4 August 2019

Message of God the Father



“Dearest Children,

I am delighted to be here among you to tell you that I love you. Today, in you, among you and through you My promises are fulfilling: the promises I made to your Fathers of a new, redeemed humanity; the promises of the prophets. Finally, the hope of many saints, who have lived among you, has received a voice. The tears of the righteous, who lived throughout history, are dried.[1] My promises are fulfilling because now there is a people on Earth that belongs to Me. Finally, the Church of the whole Universe established by My Son is there: it is alive, pulsating, holy, righteous and only seeking to do My will.

Be aware of the fact that I am fulfilling My promises in you regardless of your limits, sins, insecurities and illnesses. I am greater than you all; I am greater than your hearts, desires and illnesses because “My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts”, as I said through the prophet.[2]

What you are going to do today is something truly great.[3] Not only because you consecrate to Me yourselves and this wonderful planet that I have given to you – a  beautiful planet, made especially for you and now, as you see, in such a bad condition  ̶– but because today you sign an irrevocable alliance with Me. This is the alliance: “You will be my people, and I will be your God”.[4] Through My Son, Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, I will introduce you into the Promised Land, the new Jerusalem, that is, the new creation, which has been prepared since eternity for you and for those who loved and served Me over the centuries.

This means that from today on you definitively belong to Me, and I put My seal on you. It is the seal of eternity, justice, love, faithfulness and mercy; the seal of My Laws that I have written into your hearts. All this, children, commits you to be faithful, not only for yourselves but for the large part of humanity that is groaning, suffering and waiting for a sign from Me through My people.

Know that the new creation begins with My people both on Earth and in other parts of the universe. I do nothing without My people. I am not a God who is jealous of His power; I have decided to share My glory with the angels and the humans. I have decided to share it also with the other creatures because nature is the mirror of My Glory.

In fact, all creatures manifest My glory, My power and My goodness and I deeply regret that you have not understood that. I deeply regret that the Earth, which has provided you with food, water, health and joy, and all the creatures that inhabit it have been exploited by the men of the Earth only for profit. You must not do that because you are brothers and sisters of all creatures: the animals, the plants, the water, the air, the earth, etc., for you have all been created by My goodness. Therefore, I ask you to give creation the right place in your houses; make sure that every animal and plant, even a blade of grass, feel safe beside you, not threatened and destroyed by your thirst for profit.

None of you will enter the new creation alone but together with all other creatures; do not forget that. Creation accuses the man of Earth of having betrayed, exploited, humiliated and devastated it. That should not apply to you. Today you also sign an alliance with creation for which you are responsible. I will also hold you accountable for this. Therefore, treat your planet well in the place where you are, because that piece of creation that is around you is entrusted to you forever, and it will enter the new creation together with you.

Children, you see how things are going on Earth. Man does not seek Me, does not want Me, does not know Me and refuses Me. Therefore, I wanted another people and I have created a new humanity. Over the centuries I have raised saints, prophets, righteous people, but now in you the promise of a new people is fulfilled: you are My new people and I am your God. My Son will guide you, the Holy Spirit will sanctify you and I will protect you. I will remove the poisonous roots from you as nothing impure must enter My new people. Lucifer and his court will no longer dwell with you. You will have trials and difficulties because you will feel the hatred of the enemies, but you will have no part with evil anymore: I will separate you from evil once and for all because you are My people.

I expect you to be aware that you belong to Me in every moment of the day. The seal that I place on your forehead today shall shine every single moment of your life, in every place you visit and wherever you pass. You do not need to make great speeches; My seal will speak by itself because you will bring My life.

I thank you for the path you have done with Me. Now another one begins: the path of the new creation. I have grown you like a precious tree whose roots are no longer immersed in this humanity but in the new humanity and in the new creation. You are a people that lives on Earth but does not belong to the Earth or to the spirit of the world; you belong to Me. Act like this: do not get involved with the spirit of the world anymore but bring my Spirit everywhere.

I turn to you of the Earth who have refused Me and do not accept My laws of love, justice and mercy: from now on you may live as you want to live! Live according to your laws. However, I tell you that difficult times are awaiting you because you will no longer experience My love, My mercy or My justice. You will have to be content with your love, your justice, your mercy which is equal to zero. I love you all and I am always ready to welcome you again; however, as long as you refuse Me, I can do nothing for you but confirm you in your choices. I respect your freedom. Do you want to walk alone? Walk alone! Now all My attention is turned towards the humble, the pure in heart, the innocent; all those who are despised, ignored, invisible. Poor children of Mine who are born and die without anybody noticing! That will not remain like that: I will turn to the last, and I will save them through My people.

I also turn to you, the powerful of the Earth: do not think that I do not see you. I search the depth of your hearts. I see that there is no love, no justice, no goodness. You only seek your glory, but I tell you that your glory will turn into nothing because you seek nothing, and you will remain with nothing. Whoever wants to live on his own, without Me, will die alone. This, too, is My justice: I let everyone live according to his free and conscious choice.

However, I repeat: none of the little ones, the humble, the innocent, and those among the suffering who seek Me will be abandoned. From today onwards, the prayers, the devotion and the love of My people will reach all those who are waiting, who are dying without receiving a caress from anyone; who disappear from the Earth without anyone ever noticing them. I never forget anyone and I love the little ones.[5] Even My Son made Himself little for you.

I love the righteous, the innocent, the pure in heart. I love the children, the young and all those who have a desire for true life within them but do not know whom to turn to. Well, I tell you: I am here, I am your Father and I am always waiting for you at the doorstep of My House that is always open. Do not walk past as you will not find anything outside of Me.

Children, the Earth will experience difficult times. All the hatred man has sown will return to him. You may already notice that nature is rebelling against the tyranny of man. However, it will not be like that for you. No one will touch you; nothing will torment you. Be happy about what you are experiencing today. Consider yourselves fortunate to be present here. Those who could not come here today will certainly not be forgotten: the power of this celebration will extend to all My children of the Earth and those of the entire universe. And the Church present in the universe will also pour graces on you because you are one people.

I bless you and I send you as witnesses of My life and My love. Be aware of the responsibility and the greatness of your life and your calling.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Luke 10,23, New International Version – UK (NIVUK)

[2] See Isaiah 55,9

[3] He refers to the consecration of the Earth to God the Father which will take place during the celebration.

[4] See Jeremiah 11,4

[5] See Matt 18,10