The Communion of the Living

Message of Mary Most Holy – 1 November 2019, Feast of All Saints

“Dearest Children,

First of all, I want to thank you for your commitment in your path and for the responsibility you have taken in the Church of My Son. Today I present Myself to you as the Mother of the living. I am Queen and Mother of humanity, of the saints and of the deceased in Purgatory because I am the Mother of the living.

You must carefully distinguish between the alive and the living. Not all who are alive are living. Unfortunately, nowadays many people who are alive, in reality, seem to be dead.

The deceased in Purgatory, whom you commemorate these days, are living. Their body is dead but their spirit lives. These brothers of yours are already certain to enter the new creation one day; they are already saved and look at you with the eyes of the living as they have encountered the life of God. The living person is someone who has encountered the Most Holy Trinity, lives It and communicates It. All of you are called to be living and to seek God’s life in your communion. Not only must you seek the communion with those who live on Earth, but also with the faithful brothers and sisters of the Universe and the brothers and sisters in Purgatory. They, too, are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

Children, I want you to live the communion of the living. I want you to feel the power of the communion with those who live the life of the Most Holy Trinity in the whole Universe, wherever there is a child of God who seeks and lives that life. The communion of the living is the greatest force moving in the Universe. It is the power that fills the Trinitarian vortex and communicates itself to you, for the power that passes from spirit to spirit is huge. Your spirit is deeply nurtured by the power and the communion present in the Trinitarian vortex where God acts and the living saints also act.

You, too, are holy and living if you live in Christ. Who is the holy person? It is someone who lives for Christ, with Christ and in Christ. You have been given an image of holiness that is not true. Holiness does not mean to imitate a saint or accomplish many religious practices: holiness is giving your life to Christ and giving your life for your neighbour in Christ. Therefore, children, you are not only called to live the communion among you, but also the powerful communion of the living present in the whole Universe. It is a force similar to the spark that runs here and there in the stubble, which is described by the Holy Scriptures.[1] So is this communion: it is the force of the living; the force of the children of God. I want you to live immersed in this force, for it is the Church of Jesus Christ that must hold this power rather than human power, which is made up of structures, apparatuses and norms. The Church of Jesus Christ must hold the power of life.

Children, I ask you to be a people of the living, otherwise you will not be able to face death with which Lucifer rules the Earth, the last planet to be evangelised, the most dangerous and the most hostile. Death rules the Earth, but in the chaos and the immense suffering of the Earth, the Church of Jesus Christ must shine as source of life. Then, others will not perceive you as religious fanatics but as living people.

Today I bless the life and the communion flowing among you. Do not be content with being alive, but be living people in Christ, united to all the living in the Universe by the Spirit of the One who rose from the dead because He defeated death.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Wisdom 3,7 NRSVCE