The Consecration to the Holy Spirit

9 November 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the last time we spoke about our communion in the Holy Spirit with the saints and the souls in Purgatory, and we prayed together with the saints for the deceased. In that occasion Mary Most Holy appeared as Mother of the living and spoke to us. We have published the message she has given to us.[1]

Today we will speak about the “Consecration to the Holy Spirit” and about the year that is consecrated to the Holy Spirit. We want to understand what St. Michael’s wish means within the programme of these times.[2}

We have to return to the beginning of our path, which we have explained in our books and our messages. You may remember that Jesus entrusted us to the Holy Spirit in 2011, and throughout the year 2013 we were guided by the Holy Spirit who led us to Jesus through the path of the offering of ourselves to Him through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. In this way, the Church of the whole Universe was formed and also the Church of the Universe on Earth united with Jesus Christ who consecrated us to the Father. Let us remember that on 3 August of this year the Father sealed an irrevocable alliance with us and with the remnant of His people.

That is the background. Now we are at a turning point where the consecration to the Holy Spirit takes us to the experience that the apostles made after having suffered the Passion, when they were gathered by the Risen Christ and received the Holy Spirit along with the disciples and Mary Most Holy to be sent out to continue the work of the Redeemer.

Exactly the year of the consecration to the Holy Spirit expresses the mission of the Holy Spirit to bring the life of the Father through the Son to the whole creation. This year God wants to entrust His people with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Trinitarian power, so that the people may participate in the events of redemption. We will speak about this as we move forward on our path in the coming year.

What does the consecration to the Holy Spirit mean? It comprises our consecration and the wish to live a holy life. It means to consecrate oneself to and participate in the work of the One and Triune God and the Church that makes herself available to the work of the Most Holy Trinity.

Let us listen to the words of St. Michael, calling us to the consecration to the Holy Spirit.[3]

  • “The third point, which completes what has been said, is this: the Lord wants you to consecrate the last months of this year and the whole of next year to the Holy Spirit.

Invoke the Holy Spirit and offer yourselves completely to Him. Honour Him, bless Him and proclaim His greatness in your midst and within you. Only the Holy Spirit will enable you to understand the events and to participate in them. The events will begin and they will be great, but they will be very subtle. Most of humanity will not notice them, but you must see them. They will pass under your eyes; you will understand them and take them before God. Therefore, you need the Holy Spirit.

Imagine you are in a dark room that is full of smoke:  you cannot breathe and you do not see anything. Now, imagine that someone enters the room and opens a large window through which light and pure air come in. This is what the Holy Spirit does in you: He opens you to the light and the purity of the spirit.”

What does the consecration to the Holy Spirit mean in this context? In the Revelation St. John says several times, “I was in the Spirit” (Rev 1,9). To consecrate oneself to the Holy Spirit means to allow Him to come over us, not to enslave us but to render us alive, living. The Holy Spirit, who brings the life of the Father through the Son, imprints on us eternal life and the Laws of eternal life.

We can also say it differently: God’s love penetrates us, awakens and purifies our love so that it becomes one with God’s love, and our whole being is governed by God’s love. This pure love generates, redeems and sanctifies us. This is the meaning of the consecration: being immersed in the Holy Spirit, in the Laws of the Holy Spirit; beginning to live a life that is powerfully guided by the Holy Spirit; guided and supported by the Most Holy Trinity.

St. John says, “I was in the Spirit”, and St. Paul, Philip the Deacon and the prophets of the Old Testament made the same experience according to the Scriptures. These are special graces, but ordinary graces are foreseen for each one of us so that we are penetrated by eternal life and guided by the Laws of the pure Spirit.

