God’s Mercy and Justice

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We will share with you the message of Jesus for the Divine Mercy Sunday. It is very relevant for each one of us and for the situation of the Earth and the Universe.

The connection between God’s mercy and His justice expresses a harmonious and dynamic order in the divine life that is present in us and among us. The action of the Trinitarian power takes us to the integrity of the divine life, even unto perfection. In this perfection, man and creatures will reach their full realisation.

The Lord guides us gradually towards the new creation. Following the indications of the message, we will feel more and more filled with His life, and we will experience happiness despite the difficulties that our humanity is going through.

We wish you a good Easter journey. We pray for all of you, that the Lord may give you peace and health to body and soul, and we bless you.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

19 April 2020 – Divine Mercy Sunday

Message of Jesus – God’s Mercy and Justice

“Dearest Children,

I bless you with all My Love so that you may be replenished with God’s mercy. Some time ago, I told you that I have to return to complete Redemption.[1] I want to explain this to you.

The Father sent Me to the Earth for the good of the whole Universe and for all humanity to obtain mercy. Mercy is the possibility, granted to man by God, to overcome sin and every obstacle with the aim of returning to a profound relationship with God, which was compromised by original sin.

Mercy was particularly necessary for the rebellious and the undecided humanities, but also for the faithful humanities who, despite not having committed original sin, were waiting for the remaining humanity to return to a living relationship with God. Otherwise, the faithful humanities would not have accepted to live in communion with those who rebel against God, reject Him and build walls against Him.

Therefore, mercy constitutes a large part of the work of Redemption. It allows you, if you want it and decide freely, to live a true and profound relationship with the Most Holy Trinity. However, Redemption also involves another important part: justice. I came among you to obtain mercy for you and to accomplish all justice.[2] Justice consists in separating definitively light from darkness and in dividing the children of God from the children of Lucifer.

Through My death and resurrection, I condemned the devil, the prince of evil, and thus I accomplished the first great act of justice. Those who worship and willingly and freely serve Lucifer, who has been condemned, are also condemned for participating in the condemnation of whom they have chosen to serve. That is the second act of justice, the second death for man.[3] I came to liberate you from death, the heritage of original sin, but a large part of humanity continues to choose death and, by doing so, enters the second death.

When I say that Redemption must be brought to completion, I mean that both mercy, which I have already obtained for you, and justice, which is only partial because I have not yet returned to Earth, must be fully accomplished. Now, mercy must also leave room for justice. This is the time when divine justice must come forward as you have never seen it before because everything is moving towards fulfilment, even mercy and justice.  

Today you proclaim and celebrate Divine Mercy and that is right. Remember, though, that there is no mercy without justice, nor justice without mercy. They go hand in hand as they are both part of My work of Redemption.

Nevertheless, mercy and justice are also present in the Father’s work, which is Creation. If you choose to love and serve Him in the instant He creates you, He gives you His mercy to enable you to overcome the sins you will commit in your earthly life. However, if you reject God at the moment of conception, you will have to face His justice. Mercy and Justice are also present in the work of Sanctification of the Holy Spirit. He who accepts to be sanctified, that is, consecrated, by the Holy Spirit, will receive mercy, but, at the same time, he will become an instrument of justice; in other words, he will become the sign of contradiction of which the Gospel speaks.[4]

The true children of God are signs of contradiction, instruments of divine justice, because light and darkness must separate before them. This is a very important part of your action. This is not exorcism but something more. Exorcism, as you know it, is performed in specific circumstances with particular formulas to give a specific order to the demon. Justice, however, acts continuously, whether you are aware of it or not. If you are immersed in God, wherever you go you will separate light from darkness, falsehood from truth.

You often struggle within your limits; you think that you are doing too little for Me, and you would like to change yourselves. Yet, you cannot do that because I am the One who transforms you. The only thing you have to do is to keep pace with My grace. I ask you to completely remove the mental pattern that leads you to think that you know what you should or should not do for Me. In reality, you do not know, because it is I who communicate My will to you, in proportion to what you are able to do.

I know what you can or cannot do. I accept your limits, and I respect them because I know that you are fragile human beings. However, you do not accept them and keep fighting against your limits with all your strength. You try to impose on yourselves, on others and even on Me, the image you have created of yourselves, what you should do to please God, how much you should pray and so on. However, that is not what I ask of you; I only want you to make yourselves available to Me. This is a different thing: you have to open up to Me so that I may fully enter into you to guide you and communicate to you what you have to do step by step and without forcing anything.

Therefore, I invite you to free yourselves from your ideas of spiritual life, because you do not need them anymore. All you can and ought to do is to be always available to My will. Then, I will be able to communicate to you, in the depths of your spirit, the right thing to do in every situation, and thus you will feel My strong impulse and follow it.

Do not make plans about what is good to do and how to do it, how much to pray and how, what to do the next month or year. All this is no longer of use; it is part of the old creation and of the old man, who wants to plan everything rationally. It is no longer time for this. I need people who are extremely flexible, capable of letting themselves be guided deeply and in every moment by Me. This is what I expect from you. Before Me, no one is better or worse, but you are all capable of doing what I ask of you because I only entrust to you what you are able to accomplish.

I give you My blessing so that My Mercy may penetrate you completely. Feel completely forgiven and enveloped in mercy. Also, consider yourselves instruments of My Justice, signs of contradiction for the entire humanity of the Universe, but mainly for that of this Earth. Here My Justice is already taking place amid the events of the world; the children of God are already being separated from the children of Lucifer, who refuse to be children of God.

I bless you with all My merciful Love; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Message of Jesus of 12 April 2020: “I Entrust to You all the Good that is Done on Earth” published on our website, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2] See Mt 5, 17; Lk 16, 1-9

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[4] For “sign of contradiction” see Lk 2,34: “A sign that will be spoken against”.