The Trinitarian Action in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” – The Face of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (Part 2)

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Chapter 3

The Face of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

(Part 2)

1.Mary Most Holy speaks about Herself

In the first part of this chapter, we have underlined the prerogatives of Mary Most Holy: She is Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix. In this second part, we will continue to speak about Mary, the Co-Redemptrix, and we will do it by reporting Her own words from conversations we had with Her.

As members of the Central Nucleus, we are committed to having a continuous and living contact with God and His instruments, first of all Mary Most Holy, to carry out our mission. The conversations with the Lord and His instruments are, therefore, frequent. We can ask concrete questions and, if God approves it, we receive answers that are useful for us and for the whole people that has been entrusted to us and is on a path towards the fullness of life in the Holy Trinity. Thus, we learn about certain events, or we receive explanations that anticipate the messages that the people will receive afterwards. On our part, we pray and offer ourselves to God to be able to understand and explain to the people what we receive.

In the conversations that we will share with you, Mary Most Holy anticipates some contents of the message of 22 February for the people, which we have included in the first part. She deepens some specific aspects linked to Her mission as Co-Redemptrix and speaks about Her relationship with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

These are the questions that we have asked the Holy Mother and Her answers.

  • Conversation of 2 February 2020

Announcing the work of the Co-Redemptrix

Question: You participated fully in the sacrifice of your Son. Did that enable you to take your mission as Co-Redemptrix?

“Today you have proclaimed the words of the Gospel in which old Simeon turned to Me: “‘And a sword will pierce your own soul too.’”[1] His prophetic words have been interpreted as referring to the pain I experienced beneath Jesus’ Cross, that is, a spiritual pain.

My suffering was certainly spiritual, but it was also physical. It rent My Soul and pierced My Heart. The spear that pierced Jesus’ side truly also pierced Mine. Many saints have made the same experience of the Transverberation, or transfixion of the heart.[2]

My participation, even the physical one, in the Sacrifice of the Cross was necessary for Me to take up My Mission as Co-Redemptrix. My suffering was not, and could not be, only spiritual. I completely suffered each phase of the Passion of My Son: when they flogged Him, when they put a crown of thorns on His head, I felt the same pain. I can say that I carried in My body the signs of Jesus’ Passion.[3]

At the resurrection of My Son, everything was renewed in Me until My Assumption into Heaven when My Body became glorious like the Body of Jesus.”

Question: What kind of relationship should the Church have with You, Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix?

“The Church cannot live without Me. I want you to understand this and to announce it. My mission is not to simply transmit a message or to heal the sick. All that I have worked during My apparitions is the fruit of My work as Co-Redemptrix. The fact that I generate children of God, whom St. Michael will gather, is My work as Co-Redemptrix. I continue to offer to the Father the pain I suffered during the Passion, along with that of Jesus, to redeem many children.”

Question: Have the Christians of the Earth understood this?

“Not completely. On the contrary, some even think that I want to place Myself above My Son, but that is absurd. If the participation in the Sacrifice of Christ is requested from all Christians, how much more should this be asked of Me, His Mother, destined to be the Mother of humanity and to be taken up into the Most Holy Trinity? Evidently, I had to go through everything that My Son went through.

Since My conception, I have accepted to be the Mother of God and humanity and the Co-Redemptrix. All that happened afterwards was a consequence of this. It was not easy for Me to become pregnant at such a young age and without being married yet. My Son and I have suffered much blame because of this fact.

Question: What do you expect from us?

“The Passion of My Son and Mine renew themselves in the Mystical Body, that is, the Church.[4] In this way, My mission as Co-Redemptrix continues in time. This is My work, children. Your task is not only to transmit My messages, but also to promote and announce My work. Your mission is to participate in the work of the Co-Redemptrix, just as you participate in the work of the Redeemer. This is the characteristic of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.[5]

Many seek Me to obtain something, and that is right as I am the Mediatrix of all graces. When you pray, in fact, your prayers rise to God through My Heart. However, some people only ask for healings and material goods without having the wish to elevate themselves to God. In that case, I am treated like a goddess, an idol to whom the people turn to solve their problems. Yet, I am neither a goddess nor an idol. I am the Mother of the true God and the Co-Redemptrix.”

