Purification, God’s Life in Us and the Mission in the Name of God

26 October 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the title of today’s reflection is “The Purification, God’s Life in Us and the Mission in the Name of God”.

The last time we reflected on the topic of our participation in the saving sacrifice of Christ as a priestly people. We hope that you have understood that it is not about a message to a seer but about the Christian roots and the roots of the Church at a time when the people participated in the sacrifice of Christ and lived the communion that the Holy Spirit created among the faithful. That is very important because in his message St. Michael turns to all those who feel part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, also here on Earth, and those who want to join it because the Church, the one formed at the beginning, must be reborn and visited from above by the thoughts of God in this time to reach its full maturity.

Tonight our reflection starts from the great events, which will be far greater than those we remember. Which events do we remember? Those of the Old Testament and the coming of Jesus Christ. The coming events are greater because they sum up the creation, the redemption and the fulfilment of God’s promises. Therefore, the events are the glorious coming of Jesus Christ, the elevation of the believers in Jesus Christ to the dimension of the new creation where life will be overflowing and tears, pain and death will no longer exist, but the full life.

In this sense we must understand the issue of purification which is important and necessary as it will take us to the immaculate life through Mary; the blameless life in God. Let us listen to the words of St. Michael the Archangel.[1]

 “You know from the Old Testament that the people of Israel always purified themselves before the great events.[2] The events that await you are far greater than those of that time; therefore, this people must be ready and purified. I invite you, therefore, as individuals and as a people, to free yourselves from what is still oppressing you: fears, doubts, worries, resentments, discords etc. Each one of you knows what he has to give up, but now the people, too, must banish all darkness from within.

From now on, discord, divisions and hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated among the holy people of God. Your “yes” must be a true “yes”.  Whoever sows discord in the midst of this people will be set aside. Thus, I invite you to look inside yourselves sincerely and to look also at problematic issues among you. Also the sins of a people exist, not only those of the individuals. However, if each one defeats the darkness within him, he will also consume the darkness of the people and of the Earth. While you defeat evil in you, you also defeat it around you, in the people and in the world. Thus, when you accept your purification with love and joy, you consume the tragedies of humanity.”

What do you think when you hear the word “purification”? Why are people afraid of giving up evil; of purifying themselves when they invoke Jesus Christ, the Saviour? Jesus Christ is called the Redeemer, the Saviour; however, we can also achieve our salvation by purifying ourselves spontaneously just as we wash after getting up and before going to sleep. There should be more awareness about the inner purification. Purification means healing. It is true that we will not be fully healed until the end of times, but when we are seriously focused on the glorious coming of Christ and the recapitulation of the universe in Him, this attitude will purify us and liberate us from anxieties, worries, tensions and all mental disorders.

There are two very important aspects. The first is that every individual must purify himself; then, the community must purify itself so that the individuals can proceed faster. Look at the situation of the Earth where one percent of the people own more than all men of the Earth together. This situation may easily lead a poor man to be corrupted if he does not purify and heal himself. Of course, it requires a heroic act to overcome all hindrances in him. Therefore, we must believe in God’s Providence and experience how it nourishes us and prevents us from being influenced by the powerful and the arrogant of the Earth.

Christian communities often gather while among them there are tensions, disputes, jealousy, ambitions etc. If each individual sought healing through the sacraments and the whole community wished to be healed instead of depending on rituals, traditions, a religion, the souls would desire to be mystically united with the living Christ. This union would heal both the individuals and the community.

I underline these points because we are talking about the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and the universe is looking at the Earth to help and save it. The universe has decided to live the mystical union with Christ and to march fast towards the recapitulation in Christ. Now we are asked not to be satisfied with the recitation of prayers but to participate in the Sacrifice of Christ.

 “Now you may wonder if the trials will come. Yes, they will; however, I tell you that the humanity of the Earth is already struck by trials. The trials of the people of God will be subtle and profound; they will be a battle between your spirit and the spirit of the world. This will be the great trial of the people: to knock down the forces of the enemy, consume the action of evil, defeat evil with good. Therefore, you are asked to be pure; I do not mean perfect because none of you is perfect, nor am I because you and me are creatures. Rather, you are asked to be honest, open, generous and ready to give up your views and welcome the newness of life; ready to let yourselves be emptied of your ideas and projections to welcome the power, the love, the wisdom and the goodness of God.“

Another question I want to ask you is: how do you feel when you experience trials? You can choose to welcome or not the grace that a trial brings with it because all trials that God permits, even those caused by the spirit of the world, make us grow. Jesus Christ welcomed the trials generously; He went through all the tribulations that the human soul experiences since original sin; He emerged blameless from them and He resurrected. This is the Pasqual Passage that we experience through all sacraments, beginning with baptism, and particularly through the Eucharist. Then, when we immerse all trials in the Eucharist with the pure desire to be purified and lifted up by the trials, we will be strengthened and evil within us will be consumed, eliminated; we also destroy the evil that affects other weak men because our spirit expands, expelling the evil around us.

