The Portals of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

12 September 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the last time we spoke about the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe as the last instrument of salvation. Now we want to understand better how this instrument works.

We have been told that the Earth is the last planet and the last scenario of the events. Also, this year the evangelisation of the Earth has begun. It has been repeated to us several times that neither the Earth nor the Church of the Earth can save themselves on their own. They need the angels, the faithful brothers, the saints, the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe. In this communion all the good that God works, the power that defeats evil, expresses itself.

The Church of the universe has a fundamental instrument on Earth, that is, three vital places where grace will act powerfully: Jerusalem, Rome, Medjugorje. We call these three places “our portals”. So, today we will speak about the portals of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe.

These portals are not like the “star gates” in science fiction. But first we have do a step back and look at the beginning. In 2013 the Trinitarian action began in the high universe and in the middle universe. Now, it will express itself with all its power on Earth. We have said that God keeps three absolute prerogatives for Himself: creation, redemption and sanctification. With the consecration to God, the Father, we have entered the powerful action that leads us to the new creation where the Father will carry out the work of creation and bring to completion His initial thought.

Over time Jesus Christ gathers up all things so that they are recapitulated in Him. He is the treasure of all wisdom, intelligence and knowledge of God; He submits all to the Father, and finally He will also submit Himself to the Father. The Holy Spirit sanctifies life and leads it to the Trinitarian action. We particularly attribute the creation to the Father, the redemption to the Son and the sanctification to the Holy Spirit; however, their action is in unison. What one of the three divine Persons does also belongs to all three Persons.

Thus, the Trinitarian power will also express itself on Earth and involve all men and all creatures. It will activate the whole Mystical of Body of Christ and all His instruments because God acts with and through His creatures.

The portal is, thus, the expression of the action of the Trinitarian vortex which continuously attracts and welcomes all good, all those who are ready and want to be recapitulated in Jesus Christ and submitted to the will of the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. The portal contains primary energy which is clean and plentiful for each one of us and the whole of humanity. I hear you ask, “Where is this primary energy? We want to draw from it.” It is in us!

Today in the letter of St. Paul to the Colossians we have read that he greats the brothers saying, “The saints and faithful brethren in Christ”.[1] What does it mean to be a saint? Holiness is the expression of the fullness of God, the integrity of life in God as we are created in the image and likeness of God, for He created us blameless and loved us. He created us because He loved us. We are the expression of His love for us. The love of God is in Jesus Christ who descended to the roots of humanity, to the abyss of each one of us, of the Earth, of the whole universe to take us back to the Father. And, in us is the seed of holiness, which is integrity of life in God. Our participation is necessary and reaches its peak in the pure love of God which is also the source of harmony with others and the universal communion.

The Trinitarian vortex expresses itself through the portals present in the whole universe and on all planets. I have underlined that there are three portals on Earth. There the vortex attracts some but also rejects others. Lucifer, fortunately, cannot enter these portals. This vortex attracts all the people of good will. God gives each one a chance; then, He shows him his sins so that he gives them up and renounces the spirit of evil. God gives him the grace to grow. If a man wants to enter the vortex without changing himself, he will be rejected. However, it is not God who rejects him; rather, because of the choice the man has made, he cannot have the Kingdom of God as nothing impure can enter God’ Kingdom.

Through these portals the Church of God descends and the Church is lifted up from the Earth and the universe to reach the fullness in the new creation. The Trinitarian vortex contains the action of the Most Holy Trinity as well as the holiness of all the righteous men of the Church of all times. Thus, this great power works and no one can resist it. Whoever is ready to participate will be attracted by God’s love. This will involve all: the angels, the living men and all creatures, because this is spiritual and, at the same time, physical energy, which will involve the whole creation.

Who are the servants of these portals? The servants are the extraordinary instruments united with the whole Mystical Body of Christ. Also, in the sanctuaries of these portals there are other committed ordinary servants who participate in this grace. Finally, the whole Church and all those who adhere to the programmes of the portals will contribute to nourish the vortex of the portal so that the Church that descends from heaven will be welcomed, and thus the Church of the Earth will be elevated.

How can we be sure that this works, that this is the truth and that there are hints in the Holy Scriptures? Let us listen to the words of St. Raphael.