Question: When we turn to you in prayer, do you want to lead us to the full communion with God?

“Yes, I do. However, when the profound sense of the sacraments, the offering of one’s life to God and all that has been explained to you is not lived, when there is no deep union with God through Me, everything slides into idolatry. Even the superficial religiosity is, in many ways, idolatry.”

Question: It seems clear to us that the action of the Co-Redemptrix is indispensable on the path towards the fullness of life in God.

“Without the sincere offering of oneself to Jesus through My Heart, the integrity of life in God and the universal communion, it is impossible to live the mystical union with Christ. Without Me, everything becomes difficult, blurred, as happens to many Christians of the Earth, but it should not be so. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has been given all abundance of grace and the comprehension of the profound mysteries. The participation in the Sacrifice of Jesus through Me is one of the profound Christian mysteries.”[6]

Without Me, it would be very difficult for you to participate in the Sacrifice of the Lord. I have taken upon Me a large part of your difficulties and sufferings. With My faith, I have overcome your doubts beforehand. I walked the painful path before you to facilitate your path. You are on the same path, accompanied by Me who am mistress and disciple at the same time.”

Question: Is what you have said, the announcement that the Church must give to humanity?

“Certainly. What I am saying to you is part of the announcement that the Church of Jesus Christ gives to the whole Universe, but it is also a fundamental part of your announcement on Earth. In fact, you are entrusted with the Portal of My Heart in Medjugorje, which symbolises the passage through Me. Therefore, you who announce the programmes of this Church cannot avoid this inner pathway.”

Question: Unfortunately, the Christians of the Earth are divided about your apparitions in Medjugorje, and many do not recognise you as Co-Redemptrix.

“In the past you were told that the Church will be divided over My Immaculate Heart. Now you understand its meaning in the light of what I am telling you: the Church of Christ cannot exist without the participation in His Sacrifice through Me. The part of the Church that does not want to participate in the Sacrifice of My Son through Me, and does not accept Me as Co-Redemptrix does not please the Father; it is not His Church.”

Question: What will happen, when your apparitions in Medjugorje end?

“When My apparitions in Medjugorje end, which are My last apparitions on Earth, I will appear in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. I will stay with you in My Church, which is the Church of My Son. My face and the face of My Son, Jesus, will shine on the faces of My children, in the new people.[7]

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

  • Conversation of 8 February 2020

Welcoming the Co-Redemptrix

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe solemnly consecrated herself

– to Jesus, offering herself to Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary on 3 August 2019, and the following day she consecrated the whole Earth to the Father;

– to the Holy Spirit on 7 December 2019, to give Him all the power to make use all of us according to His will and to consecrate to Him the liturgical year 2020;

– to Mary Most Holy on 31 December 2019;

– to the Most Holy Trinity through Mary Most Holy on 19 August 2020. These consecrations were solemn acts, not simply acts of devotion. The people committed themselves to live and testify to the life of God.

After all this, in the conversation reported below, Mary Most Holy said the following:

“You said that, through Me, you wanted to be the Church that belongs to the Most Holy Trinity. My Heart is in the Most Holy Trinity from whom it cannot be divided. Therefore, if you have offered yourselves to the One and Triune God through My Heart, you enter My Heart and are automatically in communion with the Most Holy Trinity. You have done even more than that because you have recognised Me as Co-Redemptrix.”

Question: Why do some Christians not accept your authority as Co-Redemptrix?

“This is caused by several factors: the behaviour of a part of the Catholic Church that has not placed My figure in the right light; the hatred of this humanity towards women; the fear that the female figure could overshadow male power. This is also said about Me: many think that the devotion to Me diminishes the veneration for My Son.”

Question: We have welcomed you as Mother and Queen.

“Yes, you have recognised Me as Queen. If I am Queen, then I possess the authority of a Queen. My Motherhood does not only express itself in My love for you, but also in the power to drive the Evil One away from you. Do not forget that God gave Me the power to crush the head of the serpent.[8] This is not only a biblical image, but the power and authority that God has given to Me in virtue of My participation in the Sacrifice of My Son Jesus. I am the Co-Redemptrix, and therefore I crush and cast away the Evil One. If you do not recognise My power and authority, you deprive yourselves of a mighty force against Evil.”

