The Trinitarian Action in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

 15 February 2020



Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We welcome you and bring you the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity. As you know, on 20 May 2018, we have officially announced the presence and the action of the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” on Earth.[1] We reached that point after many years of spiritual journey in which we received many revelations that we have passed on to you through books, messages, preaching and fraternal gatherings.

From then to now, the Lord and His instruments have continued to reveal to us different aspects of the Trinitarian action in favour of the people of God. Therefore, we want to begin a series of reflections that will be published periodically on this website. We hope to give you an overall picture which will enable you to understand the action of the Most Holy Trinity in these times through the events of which we are and will be witnesses.

The ordinary instrument through which God acts is His people. It is present on many planets and forms the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” of which we have already spoken and to which we belong. In this and in the following reflections, when we speak about the Church we will only refer to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

We will try to understand together the stages of the path of growth of the Church, her mission today and the repercussions of her actions on the entire humanity. We will also give you practical advice to enable you to walk ever faster towards the life of the Most Holy Trinity, overcoming the conflicts and the confusion that you will encounter in the world. Our prayer and the offering of our lives for you will accompany us as we write our articles.   

Chapter 1

A point of arrival and of departure

From 2018 on the people of God on Earth has been intensively instructed. At the beginning of 2020 we have reached the peak of the preparation of these years. It has been announced to us that now our real mission and that of the whole Church begins. We are thus at a point of arrival and of departure.

Let us begin with a summary of the principal events that occurred in the history of the Universe, and particularly of the Earth, in the way they have been revealed to us. For many of you, who have followed us for years, there is nothing new. We have written and spoken about them many times. However, we believe it is our duty to inform those who approach these topics for the first time in order to allow them to understand the guiding thread of the events that led us to this point. It also seems appropriate for all of us to remember those important events. We often forget them because of the pace of daily life and the many commitments we have to face.

  1. From creation to the Great Jubilee of the year 2000

The great events of the history of the Universe as they have been revealed to us are narrated in our book “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants” to which we refer, limiting ourselves to giving a brief summary of it.[2]

Immediately after creation, Lucifer and his demons rebelled against God. Some progenitors acted in the same way, committing original sin. We know from the revelations that God did not create only one couple of progenitors but several couples that formed the first nucleus of humanity. All of them were asked to choose between Him and Lucifer. Not all progenitors committed original sin. Some decided to serve God; they are our brothers of the Universe who remained faithful to God. Others remained uncertain and others rebelled against God. In particular, our terrestrial progenitors not only rebelled against God but also made an alliance with Lucifer and his demons. The Earth is, therefore, the most fragile planet and the most infested with the presence of Evil.

In this way a strong tension between Good and Evil was created, which will continue until the end of times. The consequences of all this have affected creation and the whole of humanity to this day. Due to original sin, God reshaped the original Universe and formed three Universes, placing the different humanities into them according to their choice. Therefore, there is the High Universe, inhabited by the humanities that remained faithful to God; the Middle Universe in which the undecided humanities live; the Low Universe where the rebellious humanities were placed and where Earth is. Humanity was, thus, divided and spread over different planets and different Universes, which are separated by enormous, often insurmountable distances.

God promised the progenitors to send a Saviour who was to be born on Earth to save humanity and the whole Universe from the hatred of the Evil One and to restore the relationship between man and God, which had been compromised by the sins of a large part of humanity. On Earth the promise of the Saviour was kept alive by the chosen people of Israel. God did not fail to provide Earth with men and women of great holiness who balanced the large presence of rebellious people, contributing to prepare the coming of the Saviour.

The tension between Good and Evil led to an open war at the time of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the promised Saviour. Jesus incarnated on Earth in the womb of Mary Most Holy. He died and resurrected once and for all in favour of the entire humanity of the Universe. He founded His Church on Earth and entrusted it with the mission to bring the announcement of salvation to all peoples of the Universe. This provoked Lucifer and his demons who declared war against the Christians from the beginning. The tension between Good and Evil continually increased until the last century.

In the 20th century fundamental events of the plan of salvation took place. God’s salvific action and the destructive action of Lucifer reached the highest levels. On the one hand, there were great Marian apparitions, especially in Fatima and Medjugorje, and the figures of great saints and their work, during the whole century, through which God continued to enlighten the path of his people. On the other hand, the provocations and actions of the devil and the rebellious and corrupt men were increasing, culminating in the birth of the “Confederation of the Light” in 1966. That is an alliance between planets that are rebellious against God; it is equipped with its own army with which Lucifer intends to establish his kingdom in the whole Universe.

