The New Creation Begins on Earth



Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We present you Jesus’ message of 3 August, the vigil of the consecration of the Earth to God the Father. We also add the message that God the Father gave us on the day of the consecration. There you will find many passages that refer to all the children of God and answer their questions. Pray and think about all this. Afterwards we will reflect on it together and continue our path to realise the promises in the fullness that Jesus has announced to us.

We accompany you with our prayers, and we bless you.

                                                              Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of Jesus of 3 August 2019

“Dearest Children,

After a lot of hard work and among many trials, you have reached a turning point on your path: you have come to the consecration of the whole Earth to the Father, which you will perform tomorrow.

I tell you that this consecration is not an ordinary act of devotion carried out by a prayer group or done in any other context. It is a solemn act, performed by you on Earth in the name of the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the universe, and, through you, it will be performed by the Church present in the universe. Planet Earth will be consecrated; the place where the last events will take place.

Children you do not realise that, on Earth, the old creation will end and the new creation begin; the old times will end, and the new times will begin. You find yourselves in an extremely important scenario of the history of humanity. Therefore, I told you that tomorrow the Church of the universe will consecrate the Earth. From now the Earth will be the scenario for all. Earth will belong to the Church of the universe; it will be protected by the Church of the universe, precisely because on this planet salvation will have to be accomplished and the new creation begin.

I am telling you great things, which are difficult to understand rationally, but the Holy Spirit will guide you and I will also guide you. The Father wants you to understand the seriousness of the times you are living in and to be aware of Satan’s work to counter all this. In fact, the children of darkness continuously consecrate the Earth to Lucifer and to the arch-demons to prevent that the events of salvation take place here. Nevertheless, no-one will be able to prevent these events.

Therefore, tomorrow I will be in your midst to consecrate the Earth together with you. I will consecrate it in My Church. Together with you, I will consecrate this planet to the Father. I deeply love this planet where I incarnated, walked, died and resurrected; where I showed you life. Remember My words in the Gospel: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). No one will be able to prevent the life I have brought to Earth from manifesting itself in all its power. Lucifer can do nothing against the life of God because there is only death in him, and I have defeated death for all of you and in each of you.

I am the One who opens the seals of the great book of life written by each of you. I open the seals within each of you so that life is reborn, grows and expands through each of you and through My whole Church. Now I ask you, children, to let Me open all the seals in you, all of them to the last. Free yourselves from all fears, doubts and worries of the world; I can provide for you. I need a free people, totally devoted to Me. I know that there are trials on Earth. I know the crosses very well, and I carried the biggest cross for all of you. However, I tell you that the crosses serve no other purpose than to make you rise again.

Later you will receive the anointing, and I, as the High Priest, will anoint you through the hands of My priests.[1] I will anoint you because I want to heal you profoundly. I want to heal your spirit, your soul and your body. Have faith, children! Even your illnesses are placed in a very large context. Whoever is ill among you: do not be disheartened but offer all to Me and, through Me, offer all to the Father. I can defeat all your illnesses; if I allow you to suffer, it is only because through these trials I can elevate not only you, but the whole Church. Each one of you carries a piece of My Cross; do not be afraid of it because My Cross means resurrection.

Today I bless you all in a special way. I bless those among you who are suffering, uncertain, doubtful; those who cannot forgive themselves and fully welcome My mercy. I AM MERCY and, as such, I will pass among you: through the oil you receive, you will be anointed by My Mercy.

Children, rise again because times are short. The consecration of the Earth, wanted by My Father, makes you understand that times are truly short. There is no more time to switch between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Now, you must walk with determination towards life and life will come towards you. Do not be afraid; I am with you, and I always accompany you, at all times and in every trial. I AM THE LIFE; do not forget that.

I bless you with the blessing of life, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] During the celebration the people received the anointing as confirmation of the grace of submitting to the will of God the Father.