Question: What consequences may occur to the Christians who do not welcome you as Co-Redemptrix?

“If the Christians move away from Me, they detach themselves from the Most Holy Trinity; by doing so, they detach themselves even more from Me. Many Christians have expelled Me from their lives; by doing so, sooner or later, they will also abandon My Son. Some Christians perceive My figure as opaque; in others the aspect of their affection for Me prevails: in the face of difficulties they take refuge in the Mother. Despite everything, I intercede for all of you. Now, however, you must welcome My authority as Co-Redemptrix, Mother and Queen.”

Question: The Christians call you “Gate of Heaven”.

“It would be more correct to say “Access Gate to the Most Holy Trinity”. God created and chose Me to be the Access Gate by which you may reach the throne of God and experience the fullness of the Trinitarian life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

  • Conversation of 9 February 2020

The grace of omnipotence

In this conversation, Mary Most Holy broadened Her explanations by speaking about Her participation in the omnipotence of God by grace.

“I have already spoken to you about My authority as Co-Redemptrix. Today I want to speak about the grace of omnipotence that I have received as Co-Redemptrix. In virtue of My full participation in the Sacrifice of My Son and My Assumption into the Most Holy Trinity, God granted Me to be omnipotent by grace.

I was born as a creature; therefore, by nature, I could not be omnipotent. Yet, in virtue of My Immaculateness and the mission that was entrusted to Me; due to My response to God and through My full participation in the Redemption, I received the special and unique grace of omnipotence by which I have worked miracles and healings for centuries.”

Question: Does this grace derive from the full harmony of your being with the Most Holy Trinity?

“It is important that you understand what I am saying because many could object that only God is omnipotent. I was assumed into the Most Holy Trinity, and thus it would be impossible for Me not to be all-powerful. However, that does not mean that I can act according to My will; on the contrary, all I do is in harmony with the will of the three Divine Persons. In this way, I intercede with God and act fully in the people. I work signs and miracles, which many of you have experienced in My sanctuaries and in the places where I appeared. Therefore, do not be afraid to reveal this or to be considered as exalted and idolatrous of My person. My omnipotence is the fruit of My perfect participation in the Sacrifice of My Son and My Assumption, not only into Heaven but into the Most Holy Trinity.

You participate in My work to reach Jesus through Me. I am the Access Gate to Heaven, and I open new dimensions of your path before you so that you may find life. I open the way towards My Son, not only for the people of God, but also for the angels who recognise My omnipotence, which also works in their favour.

However, all this does not mean that I make myself God. I want you to know very clearly that I am not like God. I remain different from Him according to My nature, but I was attracted into the dimension of omnipotence due to My Motherhood of God. From My pregnancy, I shared the life of My Son as no other creature could do. I am not like God, but I have received the grace to participate in the divine nature in a higher way, which is higher than that of angels and men, because I am the Mother of God.”

Question: Does this Church, which welcomes you as Co-Redemptrix, participate in your work?

“I continue to act as Co-Redemptrix, just as My Son continues His work as Redeemer. My work did not end with My Assumption into Heaven but continues among the people and prepares the glorious coming of My Son. So far, there was no Church that fully recognised Me with My prerogatives and supported Me by participating in My action as Co-Redemptrix. You, too, could not fully participate in My action because you were not yet able to understand it. Now you understand My work as Co-Redemptrix and can participate in it.

My work does not simply consist in giving you some messages to spread the devotion to Me, as has often occurred in My numerous apparitions on Earth. My action is far wider and needs to be seen in the light of My Assumption into the Most Holy Trinity and of the Trinitarian action in these times. It is necessary to understand how I act now in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.”

Question: What do you expect from this Church in regard to what you are affirming?

“I want to remind you that you are in the final phase of the plan of the recapitulation of the entire Universe in Christ, and the events will follow each other quickly. You have proclaimed the existence of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth and you have proclaimed that I am the Co-Redemptrix. In this time, all good and all evil have to come to the surface. All the good that exists in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe must be manifested. My presence among the people is a great gift of God to all humanity. However, this gift has not been fully manifested, nor has it been welcomed. God respects the freedom of His children even when they refuse His gifts.