Immediately after original sin was committed, the Most Holy Trinity put in place a plan of cosmic proportions, which is still in action. It is the plan to recapitulate the whole Universe in Jesus Christ. Only through Him can humanity be freed from the presence of Evil and thus enter the new creation. This will be the new and final dimension, which will welcome those who have believed in Jesus Christ, offering their lives to Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Therefore, every man in the Universe will necessarily have to choose between the Triune God and Lucifer. Nothing in between will remain.

With the great Jubilee announced by John Paul II for the year 2000, God strongly accelerated His plan of the recapitulation of the entire creation in Christ. The humanity of the Earth was about to enter the third millennium since the birth of Jesus Christ and was ever more in the grip of Evil. God asked the Christians of the Earth of different confessions and particularly the Catholic Church, the main representative of the Christians of the Earth, to reveal to the world the existence of other humanities in the Universe, for this would have brought about a radical change and a huge leap in civilisation for Earth.

According to what has been revealed to us, Jesus has spoken openly to the Apostles about the existence of other brothers and sisters in the Universe and instructed them in this regard before and after His resurrection. Due to divisions and opposition within the first Church, the issue of life in the Universe was set aside and gradually forgotten.[3] God waited for the Church to mature and progress.

We know, though, that the Catholic Church has received many signs of the presence of life in the Universe through history. Particularly in the third secret of Fatima, which should have been revealed to the world by the Pope in 1960, Our Lady spoke about life in the Universe. This part of the secret has never been made public. Moreover, in Fatima, during the apparitions of 13 October 1917, the faithful brothers and sisters accompanied the Blessed Virgin and showed their action in the famous miracle of the sun. Thus, the Catholic Church knew about it.

God wanted the Pope, for the great spiritual authority he represents on Earth, to announce the existence of life in the Universe, and thus begin the mission of evangelising all the peoples of the Universe. If the Pope had given this announcement, the Catholic Church would have headed the mission with the help of the faithful brothers who are capable of travelling in space. The Pope would have been recognised as the shepherd and central figure by all other humanities. Unfortunately, this never happened. The Catholic Church is silent just as all other Christian Churches are.

  1. The three extraordinary instruments and the evangelisation of the Universe

Due to the silence of the Catholic Church and the other Christian Churches, in order to meet the needs of the humanity of the whole Universe, in 2004, God put in place three extraordinary instruments: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers and sisters of the Universe faithful to God. We have spoken about them extensively, and therefore we refer to the books and messages you may find on this website.  At this point it is enough for us to highlight the task of the Central Nucleus. It is composed of men and women who belong to different planets. It is the connecting link between the angels and the faithful brothers; it is the fundamental nucleus, or cell, of the people of God from which all other cells come forth; it brings to completion what the apostolic college began and continued to do over the centuries through the testimonies of Jesus Christ. For this work the Central Nucleus receives special protection from Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph.

God entrusted the three extraordinary instruments with the task of bringing the announcement of the Salvation, accomplished by Jesus Christ, everywhere in the Universe as should have occurred from the beginning according to the mandate given to the Apostles.

In 2011, the three extraordinary instruments were called to further expand their field of action in the Universe. Particularly on 2 October 2011 the angels were sent everywhere in the Universe to help all children of God to join the plan of salvation. They received additional strength and light from God.

In His message of 8 September 2011 Jesus spoke about the future of the new people that is forming in the whole Universe.[4]

 “I want to tell you what I desire from my people and what I will realise with my power. 

  • My people will be immaculate, as Immaculate as My and your Mother, and Mother of the Church.
  • My people shall be free and autonomous … made of people who are free inside … not subject to the tyranny of systems and structures.
  • My people shall be priestly, prophetic and royal.
  • My people shall live in communion with the angels and will cooperate with them.
  • It shall be a people of fathers and mothers.
  • It shall be a people made of small autonomous nuclei, but bound together by true communion, united with one another by the bond of love. They will be small families of God, and they will constitute the fabric of all humanity.Each nucleus will live intensely the life of the Spirit and will express it. It shall live the priestly, prophetic, and royal dimension. It shall only be governed by the laws of God. The masses of people that are crowding your squares and your celebrations, and then disappear into the gray dullness of daily routine, will not be seen anymore. On the contrary, the nuclei of which I am speaking will be living cells, pulsating and dynamic, and will give new life to My Mystical Body.
  • My people shall live the universal communion. There will not be divisions of peoples, races, or planets. The humanity of the whole universe will form a single family: the family of God.
  • At the end, my people will be offered to Me. Each one will offer himself to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and will form My Body, My Church. Then, a pure sacrifice will be lifted up to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be the sacrifice of all My people, living and dead, United with My Heart. It will be constantly presented before the throne of God by the archangels. The pure spirits of all the angels and the saints will be united to this sacrifice. It will be the strongest force of the universe, after that of God, and it will counter the forces of hell.
  • This people will prepare the path for My glorious coming. … Only one God will exist and one people.”

