I Come to Take Back What Belongs to Me

Message of the Holy Spirit of 8 December 2019 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

“Dearest Children,

I thank you for having decided to consecrate your life to Me as individuals and as a people.[1]

I descend on each one of you and on the whole people. From within and from above I work in each of you and in all of you. My task is to sanctify you because I am the Sanctifier, the One who renders your life sacred, purifies, elevates and offers it to the Father through the Son and to the Son so that He may offer it to the Father. I keep love, intelligence and strength alive in you, which are the prerogatives of your spirit. I keep the image and likeness of God alive in each of you and in the whole people. A people also has its love, intelligence and strength, which spring from the prayers, actions and choices of you all. Day by day, the path of each one consolidates the path of the people. The resurrection of one means the resurrection of all; the transformation of one means the transformation of all.

Today I powerfully descend on you to consecrate you to the action and the work of God. Through you, I descend on Earth to purify it from evil. Through this little remnant and those who are connected to you — who are many more than you would think — in communion with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, I bring the work of the Most Holy Trinity to completion. I pass beyond your limits and your insecurities and make of you an accomplished work beyond all your shortcomings. Your ‘Yes’ and your faithfulness are enough for Me: the decision to move forward without fear and without compromises.

Through you I come to Earth to take back what belongs to Me. I take back what Satan has stolen from Me: the children of God that are lost in the confusion of the world; those who love the true God, even without knowing Him and live as righteous people; those who do not follow the laws of the world but the laws of God impressed in them since conception; those who have accepted the sacrifice of incarnating among pagan peoples and different religions, which caused them great suffering and sacrifices. I repeat: I come to take back what belongs to Me. I will snatch from the hands of the enemy all those who seek the truth. Only in God is truth, in the true God, who is the Most Holy Trinity.

I come with power to give back to the Earth the love of the Father, the teachings of Jesus Christ and My will. My will translates into dynamic and powerful action, which unfolds through My people, for God always and only acts through the people.

Be aware of all this, because I want to make use of you to reach even the last man of good will on Earth. You will be My eyes, My hands and My feet that will incessantly walk this Earth. It does not matter where you are because your spirit has no borders. Once you are immersed in Me, you become men and women without space and time as you enter different dimensions where the enemy can no longer reach you, and where all is filled with harmony, peace and goodness.

I want to make of you a holy and precious people in the eyes of God. I have the power to do it and I will do it, but I need your faithfulness, your ‘Yes’ day after day. I do not ask for anything else. Leave to Me all your hardships, problems, illnesses and uncertainties. I can heal you and give you the resurrection of Christ. Give Me your total and sincere ‘Yes’; I will do all the rest. Help Me recuperate what is Mine.

What the Lord has sown on Earth will not be lost. This planet will shine with the power of God even though many will not see it as they will continue to be attracted by the deceiving light of Lucifer. The real children of God will see the true Light. Thus, live and behave like children of light so that your sanctuaries, your houses and your own life become holy temples in which God’s presence dwells.[2]

I am with you, children; I protect you from all evil and I take you with Me in My incessant action of love and light. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] In the Eucharistic celebration of 7 December, 2019, the solemn consecration of the people to the Holy Spirit took place.

[2] See Eph 5,8-9; 1Thess 5,5; 1John 1,7