conclude that Our Lady is present amongst us, offering us Her special graces for these times in regard to the events that affect humanity. Therefore, it is reasonable and appropriate to reflect on this matter, ask questions and, first of all, respond to the invitation of the Queen of Peace.

Two particular events have occurred this year, 2018:

  1. On 20 May we have proclaimed the existence and the work of “the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe” which is one, holy and apostolic. We have communicated to you the messages and testimonies of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which we received through Stefania Caterina. We have also shared with you the testimony of the people of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”, based on the unconditional offering of their life to the Immaculate Heart of Mary after years of pathway guided by the Queen of Peace.
  2. Only a few days later, on 31 May, the Pope appointed Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Bishop Emeritus of Poland, for an indefinite time as apostolic visitor with special mandate for the parish of Medjugorje. An exclusively pastoral mission aimed at accompanying the parish community and the pilgrims. This means that the Archbishop’s mission does not concern the doctrinal questions in regard to the apparitions. He has repeatedly declared that he cannot express a judgment about the apparitions as that is not part of his responsibility.

The final judgment about the apparitions of Medjugorje rests with the Pope. The final report of the commission that investigated on the events of Medjugorje was handed over to him quite a long time ago. According to what is known unofficially, the commission approves only the first seven apparitions of Our Lady. All this shows that the official Church has not given a clear response to the EVENT of Medjugorje. It seems that it has been put on hold so that it may be forgotten over the years or even centuries.

On the contrary, we do not want to forget what the Mother of God has accomplished through the apparitions of Medjugorje. We do not want the memory of this event to be extinguished, as it has marked a very important stage of the history of humanity. Therefore, through a cycle of reflections, we will try to inform you more deeply about the story of Medjugorje, also in the light of what has been revealed to us in many years. We turn to you and to those who believe in the authenticity of the apparitions of Medjugorje; to those who have followed us in these years and believe in the existence of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe and want to give a response to the truth.

In several episodes we will present you some events that have involved the Church of the Earth and the whole of humanity. We will try to give you a framework for your own personal discernment and your response to God. At all times and in many places, God sent His Mother, Mary Most Holy; at all times, God asked for the full collaboration of the Church and humanity in this grace. So, let us start with our reflection.

Overview of the events

“From the coming of Jesus Christ to now many changes have occurred in the universe. The first phase was from Pentecost to the great Jubilee proclaimed by the Catholic Church in the year 2000 when the third millennium of your history began, according to the calendar of the Earth. In this phase the consolidation of the Church of the Earth and the spreading of Christianity took place on your planet.

The second phase is still ongoing; it began in the year 2000 of the Earth and will end with the glorious coming of Christ and the entrance of the people of God in the new creation. In this phase God has been increasingly strengthening His action. The entire universe is heading towards the event that will mark the end of times and the beginning of the new creation: the glorious return of Christ.”[1]

In the message of Our Lady of 25 May 2013 to Stefania Caterina, Our Lady briefly outlined the purpose of Her apparitions:

“Dearest Children, I would like to deepen with you the plan of God of which I have spoken many times in my apparitions, particularly, in Medjugorje. It is a plan that originates from eternity, from the moment when original sin was committed (Gen 3). From that moment, in fact, God has put in place His plan to recapitulate everything in Jesus Christ, in order to save the whole humanity and lead it back to Himself.”

In the same message, the Blessed Mother stated that the apparitions in Fatima and those in Medjugorje were closely linked to each other, and She added:

“I will stay with you until the hearts of the Christians open up, at least partially, to understand the reality of the universe as it is in God; until the Church shows the intention to proclaim this truth. If this occurs, My apparitions will end. If this does not occur, My apparitions will equally end because, at that point, there will be nothing more to say for Me further than what I have told you over the centuries. The apparitions of Medjugorje are My last apparitions on Earth; there will be no others.”

We will stop here for now. We will continue with our reflections to further develop this historical framework. In the meantime, we will share, for your reflection, the message Our Lady gave to Stefania Caterina on 6 January 2017, from which our path clearly emerges. It is nothing new as it is the Christian path of all times, but today it is more necessary than ever due to the alarming situation in which our humanity finds itself.

We always accompany you with our prayer and our blessing.

Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

Message of Our Lady of 6 January 2017, Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord

Participate in My Offering and I Will Participate in Yours

“My Dear Children,

I want to be with you today because for the people of God a very challenging time is about to begin. Yesterday, important things have been said to you and I will not repeat them. Instead, I would like to tell you that I love you and that I am by your side. Each step you do, you will do it with Me.

Jesus wants to manifest Himself as the only Saviour of humanity. He has already done it when He came as man, but He was not accepted. However, God does not leave His work half finished; therefore, Jesus will return to manifest Himself, and, this time, He will do it in His glory. Neither sin nor death will be able to harm Him in any way.

His people must anticipate His manifestation as happened to Me. Before Jesus openly manifested to the people of Israel, He manifested in My womb where He began to live and act. John the Baptist could feel Him in My womb. When I showed Him to the brothers who came from space, the ones you call the Three Wise Men, I only fulfilled My mission: to manifest My Son to the all humanity. I had already done so with the shepherds, the first nucleus on Earth, a small and humble people, to whom Jesus had manifested Himself.

Today the same must occur within the people: I manifest Jesus to you so that you manifest Him to others. First of all, you have to reveal Him within you and within this people, for this is the place where Jesus wants to manifest Himself. My Son said that rivers of living water will flow from within you.[2] He is the river of life, and you have to manifest Him to others. I count on you to generate the Son of God together with Me and show Him to the world in the way I showed Him to the shepherds, and to show Him to the universe in the way I showed Him to the Wise Men.

Kings used to bring gifts to other kings. That was the custom at that time. All of you have to bring gifts to the King of kings. The greatest gift that Jesus expects from you is your life. Your life contains everything: faith, hope and love. This is what God expects from you and I expect that, too.

I continuously transmit Jesus’ love to you. Know, children, that no creature has pure love in its heart without receiving it as a gift from God. You must ask Jesus to give you true love. Do not set off with your human love. Satan will act with all his hatred; therefore, the people will have to act with the whole love of Jesus. Jesus has given His life for His people, and there is no greater love than this. If you give your life to God for your brothers and sisters, no force of darkness will be able to defeat you.

I will always be by your side; I will pray and offer Myself for you so that the Lord may fill you with His love. Give all your prayers, your intentions, your thoughts and your wishes to Me; I will remove all egoism from them and present them to God, and I will only ask for what is good for you. I ask you to participate in My offering and I will participate in yours. I am your Mother and the Mother of God, and I want to lead you all to My Son’s Heart so that He may take you to the new creation.

I bless you with all the power God gives Me for you together with St. Joseph who is always at my side, interceding with Me for you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, page 213, Ed. Luci dell’Esodo

[2] John 7,37-38