We Offer Ourselves with Mary on All Altars of the Earth

Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 December 2019 – Vigil of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for this vigil that we are spending together. Thank you for every step you have taken and for the love that you show to God and to Me. I assure you that every drop of your love fills Me with great joy. You are the joy of My Heart, because a mother rejoices when she sees that her children are so attentive and careful towards to her. I thank you for this.

The Lord sends Me today to ask each of you and the whole of this people for a great act of love: from now on, He wants you to offer yourselves together with Me on all altars of the Earth, wherever the Eucharist is celebrated. It is of no importance if the priest is worthy or not. My offering, along with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will heal many wounds. From all altars of the Earth a worthy sacrifice will be elevated, and God will accept it together with the Sacrifice of Christ.

This is a very important step, which will produce a great wave of graces, and a great force will rise from every altar. It will be the force of God and His people. Not only will you who are present and those who belong to the Foundation offer yourselves, but also the whole Church of the Universe will offer itself along with Me on every altar. There will no longer be altars where My Son offers Himself alone, but His people will always be with Him. A river of grace will pour over the Earth.

There is another very important aspect that I want to explain to you. You need to know that there are many children in other religions who have said ‘Yes’ to the Most Holy Trinity at the moment of conception but have accepted to incarnate in other religions and in other peoples of the Earth, which do not know My Son. They did it out of love; they have sacrificed themselves. God is pleased about their sacrifice, but now He wants to recuperate His children; He wants to take them back to Himself because they belong to Him.

Therefore, together with the Church of the Universe, we also offer ourselves in the pagan temples; there where it seems impossible that Christ could be present, but where His children are, who need to be awakened, elevated, nourished and cured. In this way, you will help Me disintegrate the kingdom of Satan because the power of the One and Triune God and of the Church of the whole Universe will rise even from the pagan temples. The kingdom of Satan will be emptied from within, without clamour or spectacular actions, but drop by drop, day by day the sacrifice of My Son and His people will rise up from the Earth and destroy the kingdom of the enemy.

This is a great work of God which you cannot accomplish on your own but only with Me and with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, which offers itself with you and for you. The Earth is the last planet to be healed. It is the most difficult, but it must be elevated. God does not want to destroy the Earth. Satan wants to destroy it, not God. God wants to recuperate it and cure it because He loves all.

Children, do not be afraid of what I am asking you. Do not be afraid of having to suffer in terms of health; that is not the point. The consecration to the Holy Spirit you are about to do, will give Him all the power in you.[1] Thus, the Holy Spirit will use your spirit and take it where He most needs it. This is the action in spirit: your spirit will be taken where the Spirit of God needs it. The Trinitarian vortex catches you, lifts you up, takes you and brings you back so that you travel the Earth and even the Universe while you are living your everyday life. This is the miracle of God who accomplishes His wonders within you in daily life and in silence, for you and through you.

Children, I ask you to live as righteous people. I do not mean perfect, none of you can be, because the Earth, on which you live, is not perfect, and you have many hardships to bear. I ask you to be righteous, that is, filled with God’s Justice. God’s Justice is a life that is lived for Christ, for the righteous is the one who lives for Christ. Be righteous; live for My Son and for Me. Live with Our two Hearts and with the Heart of St. Joseph. Then, My Heart will beat in yours and yours will beat in Mine. Thus, we will do many things together for the Kingdom of God.

Remember the words of the Archangel Gabriel: “For no word from God will ever fail”.[2] I assure you that it is so. God is able to realise everything in you. He needs your ‘Yes’; not a superficial ‘Yes’ but one that means: “Lord, change my life; make me the way you want me.” Today I want to repeat with you: “I am the Lord’s servant“.[3] I want you to repeat with Me every day: ”Here I am; I am the Lord’s servant. Here I am; I come to do your will and I do not want anything else.” Nothing else is necessary, children, because the will of God contains all you need.

I thank you because I can count on you. Today, together with the whole Church of My Son of the Universe, I solemnly bless you. May your consecration to the Holy Spirit be a great step towards the resurrection of the Earth.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] During the Eucharistic celebration the people of the Foundation consecrated themselves solemnly to the Holy Spirit.

[2] See Luke 1,37

[3] See Luke 1,38

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