“Living in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”

12 July 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we will continue to look at the message of Our Lady of 24 June to deepen our understanding of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.[1]

The title of our reflection is “Living in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”; we will answer the first question: which Church is it? The answer is that it is the only Church of Jesus Christ that exists. How can we participate in it? We will try to give you some indications.

First, let us listen to the words of the Holy Spirit regarding the Church taken from the book, “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”.[2]

“What moves the Church is the life of the Most Holy Trinity which is constantly communicated to her through the Holy Spirit and is present in the Sacraments. By drawing from this life, the assembly of the believers in Christ can be defined as Church; otherwise it would just be one of many organisations working in favour of humanity. Yet, the Church is not a group of people joining together to pursue a useful purpose; nor is it a noble foundation that keeps the memory of the founder, Jesus Christ, alive through virtuous works. Even less is the Church a centre of power, as she unfortunately often presents herself. The only power residing with the Church is that of grace, which creates neither apparatuses nor hierarchies, but is distributed equally among the members according to the individual originality and for the spiritual growth of all.

The Church is not a people subject to a monarch; it is the holy people of God, generated by the Sacrifice of the Cross, fed by the Sacrifice of the altar and sanctified by the action of the Holy Spirit. Everything else may be good but not necessarily holy and divine. Not all that is done in the name of the Church truly represents the Church.“

This is the essence of our participation in the life of the Most Holy Trinity in the Church: “The only power residing with the Church is that of grace, which creates neither apparatuses nor hierarchies, but is distributed equally among the members according to the individual originality and for the spiritual growth of all.”

All that God has given to us changes us continuously and transforms us to take us to the new creation.

And in this context we will quote the words from Our Lady’s message:

 “Now it is time for this Church, united with the one in the universe, to bring her announcement through her life; through her doctrine, her liturgy and her sacraments, that is, through all that she has received in the past years. All this forms a truly great deposit of faith, hope and love.

I do not say that you will have no conflicts, for Lucifer’s hatred against the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is strong, but God’s love for you is stronger. My love for you is also stronger, and I am grateful to you for what you have done in the last years.“

The following words may sound disturbing: “Through her doctrine, her liturgy and her sacraments, that is, through all that she has received in the past years.” Let us try to understand. Looking back at the time when Our Lady began to appear in Medjugorje, we may see that the people participated in the Mass, the confession and the adoration. Nothing new and yet all new. Everything would have been renewed if we had taken the words of Our Lady seriously as She would have opened us continuously for an inner renewal, to a pathway that would have taken us inevitably to the realisation of the promises of the prophets, the apostles and Jesus Christ who came among us.

We are not speaking about new doctrines or new sacraments but of an always new participation. What happened at the beginning of the apparitions also occurred at the conversion of Francis of Assisi after which many people followed his life. Think of Abraham who had to leave his land. This is what continuous change means.

In the reading of Genesis, chapter 46, it is said: God appeared to Jacob at Beersheba and said: “‘I am God, the God of your father,’ he said. ‘Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there. I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again. And Joseph’s own hand will close your eyes.’“ It sounds like a contradiction. The God who had indicated the Promised Land to the Patriarchs leads Israel to a land where it will experience slavery. There He forms a people who will later go back to the Promised Land. Moreover, you know how long it took, how many changes took place and how weak the people were even though they received many signs.

In this time we must perceive the action of the Most Holy Trinity to draw humanity out of the slavery of the universe because the Earth is in danger and the low universe, too. The Lord wants to lead us to the realisation of all His promises through our gradual transformation which enables us to fight against the forces which want Christ’s Church to remain attached to the world and unable to change the life of the members of the same Church and to respond to the questions science and humanity bring up.

Celebrating the sacraments means to celebrate the Trinitarian life in us and our life in God; by celebrating the Trinitarian life in us we immerse ourselves in the source that revives us. All our life then becomes a celebration. All seven sacraments comprehend the seven fundamental aspects of our life; however, if we transform them into simple rituals, not much of the life of God remains in us.[3]

However: only through the Immaculate Heart of Mary can we take part in this life. Only She can prepare us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who leads us to Jesus Christ, the Saviour. She is the only one who stood at the foot of the Cross, and who could see beyond it thanks to Her faith, Her hope and Her love. She enables us to walk the pathway of transformation and the cosmic passage of the whole universe.

To participate in the powerful Trinitarian action means to be united with the divine instruments of this time. God leads us towards the fullness through His instruments who are capable of taking us there: the Blessed Mother, the sublime, the extraordinary and the ordinary instruments.

The sacraments involve, first of all, the participation in the Heavenly Liturgy together with the Archangels, the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters and all saints who contemplate the living God. Through our participation in the Heavenly Liturgy our liturgy changes and transforms us continuously so that we emanate a new light on the believers and the humanity of Earth and the whole universe.

In the cosmic Pentecost we encounter St. Michael the Archangel, the Archangels, the faithful brothers and the Church that directly contemplates the life of the Most Holy Trinity. Not by chance St. Michael is the precursor of the second coming of Jesus Christ with the task of preparing each one of us for the moment in which we will see Jesus Christ as He is.

We know that the holy Patriarchs were visited by angels and men whom we do not know who they were. From what has been told to us, they were faithful brothers of God. The Patriarchs needed to stay connected with the universal Church. This encounter with the instruments of God also occurs with each of us as the Almighty God acts through His instruments.

This involvement always occurs through the Easter Passage in which we die to ourselves and become open for new things. This happens within us. The universal Church is vibrating and united with us, and our participation in the Liturgy, in the sacraments, enables us to do this cosmic passage, which is compulsory for all humanity and all creatures. We do not know when and how God will accomplish it, but we know that this is the pathway and we experience it within ourselves.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe gathers all the good of the history of salvation and all that the holiness the Church has transmitted to us, but she is determined to accomplish her path. All the problems of the path of the Church emerged because she stopped at a certain level. The great apparitions of the Mother of God, the Queen of Peace, remained a disturbing event for the official Church. But the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is determined to carry on.

The new aspect is that we cannot take part in this Church by saying “yes” and “no”, being cold and superficial. By living Christ’s Sacrifice all our sacrifices and sufferings, all that has not been redeemed yet, is purified, elevated and regenerated. When we are resurrected, we are able to communicate and testify to the resurrection of Christ.

I invite you to reflect on these words and to be open for the instruments God sends to guide you. God will leave nothing incomplete in you. As we said, God guided Jacob, the Patriarch, in every phase of his life. The same happens for each of us in every period of our life if we are open; He prepares everything and gives us the grace so that we are guided by Him; we may even return to the time of our slavery and then rise again and be renewed.

Our mission in the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe is to communicate with the whole universe and accompany all those who are conceived in this moment by grace and baptise those who desire baptism. The action of the Holy Spirit knows no limits; however, God might use us according to our call, our originality and our mission; even more so if we allow Him to render us immaculate through the Immaculate Mother Mary.

We will continue to speak to you, to pray for you and to accompany you with our blessing; we bless you also today in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of Our Lady, “I am the Mother of the Church” published on 6 July 2019 on our website, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2] Stefania Caterina, Tomislav Vlašić, “Rewriting History-Vol. II-The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, page 276, Luci dell’Esodo, 2009

[3] The seven sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Anointment of the sick, Marriage, Holy Orders.