Exercise the Priesthood of the People in Fullness

19 October 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we have spoken about the last instrument God has to save humanity and the Earth: it is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Also, we have briefly explained to you that there are three great Portals on Earth and what they are.

On the Feast of the seven great Archangels St. Michael gave us a message that we have shared with you and which further explains the topic of the living and pulsating Church on Earth and in the universe.[1] That message was not exclusively meant for the people that were present. The message was addressed to all men of good will and the whole of humanity, particularly those who call themselves Christians.

This is the time when St. Michael and his angels are collecting the weeds to throw them into hell; he is collecting the children of God from all corners of the universe, but he does it according to the laws of God, the laws of eternal life. So, he speaks to us who are present, to you who are listening and to all those who will receive the message. The sublime and the extraordinary instruments bring this message to Earth and to the universe. Listen to the first lines that you have read, and then we will look at them more deeply.

 “I great you, dearest Brothers and Sisters, Today I am in your midst to communicate to you what the Lord, the Almighty, wants for this people and for humanity. Three points are important for the last months of this year and the coming year. You know that for you the new year begins with the Feast of Christ King in which all is summed up and all begins anew.”

St. Michael says, “I am in your midst”; he, a pure spirit, is among all those who invoke him and want to participate in his action and that of all angels of the universe. The message is for this people and for all humanity. He reminds us Christians of what we have received in our baptism: the priestly, prophetic and royal anointing so that it begins to act in the way Jesus taught us and the Church did through the millennia. Not many have understood the Christian priestly role, which all Christians have in common. And there are not many priests worthy to promote this priesthood. Therefore St. Michael insists on this topic in this time, of which he says that it is the last part of the last period of preparation for the glorious coming of Jesus Christ. He also told us another time. Listen to his words.

  • The first point is the following: God wants this people to exercise its priesthood fully.

I must tell you, brothers and sisters, that a dreadful scream rises from the Earth and shakes the universe. Earth is in danger. The humanity of this planet is suffering terribly. It has no way of salvation without Jesus Christ. This priestly people must form one body and one spirit to elevate to the Lord the scream of this humanity. You are mothers and fathers for this humanity, and you must never forget that. Fathers and mothers watch over their children. There are many children of God on this planet, big and small, who suffer and are persecuted, trampled and despised for being children of God. There are many others who do not know yet that they are children of God and are waiting for a signal of the people to glimpse a new life and new people. 

The screams of the suffering of the Earth are being heard in the universe. What will happen to the Earth? These screams and the disintegrating energy may cause it to burst. The only way to salvation is the way of Jesus Christ. With the common priesthood of the Christians, which is exercised in communion with the ministerial priest, the Christians must be one body that elevates itself, that is, each Christian individually and the Christian community. What kind of elevation is that? Let us look back at 4 August of this year when we consecrated ourselves to God the Father. Then, we consecrated ourselves to His will and to the pure laws that act in Him. The Christian must be elevated on his own cross, in the midst of the crosses of humanity, to the level of the laws of the pure Spirit through Jesus Christ like Mary Most Holy did when she stood at the foot of the Cross. Her suffering was immense, but She looked far beyond it, whishing the salvation of humanity and sacrificing Herself together with Her Son.

Only the Christians who elevate themselves in the mystical union with Christ; only these people and these communities can elevate to God the sufferings of the righteous, of the poorly educated, of the vulnerable and defenceless, of those who have no priests and those who have problems to prevent the situation of the Earth from exploding. Every Christian who is honest, righteous and full of God’s love should do that. You may see how people behave on Earth, in families, in politics, in society. Everything tends towards disintegration.

The new people, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Earth and of the whole universe, which is united with the whole universe, can lift up the part of the humanity of the Earth which wants to live with God through Jesus Christ. So now is the time for you to adhere to the programme to recapitulate the universe in Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and thanks to the priestly service that takes place in your heart; it takes place in your heart! That is not difficult to understand.

St. Michael says that we are mothers and fathers; the Church is called Mother Church. If we do not act like mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers we are not Christians. If we do not sense the call of the child like a mother; if we do not hear the scream of the children of God on Earth, then, how do we participate in the sacrifice of Christ? How do we collaborate in the Pasqual Passage? These are issues we need to think about. Thus, we and all those who are ready to be one body in the Holy Spirit must come together.

St. Michael shows us another aspect that is important to understand our mission.

 “It is time to offer the cry of the Earth on every altar of the Earth, in your liturgical celebrations, when you all come together, when you are in nuclei or on your own. Together with us Archangels, the extraordinary instruments and the new priests, the priestly people will elevate this scream from all the altars of the Earth. They will receive from God the grace to cover with their mission all altars of the Earth, even where there are no worthy priests.

Thus, it is necessary that you become aware of being one body, both on Earth and in the whole universe. Everything you offer to God will be offered together with the whole people of the universe that is now turned towards the Earth, the last planet that is to enter the fullness. Be aware of this task of yours.”

I want to explain some passages to you that we have experienced in the last years. We witnessed how the seven great Archangels repaired with their hosts for the sins of humanity. That was necessary because of the absence of the Church; because of the lack of worthy priests. Afterwards, when the Central Nucleus was formed, that is, when the extraordinary instruments were formed, the angels slowly withdrew into their dimension, beginning to help the extraordinary instruments to repair, help and make up for the shortcomings of the Church. Now it is your turn; now this task belongs to the whole people of God and the whole Church that belongs to Jesus Christ in the whole universe.

St. Michael insists that it is this communion of the Archangels, the angels, the faithful brothers, the Central Nucleus[2] and the ordinary instruments, linked to the three great portals of the Earth[3], which will elevate the Earth to the Saviour to save from destruction all those who want to be saved and also all creatures.

St. Michael says that he will receive from God the grace to encompass with his service all altars of the Earth. Look at the enormity of this mission! With the help of the Church of the Whole Universe, at all altars where there is one or more believers who desire to be elevated to God, they will be protected and elevated. It will be the Trinitarian power to save them, through the Church of Christ of the whole universe, and to overcome all the shortcomings of the official Church.

We are going towards the time in which everyone will decide either for Jesus or for Lucifer. The mission we have been entrusted with is great. St. Michael invites us to become aware of this fact, and I turn to you who are listening: think about it, begin to act so that your life is lifted up to God; then God will send you as Christians to live in communion and in the same spirit. This is the communion that will enable us to reach all altars and save all men of good will.

You may recognise that this is what Our Lady expected from the parish of Medjugorje: a choral prayer of the whole universe that rises to heaven in favour of the humanity of the Earth. We are now at the point where the remnant of the Christians and of the humanity of the Earth must contribute to it so that this power may manifest itself on Earth with the help of the Trinitarian power and act in the whole universe. Take courage, open up and listen to the impulses of the Holy Spirit; welcome the grace and become active. In these months many graces will be given for you to prepare.

I bless you and I bring you the prayers of all of us, our sacrifices, our offering, our celebrations; may the blessing of God unite you in the Holy Spirit so that you become the living and pulsating Mystical Body of Christ in favour of all men of good will and all creatures; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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