Therefore, when we honour the Holy Spirit, when we feel and communicate His presence, it means that we are guided by the Holy Spirit. At the same time, the Holy Spirit manifests Himself through us. How? Pope Benedict XVI wrote that with the coming of Jesus Christ the first Church excommunicated the pagan world with the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the time of the preparation for the glorious coming of the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has the task to excommunicate the paganism of the Universe, eliminate all shadows of the spirit of Satan and the spirit of the world and finally marginalise it and throw it into the sulphur lake. That is the mission of the Church that will be invested by the power of the Holy Spirit, much more than at the beginning after Pentecost. Thus, once we are consecrated to the Holy Spirit with simplicity and dedication, we will invoke Him to be guided by Him. The coming year must be lived in this way so that we may participate in His work through Jesus Christ.

 “You need the Holy Spirit. The Earth needs Him. Supplicate the Holy Spirit to descend on this humanity and heal the wounds of the little and the poor; they are like Lazarus’ sores that no one wants to see.[4] You, however, must not turn your face before the sores of this humanity. Watch what happens on Earth, although it may upset you and sometimes it may be easier to look the other way. It is no longer the time to look away because God’s people are sent to heal the leprosy of this humanity, and you must not be disgusted by its sores. Look at them, offer them to God, heal them.”

Therefore, our consecration is indispensible for the work of the Holy Spirit to begin through the Church of the Universe and through each one of us.

I want to draw your attention to what we have written in the first volume of “Rewriting History”[5] where it said that human history is written in the souls and rewritten through the souls. When God’s thoughts and His love penetrate us and we welcome them, God’s power expresses itself through us. No matter if we are asleep or awake, that power acts in us. We are like a powerful relic; we are children of God in whom the Holy Spirit dwells and expresses Himself through our eyes, our thoughts and our wishes which we take before God.

Let us remember the first point St. Michael wanted to highlight in his message: our priesthood must be active. The priests are instruments of God. I am not only thinking of the priest ministers but of all the priestly people on Earth that watch their children like mothers and fathers do and offer their prayers, sufferings and tears to God as well as the unsolvable situations on Earth, and there are many situations on Earth that can no longer be solved. Our task is to offer to God all the lepers in the spirit, all the wounded, all the plagues that not even doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists are able to heal.

The presence of the Holy Spirit gives life and heals through us. We are not talking about charismas or particular graces that are granted to certain people, but about the life that transmits the action of the Holy Spirit which cannot be stopped by anyone, just as no-one can cover the sun and its rays when the sky is clear.

I would like to finish this reflection by looking at the Feast of Christ the King. Listen to the words of St. Michael.

 “That is all for now, brothers and sisters. You will receive all the help you need. God has foreseen great graces for you; therefore, be ready to welcome them. All will go well because in God all goes well. Everything always goes well in God, do not be afraid. Live in faith, hope and love. God entrusts many children to you: love them, heal them, bless them.

I am with you and I bless you together with the Archangels and the angels, the extraordinary instruments and the people of the whole universe. Receive the blessing of God in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

You will receive all you need by grace; welcome it. How? It is with the following thought that I want to introduce this year’s Feast of Christ the King: the apostles received the Holy Spirit after going through Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection. They stripped themselves of their ego and adhered to the life of the Risen Christ, and then the Holy Spirit descended upon them with all His power. There is no other way in this time than the free and loving offering of our lives to Christ, King of the Universe, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be attracted by Him and led to the resurrection that gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles, death and Satan; to enter already now, as we are still on Earth, the dimension of eternal life in order to blossom and be realized in the new creation. 

Thus, I will leave you to your prayers to the Holy Spirit; may He come over you and all those who are of good will, especially on Earth but also in the whole Universe, so that the Holy Spirit may awaken and lead all to Jesus Christ.  And those who have chosen to participate in the work of Christ, King of the Universe, through their offering and through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, will receive particular graces in the coming year which will enable them to participate in the events, which are already taking place on Earth, to give their response to God and manifest the work of God, the work of the redemption of all humanity.

We accompany you with our prayers; however, it is up to you to decide to participate in the work of Christ, King of the Universe. The Holy Spirit may descend on you and guide you towards Jesus Christ, just as He guided Mary Most Holy who became the Mother of humanity and Mother of the Living; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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