Solemn Consecration to Mary Most Holy for the Year 2020

31 December 2019 – Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Message of Mary Most Holy

“Dearest Children,

On this vigil, as the people of the Foundation, you have decided to consecrate yourselves to Me throughout the coming year.[1] You have consecrated yourselves to Me many times, as individuals and as a people, but the solemn consecration has a different value in the eyes of God: it is a solemn commitment that you take as a people before God to entrust your life to Me. I also commit Myself solemnly before God to making you all true children of God.

As you have heard from the Gospel of John, the children of God are not born from flesh and blood or by the will of man, but from God.[2] I want you to be reborn in God. All of you have been created by God, even those who do not believe in Him. Nevertheless, if you want to be true children of God, you need to be recreated by Him through My Son, by being washed in His Blood, which grants you a new life, redeemed from original sin and preserved from evil.

Many people are devoted to My Heart and many practice the Christian religion, but the true children of God are not many; they are those who accept to be reborn in God, by surrendering and immersing themselves completely in the will of God, in Jesus Christ, through My Heart. You have come to this very important stage. Therefore, throughout the new year, I will act in a special way, united with the Holy Spirit to make you true children of God.

Children, I always act in union with the Three Divine Persons: with the Father, as His beloved and immaculate daughter to transmit His life everywhere in the Universe; with the Son, to bring redemption to all, touching the sinners with the love of My Son who lives in Me; with the Holy Spirit, of whom I am the Spouse, to awaken in people the memory of God and the will to serve Him. Only when you are regenerated in the One and Triune God, you are true children of God.

I bless you and I thank you for this solemn consecration to Me. In the coming year, the Holy Spirit will act powerfully through My Heart to awaken all the children of God who said ‘Yes’ at the moment of conception. You will help Me in this purpose. It is of no importance where you will be or what you will do because in spirit you are able to reach all spaces and all dimensions where God wants to send you. Even if you were locked in a room, in God you would be able to reach the whole Universe.

I will accompany you and support you in your mission so that, through you, the light of Life may also be lit in the people of the Earth. There are many children to recuperate, to collect from the roadsides of life where they got lost, sinking into sin and nothingness. Think of how many people will live in emptiness tonight between feasts and noise, which make no sense and lead to nothing. They invoke upon themselves and the world all kinds of good fortune for the year to come; yet, there is no good fortune except in God.

You have chosen to serve God, consecrating your life to Him, and now I give you My solemn blessing. With this blessing, I commit Myself before the Most Holy Trinity to making you true children of God and to never abandoning you. I promise you not to leave you until the last day of your life. And, when the moment comes for you to pass to eternity, I will come to pick you up. I give you this promise because you are My children, My people, and because I love you and you love God. It is My wish that all of My children love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as I love them.

I bless you solemnly in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The peace, the blessing and the light of God may powerfully descend upon you. Through My Heart, be always faithful to God and ready to take all the paths that He will show you. I will always accompany you as your Mother and Queen; as the One who opens the path towards God.”

[1] In this vigil all the people of the Foundation have solemnly consecrated themselves to Mary Most Holy to live with Her throughout the year 2020, which is consecrated to the Holy Spirit. The Foundation has also included in this consecration all those who share its path and invites all those who are awakened to unite with Mary’s Immaculate Heart .

[2] See John 1,1-18