On 1 November 2011, the Apostle St. Peter blessed, on behalf of all saints, the nuclei that had formed and were forming in the whole Universe as well as the whole people of God. He also announced that, from that day on, all saints would begin with the mission God had given to them and which was foreseen for these times: to offer their prayers especially for the new people that was coming forth in the whole Universe and for the extraordinary instruments.

Despite the repeated divine appeals, the Pope did not accept the three instruments as God had asked him, nor did he ever announce the existence of other humanities in the Universe. God allowed more time, but in 2012 He called the Catholic Church of Rome, the other Christian Churches, the powerful of the Earth and the whole terrestrial humanity to make a decisive choice between Jesus Christ and Lucifer, including the following conditions:

  • to welcome Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Saviour;
  • to accept to be recapitulated in Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary;
  • to recognise the reality of the Universe for what it is and not according to human interpretations;
  • to finally announce the presence of life in the Universe to the humanity of the Earth that has been kept in the dark about this reality to date;
  • to accept the existence and the work of the three extraordinary instruments and to collaborate with them.

At the end of the year 2012, no official announcement had been made by the Catholic Church, the other Christian Churches or any other authorities of the Earth. Most of the terrestrial humanity carried on with its selfish and rebellious life, unaware of the reality of the Universe. Thus, God decided to proceed in a different way and turned to the faithful humanities of the Universe.

At the beginning of 2013 God gave the definitive start to the final phase of His plan to recapitulate the whole Universe in Christ, greatly enhancing His action and effectively starting the work of the new creation. He entrusted the faithful humanities with the task of evangelising the Universe.

After the three instruments were introduced and the Catholic Church had remained silent, as we said, the Pope was no longer the central figure for the Christians of the Universe. The Pope and the Catholic Church could have simply participated in the mission of the evangelisation of the Universe, if they wanted.

Now the central figure for the whole Universe is St. Michael the Archangel, the glorious precursor of the second coming of Christ to whom God has entrusted several tasks:

  • to gather the people of God of the whole Universe and prepare them for the glorious coming of Christ;
  • to defend them from Evil;
  • to free them from empty forms of false religiosity;
  • to lead them more and more to be face to face with God, submitted to the total authority of the Lord.

When the Lord Jesus comes for the second time, St. Michael will present the people to Jesus Christ who will introduce them into the new creation.

On 6 January 2013, the faithful brothers set off on their mission, travelling first to the Middle Universe and then to the Low Universe, bringing everywhere the announcement of the salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ. Their mission ended at the end of the year 2017. Many conversions occurred, and thus in the Universe a people has formed that recognises the Most Holy Trinity as the only God; they welcome Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Saviour and King of the Universe; they recognise and venerate Mary Most Holy as the Co-Redemptrix, Queen and Mother of humanity.

  1. The evangelisation of the Earth

In 2018 the evangelisation of the Earth began, the last planet to be evangelised, and is still in progress. With the start of the evangelisation of the Earth the phase of the plan of God began, which immediately precedes the glorious coming of Christ.

Jesus will manifest Himself on Earth, but His glory will be revealed simultaneously in the whole Universe and in every dimension: from God’s throne to the underworld, everyone will see Him. All men of all times and of all planets will gather before Him, and the deceased will rise again. St. Michael will present the faithful men and women to Jesus. Jesus Christ will judge everyone and separate the children of light from the children of darkness forever. The first will follow Him to the new creation, the others will follow the destiny of Lucifer and his demons.[5]

The evangelisation of the Earth is necessary. It has been explained to us many times that our planet is the most complex and problematic of the whole Universe. Despite the coming of Jesus and the presence of the Christians, the Earth has remained pagan. Most of its inhabitants have refused Jesus Christ, rejecting salvation and adoring many idols. The demons are raging; falsehood and cruelty are strongly increasing day by day.

