The Manifestation of the Trinitarian Power

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 6 January 2020 – Epiphany of the Lord


“Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Earth,

Peace to you! I wish you a year full of grace and light. I come in the name of the Most High God to proclaim His intentions and requests for the year 2020.

First of all, I want to inform you that the past year, 2019, has been fruitful for the Church of Jesus Christ in the whole Universe. The faithful brothers and sisters continued to visit the different rebellious planets, encouraging and supporting the little remnant that has formed on all of the planets, even the most rebellious, with slight differences. Every visit resulted in new conversions, even though the low Universe basically remains rebellious to God. However, a little remnant has formed and is united with you of the Earth and with the faithful humanities.

This year, the One and Triune God will manifest His power through His people in every part of the Universe. Here on Earth there is a lot of work to do because, as you know, the Earth is the most rebellious among the rebellious planets. Besides, on Earth there is a clash of positive and negative energies, coming from all sides.[1] In fact, just as God is pouring His power and that of His Church on Earth, Lucifer is also pouring His hatred and that of all His people of the low Universe on Earth.

God wants to manifest His power, not just any power, through His people. I am not talking simply about signs or miracles, but of the Trinitarian power. The Most Holy Trinity has to manifest itself. The Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity have to  reveal themselves in their specific action and power. Therefore, the people of God on Earth must be filled and strengthened with the Trinitarian power to be able to manifest it.

Through the centuries, God worked out different strategies to support His people and destroy the enemy. At the beginning, at the time of the apostles and the first Christians generations, the Church of the Earth was marked by the presence of many martyrs. The blood of the martyrs inundated the Church of the Earth, and this also occurred later in history. I am not only speaking about the martyrdom of blood, but also about the inner martyrdom that many saints and righteous suffered through history because of persecution.

Despite that, God carried on with His plan. The Church of the Earth, the real one, even though persecuted and crushed, has resisted. The true heart of the Church has remained intact; hidden, often underground, but uncorrupted. Now it must come to light through you and through all those who have been called and have given their response at the moment of conception; they must awaken and act united with you.

As I told you, the martyr’s blood has wetted the first Church. It will not be so for the Church of today as it must be glorious and capable of manifesting not only the Cross but also the Resurrection of the Lord.[2]  Therefore, God does not envisage a bloody confrontation with the forces of evil; He does not want more blood to be shed. Even though, unfortunately, many will be killed because of the wickedness of man, God will act in a different way: He will infiltrate His people in all satanic systems of the Universe. He will destroy them from within. You will be sent in spirit, together with many other brothers and sisters, to act as a lever to disrupt the systems from within.

Satan will not notice it as he cannot understand the action in spirit. No one can understand the action in spirit without having the Spirit of God in him. Therefore, he will sense something, but he will not be able do anything because he does not have the means to oppose the action in spirit. He can kill man but not the spirit of man, least of all the Spirit of God.

The prophesies you have heard from the prophet Isaiah must fulfil[3]: all the good of the peoples, all the graces, the best of humanity, all will come together in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. You have to pave the way for humanity to rise again. I do not mean the children of Satan; leave them to him. I’m speaking about the children of God who are dormant and do not understand because no one has instructed them.

What is necessary now? Your prayers and the offering of yourselves. You have to live sincerely and thoroughly the three pillars of the Kingdom of God that you have been told: the offering of your life, your integrity and the universal communion.[4] Live in your houses with simplicity but with depth, putting in practice what you have heard in these years.

Do not turn around yourselves anymore. Your prayers must rise and not revolve around your problems. You all have problems, all humanity does, but if you wait to solve your problems in order to fulfil this mission, your are wrong. Begin your mission and you will solve your problems. God will solve them. Focus on how to help the Church of the whole Universe. Help the Church of the Universe and it will help you as you are one heart and one soul.

You do not need great proclamations or propaganda. Do not fight against anyone; it is no longer the time. Even God does not waste strength to fight against those who do not want to understand. Carry on with your mission. You are the troops God has chosen; walk before the others to pave the way for them, just as the extraordinary instruments walk before you.[5]

This is the time of the manifestation of God and His people. Therefore, I ask you to be very attentive to God’s action in you so that it may manifest itself also through you. The Lord will protect you from evil. If you are faithful, you will not have serious problems; you will not clash with the enemies nor will they come to bother you because Satan is confused. However, should they come to bother you, respond with love, patience and joy; then open the door and let them out.

God does not need to run after anyone. What is done is done. In all these years, the Lord has chosen and called people and many have responded. The armies of Good and Evil are deployed. There are still many in between who have to be awakened in order to choose between good and evil. Thus, the action in spirit is needed. It is necessary for the people of God to offer themselves on the altars, the temples, where the Lord calls them to lift up those who are of good will and destroy those who are not.[6]

Above all, it is indispensable for the people to enter the systems of Satan. You will see, and you can already partly notice that the systems will go into crisis; they will attack each other; one kingdom will be against the other. The children of Satan will clash with each other because no one wants to be weaker than the other. All want to command; those who shout the loudest and are most wicked win. All of them hope to obtain from Satan what he promised them: power. However, they will not get it, for the power belongs to God and His people.

Take courage, brothers and sisters, keep going. Stop thinking of yourselves and look beyond.

Observe the actions of God, not those of Satan. Think about the things God does and what He can do through you, and not what you may or may not be able to do. The power of God is capable of taking you beyond your limits and problems.

I bless you and I am with you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

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