Therefore, I expect you to continue with your work, being consecrated to Me, and to promote My work as Co-Redemptrix. Be ready to face strong opposition. They will tell you that it is not Me who speaks to you as I am humble and silent; yet, know that I do not want to expose Myself, let alone pride myself on My prerogative as Co-Redemptrix and My omnipotence in God. I only want you to be aware that I am your Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix, and that I can help you. Therefore, let Me help you. Allow Me to use all the graces that God has given to Me for your benefit. Prepare yourselves for the criticism you will receive because many Christians wish I remained silent. Remember well, however, that I will not submit to any creature but only to God.

You have the task of announcing what you have been revealed, exactly in the way it has been revealed to you. You are no longer subject to human authorities, just as I am not. My Son has liberated you from the oppression of all authorities that place themselves above God and live according to the spirit of the world. Carry on and do not be afraid.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

  • Conversation of 1 March 2020

Mary’s pregnancy

In this conversation, the Blessed Mother explained what happened within Her during the time of Her pregnancy and the difference between trial and temptation.

“Children, I want to speak about My pregnancy. For nine months I carried the Son of God in My womb. Therefore, My pregnancy was not like that of any other woman of the Earth. Jesus worked in My womb from His conception, even though this was hidden to the world. The Trinitarian power entered into Me. Before I was taken into the Most Holy Trinity, the Most Holy Trinity entered into Me. What Jesus worked in Me was a deep preparation of My being. Jesus grew in My womb, and I grew with Him. The Mystery that I was carrying in Me revealed itself more and more to My eyes, preparing Me for the trials that I would have to endure.

During My pregnancy I experienced the presence of God in Me. For nine months, I lived with the Trinitarian Power enclosed in Me. It was a profound pathway. I met Elisabeth and Zechariah. John the Baptist felt the power of Jesus in Me.[10] What happened within Joseph, My spouse? We were growing together and between us the first cell of the Church was formed.  

When My Motherhood is mentioned, people remember Jesus’ birth more than the period of My pregnancy. Nevertheless, what happened in Me from the Annunciation to Jesus’ birth cannot be compared to anything that happens within other women.”

Trial and temptation

“I would like to help you understand another important aspect of spiritual life. You usually think that the lack of temptation in Me is given by the absence of sin. That is true as I am, indeed, immaculate. Nevertheless, I was not spared from trials. A trial is different from a temptation.

Temptation induces the person to sin, that is, to rebel against God and His Laws. The trial, however, destabilises the person, causes it to doubt and torments him/her. I could not sin, or have memory of sin, not even original sin, because I was conceived without sin. For you it is different because at the moment of conception you are brought face to face with God and with Satan, and this memory remains in you like the memory of the sin of your ancestors. This is inevitable; thus, in the spirit of each man the memory of sin remains present. I did not have this in Me, and therefore Satan could not tempt Me.

There was no impulse in Me that would lead Me to sin as there was none in Jesus. Jesus, as true man, experienced a great trial in the desert: Satan wanted to destabilise His human nature and make Him uneasy. Jesus experienced only the hard and deep trial but not the temptation that pushes to sin. “Jesus, as true God, told Satan: “‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’” (Matt 4,6). It is impossible to tempt and induce to sin the One who is the Supreme Good, the King of the Universe. I could not experience temptation either. That does not apply to you, however, who experience temptations as well as trials. Jesus and I are different from any other creature of the Universe, and this is the great mystery that you cannot understand rationally.”

Question: What happens within us when we experience a temptation or a trial?

“If you have said ‘Yes’ to God at the moment of conception, deciding to love and serve Him, the Holy Spirit will protect you and work in you from the beginning of your life. During the earthly life, after receiving the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, by which you reaffirm your choice to live united with God, the temptation gradually gives way to the trial.

This happens because when you offer yourselves to God, through My Heart, the memory of Satan and the sin of your progenitors, you have within you since conception, begins to fade more and more. It cannot be cancelled completely from the memory of your humanity. Only in the new creation will it be cancelled forever. Nevertheless, while you progress on your spiritual path, the memory of sin weakens more and more.

