“Living the Fullness of Life” – Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

15 June 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the subject of today’s reflection is “Living the Fullness of Life”. We are celebrating the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity from whom life is born and to whom all things return in fullness united with the life of the Most Holy Trinity.

Therefore, we began a journey together at the beginning of Lent which led us through the Easter time to this Feast. Now we will explain to you how we will continue to stay with you.

You have already read the message of 8 June in which the Holy Spirit says[1]:

“I come to announce to you the beginning of a new time for My people in the whole universe. It is a time in which I want all the gifts that I have bestowed on My people, in every period and in every place of the universe, to blossom, triumph and manifest the power of God among you and through you.”

The programme given to us by the Holy Spirit will move rapidly and intensively towards its fulfilment. It says:

“The gifts that I am speaking about are not the charismas that some people have. I am speaking of My seven gifts[2] which, unfortunately, have not fully blossomed in the Christians of the Earth. This has occurred for several reasons: principally because of man’s ambitions and his desire to possess those gifts. My gifts only blossom where there is humbleness; they are granted to you when you stop seeking them for yourselves and begin to ask for them for the glory of God. I want this glory to be manifested in My people.

Then He shows us how: living the Beatitudes and Jesus’ words which summarize the whole announcement given to the entire universe; embodying the Beatitudes will let the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit blossom in each one of us.

Today we are celebrating the Most Holy Trinity. We know that in the past Pentecost the Holy Spirit particularly poured out on the Church of the Universe because the whole Church of the universe celebrated Pentecost with us; Pentecost was strongly desired by all Christians in the universe and by us, who are the Christians on Earth.

How can we live the life of the Most Holy Trinity? Far away from any speculations and imaginations, we have one example, one model, the creature who is immersed in the Most Holy Trinity: Mary Most Holy, the only creature who, from the beginning, did Her path with an attitude of complete collaboration with the Most Holy Trinity. Let us try to understand this more concretely.

All of us are created and destined to enter the Kingdom of God, at least all those who desire it, even though they are fragile and weak; all are granted the grace and, due to our weakness, particularly that of the humanity of Earth, and that of the rest of the universe, the perfect Mother is given to us: the creature who perfectly incarnated the love of God, that is, the word of God. This is also the essence of today’s Liturgy[3]: the Wisdom of God, who existed before all creatures, incarnated in Jesus Christ, through the immaculate Mother Mary, and was imprinted on us during creation. Wisdom is fully expressed in Jesus Christ through whom salvation came to all humanity and all creatures.

If we look at the Gospel of Luke where the Archangel Gabriel announces to Mary that She will conceive the Son of God, we will see that all elements are present: God precedes us with His grace; He prepares us inwardly if we are open for it; He acts through the Holy Spirit and awakens us, just as He awakened Mary to welcome the Son of God sent by the Father according to the power of the Holy Spirit who was to descend on Her. We are experiencing the same process: the Holy Spirit sends us towards Jesus Christ who is the perfect image of God, His living, pulsating image, who communicated to us all we need. At the end of His path, when He opened the way towards the life with the Triune God, He sent us the Holy Spirit promised by the Father, so that the Spirit may lead us inwardly through Jesus to the Father.

If we participate in this path in the way Mary Most Holy did – welcoming the Son of God, giving life and the human existence to Him so that He may be among us – to the foot of the Cross, then, the divine life will explode in us; the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the fullness of the Trinitarian action, which overwhelms evil, death, diseases, imbalances, recovering man and all humanity. Thus, let us begin our path as Mary Most Holy did. She was taken to Heaven; She is the firstborn after Jesus Christ, the only creature taken into the Most Holy Trinity; with Her help, through Jesus Christ, we are called to enter the new creation.

So, how shall we participate in the Trinitarian action within us? What kind of commitment is necessary to let the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit blossom? How ready are we to participate?

The Gospel says it clearly: in the apostles who reached the point of participation in the victory of Christ the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit emerged explosively. This is the mission of the apostles. This is happening now in the Church of the Whole Universe, which is participating through the Immaculate Mother in this process under the guidance of Jesus Christ who wants to take us to the life of the new creation.

We must measure ourselves in the way the Blessed Mother measured Herself with Jesus Christ who vibrated with Trinitarian love and went through all to save us. We are called to participate in this powerful vibration which leads us to victory. Through the Holy Spirit, we will also discover the presence of the Holy Trinity here on Earth, even if we will only reach perfection in the new creation, after the glorious coming of Christ. However, even passing through the tests that are the background of the Beatitudes, we can be blessed and have a full life.

Christ is the perfect image of the invisible, pulsating God. All humanity must enter the mystical union with Christ, with the help of Mary Most Holy and all instruments of God, to elevate itself to the Most Holy Trinity. The children of God must manifest the full life that the Triune God has given to them. We are called to accomplish the Law of which Jesus spoke in the Beatitudes:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them.  For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Mt 5,17-18).

Our choice to participate in this work gives us all the grace we need to continue the work of Christ as His Church in the whole universe.

I would like to ask you a few questions: do you experience this when you pray, or do your prayers remain empty and superficial? Do you think that glowing people, ready to change the society of the Earth come out of the churches? God is acting in this time. Are you responding? Are you ready to follow and manifest God to humanity?

I assure you that in this Pentecost the Church of the whole universe has powerfully begun to bring this to fulfilment, gathering all souls from all planets, all nations, all religions, all ideologies: all souls of good will. I tell you, this Law is valid for the Pope and the last Christian on Earth. Whoever does not comply with this Law will lose the grace, for the Church is one and God is manifesting His face in the whole universe. Now He is acting powerfully in the souls of good will. He who is of good will may respond so that His light, His action may increase in favour of the weak who are lost in the satanic vortex which devastates humanity and the creatures of the Earth.

We will continue to celebrate for this reason, submitted to this Law which governs the Church of the whole universe. We invite you to participate seriously there where you are and where you participate in the sacraments. We have spoken to you about the instruments that are fully acting now. We have shown you how to pray, live, participate and create a communion among the faithful. You know everything; however, now the same thing will happen as when Jesus came: the unfortunate arrived and the pagans; miracles occurred to the pagans, but Jesus could not accomplish any miracles for those who dwelt in the Temple every day. God’s mercy, which is always justice, passes among the people and attracts those who are of good will. With responsibility they begin to participate in the work of salvation which occurs through Jesus Christ, the Only Mediator, who brings them to the fullness in the life of the Most Holy Trinity.

I ask you all to join us, even those who are not able to participate in our meetings. Join us in spirit, with responsibility and good will, united with us through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Furthermore, we can only tell you to follow us, to let your hearts warm up through our preaching. Do not forget that it is difficult for grace to penetrate cold hearts.

I wish you a happy Feast of the Most Holy Trinity and a happy Feast of the Holy Eucharist, Corpus Christi. May you gain the awareness, from this Feast on, that only by participating fully in the Easter Passage of Jesus Christ and by inserting your whole life and all situations you will reach a blessed, full life and give testimony to others.

I bless you; may the Lord’s grace accompany you every day together with the Church of the Whole Universe which acts in favour of everyone, giving the power of the Most Holy Trinity to every soul of good will. I give you a special blessing; may the loving attention of the Church of the Whole Universe be turned towards the Earth and those who want to reach Heavenly Jerusalem; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  See Message of the Holy Spirit, “The Time of the Beatitudes”, published on the website

[2] The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord

[3] See Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity – Year C: 1st Reading: Proverbs 8,22-31; 2nd Reading: Rom 5,1-5; Gospel: John 16,12-15