Today the Earth is at the centre of attention of the whole Universe. The last events of the plan of God will unfold here. Jesus expressed it in a passage of His message of 3 August 2019:

“On Earth the old creation will end and the new creation will begin; the old times will end and the new times will begin. You find yourselves in an extremely important situation of the history of humanity. … From now the Earth will be the scenario for all. Earth will belong to the whole Church of the Universe; it will be protected by the Church of the Universe, precisely because on this planet salvation must fulfil and the new creation begin.”[6]

God wanted His people on Earth to evangelise our planet. In the past years a people has formed on Earth that has welcomed the plan of God to recapitulate the whole Universe in Christ. The people have put themselves at the disposal of God with generosity. They have recognised the extraordinary instruments and are united with the other people of God in the Universe. Together they form the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. We are witnesses to this.

It is not a new Church, but the Church of Jesus Christ; the true and indivisible Church of the whole Universe. God the Father confirmed it in His message of 19 January of this year[7], in which He clearly explained the guidelines of His action. He wants to intervene to relieve humanity from the affliction in which it finds itself. His speech is clear, and here are some passages:

“However, I want to tell you that the real Church exists and has always existed. It has never left the catacombs because another structure, which defines itself as Church, gradually imposed itself through history. There have always been two Churches: that of Christ, which belongs to Me, and that of Lucifer, which belongs to him. Two different entities, two opposing realities, forced to coexist in the name of a hierarchical system.

Children, the time has come for Me to divide the true Church from the false one. … Today I divide the true Church from the false one, and I renew with you My eternal alliance that no one will ever be able to break. The alliance with Me has only one name: My Son, Jesus Christ. He is the living alliance; He is the guaranty that you are Mine.

From now on, the true Church will be separated from the false one, and it will grow. It will manifest My power and My glory. Know that there is only one Church, founded by My Son Jesus Christ on Earth and present in the whole Universe. It recognises the Most Holy Trinity and Mary as Queen, Mother and Co-Redemptrix of humanity. She welcomes and lives the communion with all brothers and sisters of the Universe; she carries out Her mission everywhere to bring salvation to the living and the deceased. There is no other Church and there will be no other.

On this day in which you consecrate yourselves to the Most Holy Trinity, I promise a new heaven and a new Earth[8] to you and all men and women of good will of this planet, who want to live in the true Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.

This planet will not be destroyed … I will not allow it. You will have a new Heaven and a new Earth.  You will see the planet rise again, and this will take place through the transformation of the people’s hearts through My work and that of the Church. Finally, a new people will live the teachings of My Son, the commandments and the divine laws that I have imprinted in the hearts, as it should have been from the beginning. This will transform the Earth.

This transformation will not be the result of magic or something outside of you; it will take place in you and through you. You will see how the consciences of the good will slowly awaken, for the Holy Spirit will work everywhere on Earth and in the Universe to reawaken the memory of Me in the children of God and to remind them of the holiness of My Laws.

And you, My people, live with faith, courage and love, and you will not lack anything you need. I thank you for each step you will do with Me. Remember well that from now you are absolute property of the Most Holy Trinity, from whom you depend in everything. You will no longer rely on human science, doctrines and human technology, but you will live at the service of the Most Holy Trinity who will make of you a new humanity. I promise this to you and I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

With the words of the Father we conclude this first chapter in which we have reminded you of the fundamental events that have been revealed to us until today. Now a new dimension of our path opens up in which other events will follow both on Earth and in the Universe.

With the presence and action of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth and with the response of those who have joined, and will join, the Church the Trinitarian action has powerfully begun even on our planet. It will awaken the souls of the righteous and induce everyone to choose between Jesus Christ and Lucifer.

The Trinitarian action will unite the Church of the Earth more and more with the one present in the Universe. It will manifest the true face of the children of God and His instruments.[9] Especially, it will reveal the face of Our Lady, the wholly new creature, and her divine prerogatives. That will be the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, which will involve all Her children in the Universe. She generates the children of God and prepares them to encounter the glorious Christ.

In this respect, we will accompany you with our prayer and share with you all that will be revealed to us. Naturally, we cannot replace you in your choices and on your spiritual path, which only depend on you.

For our part, as members of the Central Nucleus[10] we have the duty to live in communion with the three extraordinary instruments and with the Church of the whole Universe in order to pour the fruit of the Trinitarian action of these times upon the people of God.

The Lord may bless you and give you peace.

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