You, who are offered to God through My Heart, are also tested. Satan attacks you, annoys you, sometimes torments you, but he cannot induce you to sin because the memory of sin is no longer strong enough to push you to sin.

If you love God and offer yourselves to Him, the desire and the will to sin will gradually diminish in you.[11] Consequently, the actions of Satan against you must necessarily be limited to trials. Even though you remain fragile creatures and may make mistakes, there is no longer any desire in you to rebel against God and His Laws.[12] Your ‘Yes’ to God at the moment of conception activates the Trinitarian power in you, transforming gradually temptation into trial.

Nevertheless, there are many external factors on Earth that condition you: family ties, upbringing, belonging to different peoples or different religions, etc. All this has an influence on you. Even great saints could not fully realise the plans of God during their earthly lives. Those who open up to God, however, will continue to progress despite external influences.”

Question: What does our participation in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe mean for us?

“Your participation in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is fundamentally important for your life because it prevents external factors from stopping God’s plans in you. Through the work of the Church, the powerful action of the Most Holy Trinity flows in favour of each of you and all humanity. Consequently, all that opposes God in the world will leave you increasingly indifferent. Nothing will ever erase the memory of God and His Love in you and what you have received from Him, nor can it induce you to make compromises with the truth. Although the Evil One will continue to oppose you strongly, the communion with the whole Church of the Universe will protect you and soften the impact of evil. Nobody can condition you anymore.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

2.Mary Most Holy speaks about the Church

Every year on 13 May the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, present on Earth, solemnly celebrates the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. These apparitions are of fundamental importance for us and are particularly connected to those in Medjugorje, Bosnia–Herzegovina:

“Many times the apparitions of Mary Most Holy have meant a turning point in the history of certain places in particular historical moments, as occurred, for example, in the apparitions of Guadalupe. However, some apparitions of the Mother of God had a very particular significance for both the historical moment in which they occurred and the importance and delicacy of the message they carried. Among these, the apparitions of Fatima occupy a very special place; they opened the 20th century and enlightened not only the events of that period but also the future history of the humanity of the Earth and the universe.”[13]

On 13 May of this year, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave us a message that we will report below. It follows the message of 22 February 2020 in which the Blessed Virgin proclaimed to the humanity of the Earth that She was the Co-Redemptrix of humanity.

In this message, the Blessed Mother expressed Herself with Her authority as Co-Redemptrix and Queen. Through Her words we could feel the incredibly powerful vibration of the Blessed Virgin in our spirit. It is the same vibration that Mary Most Holy wants to imprint in each one of us and in the whole humanity of the Earth in this battle, which precedes the glorious coming of Her Son, Jesus.

The Church, established by Jesus Christ, was born from the mind of God the Father and entrusted to Simon Peter and the Apostles who recognised in Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Son of God. In chapter 16 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus reproaches Peter for not being faithful to God’s thoughts: “‘Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns’” (Matt 16,23). He addresses to us the same reproach if we think according to the world and not according to God. In the same chapter, Jesus explains to us how to follow His steps and shows us the target: His glorious coming.

The Apostles had to unite with the Passion of Christ to participate in His life as the Risen One. They were instructed by Jesus for forty days after His resurrection[14] and prepared for Baptism in the Holy Spirit.[15] Finally, they were enveloped by the Trinitarian power on the day of Pentecost.[16] From then on, St. Peter and the Apostles began to testify and announce the Word boldly[17], with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Apostles were submitted to the Holy Spirit who guided them in everything: “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us …” (Acts 15,28). If the Church had moved away from this, she would have corrupted herself.[18]

In the Church of the Earth, despite the holiness of many individuals, the work of Satan and the spirit of the world, which has infiltrated into the Church to corrupt her, has been visible throughout the centuries. Now God brings His work to completion, expelling from the Church the spirit of Judas[19], manifesting His goodness and His Justice[20], to pave the way for those who want to participate in the wedding of the Lamb.[21]

To draw to Himself all those who are open and ready, the Lord left among us the One who is uncorrupted so that She may generate us and prepare us for the glorious coming of Christ and for the new creation.

