The Time of the Beatitudes

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We present you the message of the Holy Spirit that we received at Pentecost. It prepares us  very well for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity and invites us to live our life in communion with the Three Divine Persons without spending human and intellectual effort. The Triune God will manifest Himself in us and through us if we put into practice what the Holy Spirit shows us. All this will create an inner motivation to move towards our true mission of evangelisation.

We thank you for your faithfulness and we bless you.

                                                                                                  Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina


Message of the Holy Spirit of 8 June 2019

“My dear Children,

I bless you powerfully on this Vigil of Pentecost. I come to announce to you the beginning of a new time for My people in the whole universe. It is a time in which I want all the gifts that I have bestowed on My people, in every age and in every place of the universe, to blossom, triumph and manifest the power of God among you and through you.

The gifts that I am speaking about are not the charismas some people have. I am speaking of My seven gifts which, unfortunately, have not fully blossomed in the Christians of the Earth.[1] This has occurred for several reasons: principally because of man’s ambitions and his desire to possess those gifts. My gifts only blossom where there is humbleness. They are granted to you when you stop seeking them for yourselves and begin to ask for them for the glory of God. I want this glory to be manifested in My people.

What should you do? You must fully live the teachings you have received: Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel and those you have received through the revelations of the past years, which make Christ’s teachings actual and render them more comprehensible to the people of this time.

The content of the Gospel and of the revelations you have received create together a sublime theology and a powerful doctrine with which you can help others. Through them you can better understand the human nature and relieve everyone’s life from impediments and suffering.

I continuously remind you of this teaching[2]: if you are open to read and meditate Christ’s teachings with seriousness and perseverance, I will remind you of the right word at the right time. Thus, you will be able to overcome your difficulties through God’s Word which heals and strengthens. As it is written, God’s Word penetrates to the point of division between soul and spirit in order to overcome this division and perfectly unite soul and spirit.[3]

I ask you to let the teachings you have received live in you. Remember that Jesus’ thought is enclosed in His teachings. Jesus manifested His divine thought in the midst of the people; you may find Jesus’ thought in the Holy Scriptures and the revelations that have been given to you. The two are not separated from each other but form a whole.

If you do this, My gifts will blossom in you. They will render you a strong people that will pass through this humanity who is afflicted by many difficulties and immersed in great confusion and darkness. You will pass among them bringing light, preaching, teaching and healing. You will heal the life of the people, because Jesus Christ is the Lord and the Saviour of human life; He is the One who entirely saved your being.

I invite you to become true testimonies of the teachings, the thought and the power of Jesus Christ, which I incessantly continue to remind you of. Christ’s highest teachings are contained in the Beatitudes.[4] The people of God have never fully understood them, and yet the whole power of God and His people is enclosed in them. I ask you to live the Beatitudes so that this may be the time of the Beatitudes for the whole of My people.

I do not need great doctors and theologians or lofty scholars; I need men and women who understand, live and put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ. I will always be by your side to remind you, at every instant, of the Word that has been given to you. It is the Word of Christ, of the Father and also Mine. The whole power of the Most Holy Trinity is enclosed in it.[5]

Children, through the centuries the Holy Scriptures have been “taken hostage”, so to say, by false scholars.[6] They did not use the Word of God to help humanity grow but to crush, judge and condemn it. This is not what I want. My Word descends to heal humanity; it descends to separate light from darkness, but always in love, for My greatest gift is love: the love of Christ that I instil in you, nourish and imprint on you with My fire.

You have been given the task to baptise in the Holy Spirit and fire.[7] The fire I am speaking of is the purifying fire. It always passes through Christ’s Sacrifice, and it purifies humanity to its roots. This is the meaning of the baptism you are called to impart, even to the souls in Purgatory who have not received it yet. It is the greatest purification of all, because through this baptism you immerse the souls in the Sacrifice of Christ. I ask you to continue to baptise with love and out of love, for it is the greatest help you can give to many souls.

I repeat to you: seriously endeavour to understand and live all that you have received. Be truly wise according to the wisdom that is not human but divine. I am the bringer of life and divine wisdom. I am the One who guides you to the whole truth because it constantly reminds you of the One who is the Truth.[8]

I ask you to live the time of the Beatitudes together with Me to become a people able to be meek, poor in spirit, pure-hearted, peace-bringing, able to carry life. First and foremost, I ask all priests of this people to be priests of the Beatitudes. Leave aside all conflicts and all problems. It is not for you to solve the great problems of humanity because you cannot; only God can do it. However, your task is to follow Jesus Christ and reveal His love in you and among you so that humanity may believe that God has sent you.[9] This is the greatest gift you can give to others, for Jesus Christ is the greatest gift the Father has given to humanity.

I bless you and I send you on your mission. I am by your side all the time. Be inwardly attentive to My teachings, and you will find Me beside you and within you. Always and in every situation, I will give you the right words to overcome all difficulties and give true help and true love to those who desire it. You will receive the right words and accomplish the right actions to lift up the poor of God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord

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