“Jesus Christ leads us to the Father”

25 July 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; this year we have repeatedly spoken about the evangelisation of the Earth. One of the main issues has been the celebration of the Solemnities, our Feasts, with the whole Church of the Universe. Now we are awaiting the Feast of God the Father which we will celebrate on Sunday, 4 August.

This year the Father asks for the consecration of planet Earth, all humanity and all creatures. He wants to forgive many sins of humanity; He wants to save us from disasters; he wants humanity to be ready to submit itself to His will to lead it rapidly towards the new creation. Through this humanity that is willing to be submitted to the Father He wants to draw all the creatures to Himself because, as we have explained, together with us all the creatures also are to be transformed in the new creation.

We will share a prayer of consecration you can you may read during these days to consecrate yourselves and the others. Afterwards, we will also give you a message of Jesus that will especially prepare you for this Feast.

I would like to reaffirm that this consecration is not one of many devotions. It is the submission to the Father, to the will of the Father, to the pure Spirit, to the Laws of the pure Spirit which perfectly work in the Father to whom the Son is submitted in the Holy Spirit. Thus, all those who desire to enter the time in which the Father wants to act and the new creation, are called to be consecrated and submitted to the Father.

You know that St. Peter was inspired by the Father when he recognised Jesus as the Messiah. St. Peter was to experience the Passion of Christ, submit to the Laws of the pure Spirit, follow Jesus and carry out his service at the head of the Church to lead the Church to the submission to the Father through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.

We all have met many instruments who have spoken to us and helped us walk this path: Our Lady, Her apparitions, St. Michael, the seven great Archangels, the angels, the saints, the faithful brothers and sisters. In a way, they are now withdrawing in Christ who will have all the power in the universe to manifest Himself gloriously. They work for us; they have given us indications but now they let us walk on our own, otherwise we will not reach the fullness. Thus, this period is the time in which all of us must be submitted to the Father through Jesus Christ, and all things must be submitted to the pure Laws which act in the Father.

Therefore, it is very important that we understand this. Also the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, which is now present on Earth, and which many of you have decided to join, must work in this way. Here the offering of ourselves to Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary becomes extremely important because we enter the mystical union with Christ. There He acts within us and we become collaborators; in the holy, prophetic and royal priesthood we lift up all circumstances of the Earth and entrust them to God the Father so that He might reveal to His children the pathway to take, abandoning those who want to belong to Lucifer. This is how the final separation takes place between those who want to follow Lucifer and those who want to follow Jesus Christ to be submitted to the Father.

We leave you to the message of Jesus, “Jesus Christ leads us to the Father”, of 22 April 2007, taken from the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, page 36.[1]

 “You need a continuous and direct relationship with the Father. Direct, although you must pass through me as has been established. But the fact that everything must pass through me, does not mean that you must stop when you arrive before me. If you cannot come to know and love the Father through me, you will limit my work greatly in you. You must believe in me as in He who was sent by the Father, the Witness who led you to the Earth, the great testimony of Trinitarian life, who revealed to you that God is the Father.

You must relate to the Father like I do. This was meant to happen from the beginning: man, who was created in the image and likeness of God, should have had an immediate and total relationship with God as a Father. Sin broke this relationship with God’s paternity. As a consequence of sin, nobody could appear before God and be capable of praising him, of being his son. Men stained by original sin were deprived of their dignity as children; they deserved death.  I remedied this situation with my passion, death and resurrection, obtaining a new possibility for you to arrive at the Father and to appear before Him as immaculate children, because anyone who immerses themselves in my blood is cleansed.

The offering of your life to me through my Mother’s heart is the only pathway. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life because I unveil the Father’s life to you. If you cannot understand the need to live in a relationship with the Father, through me, you are depriving yourselves of life. In this way, although you define yourselves as Christians and you address many prayers to me, you cannot succeed in participating in my work. If you are not the first to experience and authentic relationship with the Father, you cannot announce his paternity to men.

The Father lives in the Son, but the Father is also above me. I have said that the Father is the greatest of all, and I too am and will be fully subjected to the Father forever.[2] I too was to be united with the Father. Without his strength, I would have been unable to fulfil the work of redemption, although I myself am God. Not even the Holy Spirit can act fully in you if you fail to experience your relationship with the Father, because the Spirit is a gift from the Father above all, a gift that passes through me.

Do you see how important the flow of life between the Three Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity is? This must also come about in each of you. Love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit must flow continually in your souls. the Most Blessed Trinity must live in you. I continue to love and obey the Father, and also the Holy Spirit. Together we work to reveal the Father, and the Father loves us and sends us to you. You must do the same: be fully subjected to the Father, through the Son, so that the Father, through the Son, might give you the gift of the Holy Spirit and he might lead you to the Son, and the Son to the Father. This is the action of the Trinitarian vortex in you. You should live in this manner.

Discover, love and serve the Father in me and through me, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Place the father above all things, abandon yourselves totally to Him. He will do everything necessary for you to fulfil his work. In fact, in every son, the Father continues to fulfil what he fulfilled in the Son, to whom he gave the strength, the means and the power necessary to implement the work of redemption. Every member of God’s people also acts in this way; they give themselves to Him, through the Son in the Holy Spirit.

No mystery can be illuminated without the Father. Everything descends from him. I have openly said to you that alone I can do nothing, and that everything that I do, I have seen done by the Father.[3] These are not words just thrown around, they are truths and they are valid for each of you. What can you do on your own? I have revealed to you what I have seen the Father do and that in turn, I have learnt, even being God.[4] And if I, who am God, am subjected to the Father, why shouldn’t you creatures also be? If you do not abandon yourselves with an act of total faith in the Father, through me, you cannot either understand or do anything. Everything is in the Father, the essence of life is in Him and you cannot do anything without relating to Him.

You must be united with me, because through me, you are constantly purified of evil and sin, immersed in me so as to appear holy and immaculate before your Father. Without me it is impossible to arrive at the Father. I bless you, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

We leave you with these words of Jesus, but that is not all. We have offered ourselves and we are consecrated to the Father; already now, particularly in these days before the Feast of the Father, we offer and consecrate the Earth, all men of goodwill and all creatures to the Father, and, if you want, we may also present and offer you to the Father.

He wants the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth to be alive and united in the universal communion, devoted to Jesus through the immaculate Mother so that the Church be blameless, as only by being blameless she will be able to enter the new creation.

We will celebrate the Holy Mass in our houses on 4 August 2019, at 9.00 am. Join us and we will offer you all to the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

I bless you in the name of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Stefania Caterina, “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2008

[2] See John 10,29

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