In the light of all this, the glorious face of Mary, the Co-Redemptrix, manifests itself in these times. In Her face, we can see the new and perfect creature, who reflects on the Church the face of Her Son Jesus.

Together with Mary and through Her, God will also manifest the face of His true Church, “prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband” (Acts 21,2).

Finally, we share with you Mary’s message. We have divided it into sections with titles for better understanding.

Message of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of 13 May 2020

  • The Church is one and indivisible

“I bless you with joy, dear children, and I bless the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth; this poor, weeping Earth, enveloped in the spiral of the serpent.

I want you to be aware, at this point of history, that only one Church exists. There cannot be more than one Church. If there are others, they are religious confessions, which are expressions of one religion among others.

That does not mean that there are no saints in those confessions; there are, but they belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. They have belonged to this Church since eternity, from the moment of their conception. At that moment, they have received the teachings of the Father and all necessary instructions to reach, one day, this Church. Now, your work consists in testifying to the existence of this Church so that those who have received the teachings of the Father, at the moment of conception, may find in your words the echo of those teachings, and thus wake up and become able to find the right path.[22]

  • Divisions do not please God. Christ cannot be divided[23]

“It is necessary that you also get used to define the Church only as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. That is very important because the humanity of the Earth must understand where the true Church is.

A Church that is fragmented and divided is not a Church in the eyes of God. His Church cannot be divided, neither in the Universe nor on Earth. The sign of the Church is the universal communion, without which the Church does not exist. Two Christians who are at war with each other are not Church: they are two people who belong to a religion that defines itself as Christian.”

  • We are in the final battle

“You are in the middle of the final battle of a war that has lasted millennia. The war began when Lucifer rebelled against God and St. Michael challenged him by opposing him. In addition, there have been many battles between Good and Evil throughout history. Now, you are witnessing the last battle, which will end this long war. My Son and His people will win this war.

  • There is only one Church and you must live for her

“I will repeat it so that it may be clear to your minds: there is only one Church, and you must live for her. Show the face of the true Church. Teach those who want to listen that only one Church exists. It is time to proclaim this truth so that the children of God may choose. This is what I expect from you.

I ask you, however, not to come into conflict with anyone as that is not Christian. Announce with simplicity that this is the Church of Jesus Christ, the only Church that exists, existed and will exist for all eternity. She embraces the whole Universe because Jesus came to save all men of all planets. Announce this, without engaging in any unnecessary discussions or polemics. This is the greatest help you can give to the people of God. The others will be free to accept what they want. Leave it to God to deal with those who oppose this truth. Remember that the Earth is very important; it is the scenario of the last battle. Here God must gather His armies. Where can He do it if not in His Church?”

  • Detaching oneself from the spirit of the world

“I ask you not to be concerned anymore about what happens in the world. When an army prepares for the battle, it remains in its territory, it does not venture into that of the enemy. That is what you, too, must do. Stop worrying about the world; let the world worry about itself; leave it to God to settle the world. For you it is enough to observe the events, pray for the children of God who live in the world, for the good people to be saved from corruption. Do not think about all the rest. What do you care what the rulers of the Earth do? What do you care what the origin of the virus is, which caused this pandemic?[24] The armies of God, headed by St. Michael, are dealing with all of this and they know what to do. You, however, elevate to God the sufferings of the world and entrust them to Him.”

  • Proclaim the beauty and greatness of this Church

“Proclaim the greatness and the beauty of God’s works. Manifest the power and the holiness of this Church with your life; collect and value all the good that is in her. Allow the promises of the prophets and the prayers of the saints throughout history to be realised in you and through you. Do not get involved with worldly matters anymore. The Lord needs you to be at His disposal to accomplish His work in the people of God, not in the world. It will be God to deal with the world.”

  • Solemn blessing

“With the power that God has given Me, I solemnly bless you and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, which you represent on Earth. I bless this humanity so that it may repent, and the children of God, scattered around the world, who are looking for a home, may find it. I bless the Foundation and the whole of this people and the entire Universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

3.We Offer Ourselves with Mary on All Altars of the Earth – Message of Mary of 7 December 2019

In conclusion, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, we are happy to manifest the glorious face of Mary Most Holy to all Her children. We rejoice in giving voice to the Co-Redemptrix who invites all Christians to participate concretely in Her work of co-redemption to recuperate all the good that is present of Earth.

