Consecration to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit,

descend on us.

Enlighten our spirit,

fill our souls,

strengthen our bodies.

Guide us on our path,

awaken divine wishes in us,

communicate to us Christ’s thoughts

and transform us into new creatures.

Only in You

do we know and love Jesus Christ.

Through Him and with You

we discover our identity and mission

and elevate ourselves to the Father.

You remind us of Jesus’ teachings

and you help us to live them fully.

You fill us with your seven gifts

and make us witnesses of life in Christ.

Through our Immaculate Mother

we offer ourselves to Jesus Christ

to live in You as children of God,

irreproachable and righteous,

united with all brothers and sisters

in the universal communion

to reach the new creation.

Thus, consecrated to You,

we are drawn into the Trinitarian vortex,

and we form the Mystical Body of Christ,

His Church of the Whole Universe,

messenger of salvation

for the whole creation.

Glory be to the Father, the Creator,

and to the Son, the Redeemer.

Glory be to You, Spirit of Love,

who unceasingly consecrate

those who seek the life of God

and make of us all a people of the living.