 “What should you do? You must remain firmly anchored to the three pillars you have been given: the offering of your life to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a sincere, generous and total act; the integrity of your thoughts, words and actions; the communion between you and the whole people of the universe, the extraordinary and the ordinary instruments who are active in this time.

You are a powerful ordinary instrument on Earth, and therefore I invite you to free yourselves from all that prevents you from fully exercising your mission. God will give you the strength to overcome every trial and you will be reborn from within. Being reborn from within also means to be reborn from above, from a thought that is higher than you: the thought of Christ that comes from above and wants to incarnate in you. Not only the thoughts of individuals exist, but also the thoughts of a people, and I ask you to let the thoughts of Christ live in you, among you and through you in the world.”

The third question: how do you feel when God asks you to offer yourselves to Christ? Without your offering to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Mother Mary you cannot reach the fullness. Remember that the core of the Law of all prophets is love: to love God with all your heart; to love yourself with the love of God and to love your neighbour as yourself.[3] How did Jesus love? He offered Himself for us and took the human nature to the fullness of life. He remained in the Eucharist for all of us. There is no other way to be purified, elevated and overflowing of life. We are tested, but we can pass all tests. We, too, will die, but we can rise again if we are united with Christ, and thus enrich the whole Church. Remember that through the Sacrifice of Christ we received the Holy Spirit. Through our total sacrifice, God’s life pours out from our life. In fact, that is our mission.

God helped us by giving us the Immaculate Mother who generates us and prepares us to be living members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Without Her we cannot reach the fullness. Our strength and our prayers are not enough. So, through our offering God’s love is born within us, completely filling our heart and making us feel loved, forgiven, saved, healed. Out of this love we begin to generate others; we enter the healthy, clear, saving communion. It is very important to understand that our offering through Mary’s Heart must be done without conditions, out of a free and pure heart. Then every trial and every cross will elevate us and enable us to offer to God the sufferings of our neighbours both in the world and in the universe for their salvation.

If we are not ready to offer ourselves and participate in Christ’s Sacrifice, we cannot be mystically united with Him. Then, unfortunately we remain attached to a religious organisation, traditional rituals etc. Consequently, when we experience trials, we become bitter, passive, rebellious, insensitive and we do not perceive what God is doing in the universe in these times because we remain closed within ourselves.

The Lord has shown us the way which is to live according to the three pillars of the Kingdom of God: to offer our life to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; to live with integrity and in communion with the whole universe. It is important to understand that our communion, the mystical union with Christ, automatically prepares the glorious coming of Christ. If we fail to participate in Christ’s Sacrifice, we are not elevated, we do not pave the way for others and we do not prepare the glorious coming of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe is called to speed up and shorten the times for humanity.

It is through the mystical union with Christ that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is formed on the basis of these three pillars. Without the participation in the Kingdom of God through these pillars, people are content with participating in a religion, a structure, and solemn rituals such as baptism, first communion, confirmation or wedding. Without the mystical union with Christ man is neither illuminated nor healed and the communion will not grant healing.

The Church of Jesus Christ, whose members are called to seek purification and elevation, has the mission to consume evil on Earth and in the universe. Consuming evil means defeating it, resisting trials and rising to God.

When we are open, we will experience the Trinitarian power in us as St. Michael said. We will be purified from within and from above. We will be filled with God’s thoughts, and thus understand what Jesus Christ founded. What is the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ? To be living members of the Mystical Body of Christ, that is, to be in the mystical union with Christ. The apostles had to go through the purification to form the College of the Church, the first nucleus of the communion with Mary Most Holy and the first disciples. That is how the Mystical Body of Christ is formed. The whole universe and all that is submitted to the Laws of the pure Spirit through Jesus Christ must become the Mystical Body of Christ. That is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

You know the instruments of God: Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph; the angels and the saints who are pure spirits, and thus not conditioned by matter; the faithful brothers and sisters who remained faithful from the beginning and are close to the pure spirit of all of us. Then, God has also chosen individuals from Earth and other planets and created a communion to re-establish the ordinary instrument which is the Church of God. The Church of God is renewed by uniting with the Church that descends from Heaven, which manifests what Jesus Christ has founded and leads towards the fulfilment of the promises of Jesus Christ.

In this sense we are asked to purify and heal ourselves for our own happiness. Our purification eliminates all inner disorders. Even if we have to suffer, we will receive the fruit of joy, peace, generosity and all that St. Paul calls the “fruit of the Holy Spirit”.[4] Therefore, let us put all this into practice before we are overwhelmed by the coming events, as the Lord will not delay the fulfilment of His plans, for the Earth cannot remain in this condition.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit instruct, protect and defend you so that you are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to consume all evil you touch in the world, and thus expel evil from the Earth and the universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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[2] See Exodus 19,10-11

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[4] See Gal 5,22: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”