I Am the Co-Redemptrix of Humanity

Chair of St. Peter and Anniversary of the Foundation of the “Fortress of the Immaculate”

22 February 2020

Message of Mary Most Holy – I Am the Co-Redemptrix of Humanity


 “Dearest Children,

On this very particular day[1], I hold all of you in My Heart with immense love, especially those who are ill and those who suffer in spirit; those who are persecuted in their families and at work because of this path. I hold you all in My Heart because I want to be close to you in all your trials.

I have asked you many times to help Me save the souls. Today I say: help Me in My work as Coredemptrix. I am the Coredemptrix of the entire humanity of the Universe. That is not a title but My Mission; My mission among you. It is the mission that I have accepted at the moment of conception. Therefore, I am Mother to you because I have accepted to endure all the pain of the Universe along with My Son to snatch you from suffering and death.

I endured with My Son all sufferings of the Passion: the spiritual sufferings caused by the betrayal, the abandonment, the outrages and blasphemies as well as the physical pain. All that Jesus suffered in His body I also suffered in Mine, even though it was invisible to the eyes of the world. Many saints through history have endured some of the sufferings of the Passion, but I suffered all of them for you: My Heart was pierced, My hands and feet wounded, etc. I endured all this for you in silence to snatch you from Satan’s hatred. For this reason, I am Mother to you, and therefore Jesus could entrust you to Me at the foot of the Cross.[2] My work as Coredemptrix continued in the early Church among the apostles and disciples. After My Assumption to Heaven, to the glory of the Holy Trinity where I live, My mission of Coredemptrix extended to the whole Universe.

Know, Children, that in the same way as I endured Jesus’ sufferings, I also participated in the glory of His resurrection. I am the Coredemptrix because I shared with My Son death and resurrection. My whole being revived when Jesus resurrected, and I paved the way for you so that you, one day, may enter the new creation.

My work as Coredemptrix is incessant and unstoppable. I continue to offer all sufferings of the Universe to the Most Holy Trinity to make My children also experience the joys of Heaven. In the same way, you have to walk the path of Jesus and Mine. In fact, you are called to be co-redeemers, that is, those who participate, with Me, in the death and resurrection of My Son. Together with Me, you carry the sufferings of the world and the joys of Heaven. Together with Me, you are witnesses of the corrupt life that is dying and the divine life that is always and incessantly reborn, through My Heart, for all of you.

I want this people to recognise My work as Coredemptrix and to participate in it to be increasingly united with Jesus, the Redeemer and Shepherd of humanity. Without Me, you cannot fully take part in the sacrifice of My Son, in His death and resurrection.[3] I have endured much pain, otherwise you would be crushed by the weight of suffering. Without Me you cannot touch the depth of God. I bring you His Life because I am the Mother of God and yours, the Coredemptrix of humanity and the Queen of the Universe. I want the people to recognise Me and welcome Me. If you do not understand My work as Coredemptrix, My figure becomes marginal and blurred, as it is for many Christians.

Children, I tell you that Satan is terrified of My work as Coredemptrix, and He will do everything possible to counteract this reality, which he has never tolerated. He did not accept Jesus’ incarnation, let alone that a woman could be Coredemptrix. Therefore, you will experience a lot of opposition, but do not worry: this is the time in which this truth must emerge. Thus, no one will be able to stop it. Satan will be furious but He will not be able to do anything. Now He is being cornered more and more because the people of God advance in the whole Universe and no one can stop them anymore.

By proclaiming that I am the Coredemptrix, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe brings about a decisive turn in the history of salvation and of humanity. You have to be aware of that. I repeat that this is not a title; I do not need titles, nor I am interested in them. I do not want anything for Myself, but I want to help you and save you with My Son. This is My mission and I will complete it; nothing and no one will prevent Me from doing so. I have already told you, and I repeat it: from now on, I will use all My power as Queen and Coredemptrix to snatch as many souls as possible from the enemy with the support of the Church of the Universe.[4]

Therefore, Children, I thank you very much for this great step. This day must be a memorial for you. For My part, I assure you protection from all evil. I will always be with you. You will experience the pain of the world because you are immersed in it. Do not complain about it, but consider it an honour for you to be co-redeemers together with My Son and Me. In your heart, however, you will also experience the joys of Heaven: peace, love and all that the world does not have. Thus, amidst the chaos of the Earth you will bring the joys of Heaven and your heart will rejoice even if you are opposed, because you will always have the joy of God. This is My promise: whoever participates in My work as Coredemptrix will experience the pain of the world but also the joys of Heaven.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Today the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” and the people who follow these programmes have decided to consecrate themselves to Mary Most Holy, the Coredemptrix of humanity.

[2] See John19,25-27

[3] See Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić, “Riscrivere la storia- Vol I – Nel pensiero di Dio”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2010, pp. 75-78 (Italian edition)

[4] From the message of Mary Most Holy of 13 May 2017, “I Will Be the Voice of the Poor“:”I have the right and the duty, before God and humanity, to speak to My children when I want, as much as I want and the way I want, without asking permission to anyone. God has asked Me to fully use My power as Mother and Queen of the universe; I will do it for you to help and protect you because these times are serious.”