Stefania Caterina: This is a message of St. Raphael of 22 June 2008.[2]

“The man who decides to live with God and to participate in His salvific work receives the “access key” to enter the profound meaning of the Scriptures. He receives it from the thought of Christ who acts in the spirit of man who, in turn, offers himself to the Father. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. If you offer yourselves to Him, He will offer Himself to you, and by giving Himself He gives you the divine wisdom that is in Him.

What is the profound meaning of the Scriptures? It is what leads you to discover God’s project for the whole of humanity, the project of glory that will be accomplished through the recapitulation of all things in Christ.”

Father Tomislav: St. Raphael gives us the key to begin this path and to understand the profound meaning of the Scriptures. The instruments of God can show us the way but it is up to us to begin this spiritual journey.

 “God has given you the Holy Scriptures and the key to access them: He wants you to understand your origin and your destiny. However, you cannot understand anything without Jesus Christ. Without Him you catch only the literal meaning as happens to many people. You know from the Gospel that Jesus opened the mind of the disciples of Emmaus so that they could understand the Scriptures and the Father’s plan that was realised through the death and resurrection of His Son.[3] You, too, need to have your mind opened by the Lord. This happens when you offer yourselves to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and thus become united with Him. In fact, the union with Christ opens the doors to the action of the Holy Spirit who leads you to truth and opens your spirit to the knowledge of God and His word.

Before reading the Bible, pray to the Holy Spirit that He introduces you into the depth of what you are about to read. You will notice that every word, even if you read it many times, will reveal unexpected aspects for your life and for your mission. You will help yourselves and others, for the Bible is a prophetic book which contains traces of all that has been, is and will be.”

The Bible shows us the safe path. The safe path that leads us to the portal is the offering of our life to Jesus through the Immaculate Mother. Then, Jesus can give Himself to us. To invoke the Holy Spirit means to ask and desire to enter that knowledge and to accept the passage through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Jesus’ Heart to be at one with Him.

 “If there is no union with Christ in God, man stands before the Scriptures reasoning in his own way and drawing different meanings from those that are written. … This occurs also in this time, when men insist on their interpretations of the Scriptures. They lack the wisdom and knowledge of God and are detached from the action of the Holy Spirit because they do not offer themselves fully to Christ. … They think to know God’s plans but they deceive themselves; they can quote the Word perfectly but do not live it; they become guides and teachers of others but remain ignorant.”

The humanity of this time is called to do this passage which is obligatory. We must enter into the mystical union with Christ to go through the portals and elevate ourselves to the will of the Father where all is blameless and harmonious, and we will have the full life.

If you sincerely enter a portal and desire to receive the grace from the Lord, you will feel the presence of that grace. We all have felt it when we entered these portals. We have felt the graces in certain great sanctuaries, but these portals are destined to attract and involve all sanctuaries, all prayer groups, all nuclei, all individuals. How will people be gathered? Some people will participate physically by doing a spiritual path. Others, most people, will participate in spirit.

You may understand now what Jesus meant in 2012 when He spoke of “The Future of My Church”. [4] Here the whole Church is guided by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ and all is renewed – individuals, nuclei – in the knowledge of God as everything moves towards the new creation.[5] However, the new creation will not appear magically. The new creation has already begun within us if we have said “yes” to Jesus through the Immaculate Mother Mary, but we must allow the grace to attract us and transform us into new creatures.

Who can participate? Everyone will be involved, even the creatures, because the grace, which is spiritual and physical energy, will express itself in the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe which, together with all members of the universe, will express its power in the Trinitarian vortex.

Thus, you see God’s wonderful plan to save man. Without this hope everything is meaningless. All our human initiatives may contribute only if they are united with the Trinitarian action which will continue according to our participation to finally reach completion in the fullness of times, as God plans.

So, you see where this year’s consecration to God, the Father, has placed us, and how we must live it:  by praying and consecrating ourselves to His will. In Him all the Laws of life, the Laws of the pure spirit, are acting perfectly. Have the courage to decide and follow these programmes, and we will accompany you. Yet, we cannot repeat all that we have written and given to you to read and understand. Decide swiftly before it is too late.

In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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