Announce the Glorious Return of Christ

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to share with you the message of St. Peter the Apostle in which He shows us the foundation of our life and our testimony in this time.

You have certainly noticed that recently the messages have come one after the other and from different instruments, besides from the Lord Himself. Do not be surprised about this. In fact, we are living in a time in which God involves the Church of the whole Universe in favour of the Earth to manifest its action to humanity.

Moreover, as members of the Central Nucleus, we are involved in the action of the extraordinary instruments and of the whole Church with which we experience a living communion and work in unison. With our testimony, we want to pass on to you what is shown and explained to us in detail in this time, containing sometimes an entirely new and particular tone.

We hope that all this will help you to fully respond to what our Christian faith teaches us to live. We greet you with love and we bless you.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Announce the Glorious Return of Christ

Message of St. Peter the Apostle of 30 April 2020


Dearest children, I bless you. You are all my children as well as my beloved brothers and sister. I would like to explain a few things that are important for you.

As you know, the preaching of us Apostles was the testimony of what we had experienced.[1] We proclaimed that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, incarnated on Earth, died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven. This was the core of our preaching.[2]

We had to deal with the Jewish mentality of that time, our religion, which refused the Most Holy Trinity.  Jesus was considered a blasphemer because He proclaimed Himself the Son of God.[3] It was fundamental for us to highlight the relationship between the Old Testament and the Gospel, between the Old and the New Alliance. Jesus represented, in fact, the accomplishment of all promises of the prophets to the people of Israel; the culmination of the path of our people. From the people of the Old Alliance the people of the New Alliance was to come forth; a new, redeemed people, generated by the sacrifice on the Cross.[4]

We were aware of affirming something extraordinary, a novelty that would upset the mentality of our nationals and the pagans with whom we were in contact. To announce that God had come down to Earth incarnating was not a completely new event for them: other pagan religions contemplated the descent and incarnation of some gods among men. However, to affirm that the Son of God had descended on Earth, had died on the Cross for our sins, had risen and ascended to Heaven was something unheard.

Our announcement, however, was not limited to this. We knew, in fact, that Jesus was to return to Earth, and therefore we openly proclaimed His second coming. For us apostles the return of Jesus was an imminent fact, and it would have occurred if the Church had fully responded and humanity converted, which did not happen.[5]

Almost everyone thinks that the first Church was perfectly united and acting in solidarity. Yet, this idyllic image does not match the truth. There were many saints among us, that is true, but the first divisions began to appear in our Christian communities because the devil had already begun his work of destruction. Many joined and became part of the Church, but not all of them were sincere, especially those who were more learned. They were looking for positions of honour in the midst of simple and less educated people as the first Christians were. They confused the little ones with their false wisdom and by imposing outdated traditions.[6]

The people of Israel, to whom we preached and who had received many promises from God, did not accept Christ or our testimony. The religious and political leaders stirred up the people against us, despite the miracles and signs that accompanied us, just as they had done with Jesus. The Romans and the pagans in general considered us dangerous revolutionaries or utopians without future.

As we announced the imminent return of the Lord, which, however, did not take place, we were considered visionaries and fanatics by our enemies, many of whom had already infiltrated our communities. Thus, gradually silence descended on the return of Christ. It remained a marginal event, placed in an indefinite future, awaited only by few and rarely discussed by preachers. On the contrary, whoever announces the return of the Lord is considered a catastrophist, a millennialist, etc.

The glorious return of Christ, however, is not a fairy-tale or even a very far event.[7] In fact, you are living in the historic period preceding the coming of the Lord Jesus. You are in the last times. You are immersed in a very strong dynamic that embraces the entire Universe, for the whole creation is taking action in preparation for Jesus’ return.

Therefore, it is no longer enough to announce that Jesus Christ incarnated, died and resurrected. This is not an absolute novelty anymore; the fundamental principles of Christianity are relatively known to most of the humanity of the Earth. Now you are asked to firmly announce the glorious return of Christ.

It is not even enough for you to affirm that, based on the Holy Scriptures, Jesus is the Christ that has come to Earth. In the light of what has been revealed to you, you must show the people how the great prophets of the Old Testament already announced these times and the new creation. Even though the images they used were suitable for the people of those days, whereas they may sound unusual to the people of this time, the words of the ancient prophets clearly outline the new creation prepared for the people of God.[8]

Now it’s up to you to show the connection between past announcements and what is happening before your eyes now. Many think that the ancient prophesies fulfilled with the first coming of Christ, but that is not so. Jesus must come back to inaugurate the new creation, in which time, space and history will be completely different and where everything will be perfectly fulfilled. The ancient prophets also spoke about this. The Holy Spirit will help you understand the relevance of every word of the Bible for this time.

The time in which you are living is the obligatory passage towards the fulfilment of human history. It is an intermediate dimension, which is situated between the past and the future. The old creation is dying and the new one is about to be born.[9] All is transforming rapidly. The people of God, His Church of the Universe, is the motor of this transformation.[10] God is acting through His people to bring to light all existing things in order to promote the good and force evil to draw back.[11] Your testimony must therefore be centred on the second coming of Christ and the new creation.

Many men and women did not convert to Christ in the past and will not convert now. They have refused the Father from the moment of conception, and thus they have not been instructed by Him. The Father instructs you at the moment of conception, placing the seal of His Son, Jesus Christ, on you. In this way, you receive a teaching that goes far beyond that of any magisterium. It remains imprinted in you; thus, when you grow and your intelligence is able to understand, you immediately turn towards Jesus Christ.[12]

Unfortunately, for a large part of your humanity all this does not take place; not because it is impossible, but because it is difficult. In fact, this part of humanity lacks the initial instructions of the Father, having refused God at the moment of conception. In addition, there is the spirit of the world, the tepidness of the Christians of the Earth who are no longer an example and do not know how to speak about Jesus Christ and the action of the Evil who seeks to mislead every individual.[13]

Nevertheless, in this time something important has happened on Earth: the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” has manifested itself; it is present, alive and working on your planet. It is the Church founded by Jesus Christ, and it is as Jesus wanted it. It is a Church that brings salvation to the whole Universe; it does not focus on earthly matters but announces the realities of Heaven.[14]

For the love, the sacrifices and the prayers of this Church, the Almighty Lord is sending new men and women on Earth. Now special children, who have said “yes” at the moment of conception and are prepared for the new times, are born among you. The seal of Christ is imprinted on them, and they belong totally to the Immaculate Mother, Queen and Coredemptrix. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe present on Earth welcomes them and helps them grow. They will not, as often happened to the saints, live in solitude and persecution. On the contrary, they will shine like stars among the people of God, loved and protected by the powerful Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.[15]

Therefore, be brave, brothers and sisters! Announce the return of Christ and speak about the wonders God is accomplishing now. Even if you feel little and are few in number, you are still strong, because you act in communion with the immense people of the whole Universe that love and support you.

I am with you and I bless you together with the Apostles of all times; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

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