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for this vigil that we are spending together. Thank you for all the progress you have made and for the love that you show God and Me. I assure you that every drop of your love fills Me with great joy. You are the joy of My Heart, because a mother rejoices when she sees that her children are attentive and thoughtful towards her. I thank you for this.

The Lord sends Me today to ask each of you and the whole of this people for a great act of love: from now on, He wants you to offer yourselves together with Me on all altars of the Earth, wherever the Eucharist is celebrated. It is of no importance if the priest is worthy or not. My offering, along with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will heal many wounds. From all altars of the Earth a worthy sacrifice will rise to God, and the Father will accept it together with the Sacrifice of Christ.

This is a very important act that will produce a great wave of graces, and a great force will rise from every altar. It will be the force of God and His people. Not only you who are present and those who belong to the Foundation will offer yourselves, but also the whole Church of the Universe will offer herself along with Me on every altar. There will be no more altars where My Son offers Himself alone, but His people will always be around Him. A river of grace will pour over the Earth.

There is another very important aspect that I want to explain to you. You have to know that there are many children in other religions who have said ‘Yes’ to the Most Holy Trinity at the moment of conception but have accepted to incarnate in other religions and in other peoples of the Earth, which do not know My Son. They did it out of love; they have sacrificed themselves. God is pleased about their sacrifice, but now He wants to recuperate His children; He wants to take them back to Him because they belong to Him.

Therefore, together with the Church of the Universe, we will also offer ourselves in the pagan temples; there where it seems impossible that Christ could be present, but where His children are, who need to be awakened, elevated, nurtured and cured. In this way, you will help Me disintegrate the kingdom of Satan because the power of the One and Triune God and of the Church of the whole Universe will even rise from pagan temples. The kingdom of Satan will be emptied from within, without clamour or spectacular actions; drop by drop, day by day, the sacrifice of My Son and His people will rise up from the Earth and destroy the kingdom of the enemy.

This is a great work of God which you cannot accomplish on your own but only with Me and with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe that offers herself with you and for you. The Earth is the last planet to be healed. It is the most difficult, but it must be elevated. God does not want to destroy the Earth. Satan wants to destroy it, not God. God wants to recuperate it and cure it because He loves everyone.

Children, do not be afraid of what I am asking of you. Do not be afraid of having to suffer in terms of health; that is not the point. The consecration to the Holy Spirit you are about to do, will give Him all the power in you.[25]

Thus, the Holy Spirit will use your spirit and take it where He most needs it. This is the action in spirit: your spirit will be taken where the Spirit of God needs it. The Trinitarian vortex catches you, lifts you up, takes you and brings you back so that you travel the Earth and even the Universe while you are living your everyday life. This is the miracle of God, who accomplishes His wonders within you in daily life and in silence, for you and through you.

Children, I ask you to live as righteous people. I do not mean perfect, none of you can be, because the Earth, where you live, is not perfect, and you have many hardships to bear. I ask you to be righteous, that is, full of God’s Justice. God’s Justice is a life lived for Christ, for the righteous is someone who lives for Christ. Be righteous; live for My Son and for Me. Live with Our two Hearts and with the Heart of St. Joseph. Then, My Heart will beat in yours and yours will beat in Mine. Thus, we will do many things together for the Kingdom of God.

Remember the words of the Archangel Gabriel: “For no word from God will ever fail”. [26] I assure you that it is so. God is able to realise everything in you. He needs your ‘Yes’; not a superficial ‘Yes’ but one that means: “Lord, change my life; make me the way you want me.” Today I want to repeat with you: “I am the Lord’s servant“.[27] I want you to repeat with Me every day: ”Here I am; I am the Lord’s servant. Here I am; I come to do your will and I do not want anything else.” Nothing else is necessary, children, because the will of God contains all you need.

I thank you because I can count on you. Today, together with the whole Church of My Son of the Universe, I solemnly bless you. May your consecration to the Holy Spirit be a great step towards the resurrection of the Earth.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”[30]

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