Indications for this Time

29 September 2019

Feast of the Seven Great Archangels

Message of St. Michael the Archangel


“I great you, dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today I am in your midst to communicate to you the wishes of the Lord Most High for this people and for humanity. Three points are important for the last months of this year and the coming year. You know that the new year begins for you with the Feast of Christ the King in which all is summed up and all begins anew.

  • The first point is the following: God wants this people to exercise its priesthood fully.

I have to tell you, brothers and sisters, that a terrible scream rises from the Earth and shakes the universe. Earth is in danger. The humanity of this planet is suffering terribly. It has no way of salvation without Jesus Christ. This priestly people must form one body and one spirit to elevate to the Lord the scream of this humanity. You are mothers and fathers for this humanity, and you must never forget that. Fathers and mothers watch over their children. There are many children of God on this planet, great and small, who suffer and are persecuted, trampled and despised for being children of God. Many others do not know yet that they are children of God and are waiting for a signal from the people to glimpse a new life and new people.

It is time to offer the cry of the Earth on every altar of the Earth, in your liturgical celebrations, when you all come together, when you are in nuclei or on your own. Together with us Archangels, the extraordinary instruments and the new priests, the priestly people will raise this cry from all altars of the Earth. They will receive from God the grace to cover with their mission all altars of the Earth, even where there are no worthy priests.

Thus, it is necessary that you become aware of being one body on Earth and in the whole universe. Everything you offer to God will be offered together with the whole people of the universe that is now turned towards the Earth, the last planet to enter the fullness. Be aware of this task of yours.

  • The second point is closely related to the first and is your purification as individuals and as a people.

You know from the Old Testament that the people of Israel always purified themselves before the great events.[1] The events that await you are far greater than those of that time; therefore, this people must be ready and purified. I invite you, therefore, as individuals and as a people, to free yourselves from what is still oppressing you: fears, doubts, worries, resentments, discords etc. Each one of you knows what he has to give up, but now the people, too, must banish all darkness from within.

From now on, discord, divisions and hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated among the holy people of God. Your ‘Yes’ must be a true ‘Yes’. Whoever sows discord among these people will be set aside. Thus, I invite you to look sincerely inside yourselves and at problematic issues among you. There are not only the sins of the individuals but also those of a people. However, if each one defeats the darkness within him, he will also consume the darkness of the people and of the Earth. While you defeat evil in you, you also defeat it around you, in the people and in the world. Thus, when you accept your purification with love and joy, you will consume the tragedies of humanity.

Now, you may wonder if the trials will come. Yes, they will; however, I tell you that the humanity of the Earth is already struck by trials. The trials of the people of God will be subtle and deep; they will be a battle between your spirit and the spirit of the world. This will be the great trial of the people: to knock down the forces of the enemy, consume the action of evil, defeat evil with good. Therefore, you are asked to be pure; I do not mean perfect because none of you is perfect, nor am I, because you and I are creatures. Rather, you are asked to be honest, open, generous and ready to give up your views and welcome the newness of life; ready to let yourselves be emptied of your ideas and projections to welcome the power, the love, the wisdom and the goodness of God.

What should you do? You must remain firmly anchored to the three pillars you have been given: the offering of your life to God through Mary’s Immaculate Heart as a sincere, generous and total act; integrity in your thoughts, words and actions; communion between you and the whole people of the universe, the extraordinary and the ordinary instruments who are active in this time.

You are a powerful ordinary instrument on Earth, and therefore I invite you to free yourselves from all that prevents you from fully exercising your mission. God will give you the strength to overcome every trial and you will be reborn from within. Being reborn from within also means to be reborn from above, from a thought that is higher than you: the thought of Christ that comes from above and wants to incarnate in you. Not only the thought of individuals exists, but also the thought of a people, and I ask you to let the thought of Christ live in you, among you and through you in the world.

  • The third point, which completes what has been said, is this: the Lord wants you to consecrate the last months of this year and the whole of next year to the Holy Spirit.

Invoke the Holy Spirit and offer yourselves completely to Him. Honour Him, bless Him and proclaim His greatness among you and in you. Only the Holy Spirit will enable you to understand the events and to participate in them. The events will begin and they will be great, but they will be very subtle. Most of humanity will not notice them, but you must see them. They will pass under your eyes; you will understand them and take them before God. Therefore, you need the Holy Spirit.

Imagine you are in a dark room that is full of smoke: you cannot breathe and you do not see anything. Now, imagine that someone enters the room and opens a large window through which light and pure air come in. This is what the Holy Spirit does in you: He opens you to the light and the purity of the spirit. You need the Holy Spirit. The Earth needs Him. Supplicate the Holy Spirit to descend on this humanity and heal the wounds of the little and the poor; they are like Lazarus’ sores that no one wants to see.[2] You, however, must not turn your face before the sores of this humanity. Watch what happens on Earth, although it may upset you and sometimes it may be easier to look the other way. It is no longer the time to look away because God’s people are sent to heal the leprosy of this humanity, and you must not be disgusted by its sores. Look at them, offer them to God, heal them.

That is all for now, brothers and sisters. You will receive all the help you need. God has foreseen great graces for you; therefore, be ready to welcome them. All will go well because in God all goes well. Everything always goes well in God; do not be afraid. Live in faith, hope and love. God entrusts many children to you: love them, heal them and bless them.

I am with you and I bless you together with all Archangels and angels, the extraordinary instruments and the people of the whole universe. Receive the blessing of God, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Exodus 19,10-11

[2] See Luke 16,19-31