Prepare a Place for Me in Your Heart

2 November 2018

Message of Jesus of 27 October, 2018

“Dearest Children,

Now, after the days that you have spent together, I want to bless you and renew in you the seal of the Most Holy Trinity that you have received and that I, as the High Priest, can open in each one of you.

You have been told to prepare a place in your houses, but I ask you for more: prepare a place for Me in your hearts. My Heart desires to beat in your hearts. This is the meaning of the Eucharist: I enter into you and become flesh and blood in you; My Heart beats in your hearts, and your hearts beat in Mine. I do not forget anyone of you, and I know everything of you. I know your joys and your tears. Nothing is unknown to Me.

Prepare a place for Me in your hearts as I want to live in the hearts of this people!

This is not a romantic image but the reality of Christianity: I live in you and I act in you; I touch the world that is within you. Through you I also touch the world that surrounds you and the whole universe.[1] I promise you that if you are ready to give Me everything, you will be, ‘A town built on a hill’, which, ‘cannot be hidden’.[2] Many people will come to you and speak of you as they know that I am present among you.

I am in your midst and I want to gather my lost sheep through you. Help Me gather My lost sheep! Inside of you My Heart beats for each lost sheep. Therefore, be a people full of goodness, mercy and love for all, even for those who seem very far. No one is so far away that My Love cannot reach him.

This is what I expect from you. I do not expect great speeches or works: I expect you to have a heart capable of beating for every child of God.

I will be with you, and I will confirm you in all you do. I will also confirm you with miracles. The time of miracles has come for this people. However, always remember that the greatest miracle is My Heart beating within you.

I bless you; I protect and accompany you on all the paths you will walk; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Gal 2,20

[2] See Matt 5,14