Knowledge is Love

Message of the Holy Spirit – Vigil of Pentecost

30 May 2020


“Dearest Children,

You have come to this important day in which you remember My descent on the Church, the fruit of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Before that, I could only fully work in a few individuals, the prophets and the saints, but not in the whole people. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, I could descend on the whole people of God to sanctify them, to remind each one and all of Jesus’ teachings and of the profound teachings you already received at the moment of conception if you said ‘yes’ to God.

Jesus said clearly that the world cannot accept Me because it neither sees Me nor knows Me.[1] You may recognise the truth of His words: the world does not see Me or know Me; it cannot receive Me because it does not love Me, nor does it seek Me, nor does it implore Me. No one can know what he does not love because to know means to love: true knowledge, not rational, scholastic or scientific knowledge, blossoms in love. Love is nourished by silence; not the dead silence of the world, but CREATIVE SILENCE; the silence in which I act as Creator to give you life and renew it in you.

In the deep silence of your being, when you bow before God and recognise to be humble creatures, I generate life in you. Thus, knowledge blossoms and I act fully in you. The same is true for a people: if an entire people lives immersed in creative silence and wants to know Me, I make Myself known because I am in you; I am with you; I act above you and you are able to know Me. The rivers of living water, of which Jesus speaks[2], flow not only from the hearts of those who believe in Christ but also from the bosom of an entire people. This is what I expect from you: that from the bosom of this Church, rivers of living water may flow and wet the desert of your humanity.

Children, as Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe you have consecrated this year, 2020, to Me; therefore, do not be surprised about what is happening on Earth.[3] God confuses the projects of the peoples[4], and I intervened with power to disrupt humanity to the roots. I must save you from the grave danger that comes from the hearts of men, from the wickedness of the powerful, from those of the low Universe who are plotting to come down to Earth to conquer, kill, rob and annihilate the people of God. Now the Earth is suffering and weeping. The powerful are confused; they do not know what is going to happen. Satan himself is shaking because he sees that the Lord, God Almighty, can overturn in a second all his plans, elaborated over millennia.

Children, I ask you to continuously consecrate the sick and the victims of this pandemic so that they become martyrs for the salvation of the Earth. I would never have wanted this situation, but the wickedness of man made it possible, and I have allowed it to disrupt the plans of the rulers of the Earth.

Pray and offer to God those who suffer and the victims of this virus so that their sacrifice may not be in vain. If this Church does this, the suffering and death of so many people becomes salvific. Although not all suffer or die in a Christian way, if they are helped, offered to God and sanctified, their suffering and death becomes a martyrdom that cries out before God. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, when united and offered to God through the Coredemptrix, Mary, can help many to redeem themselves, showing the path towards salvation.

Unfortunately, what will continue to happen on Earth will be very serious because this humanity does not want to change. However, this must not scare you because I protect you and keep evil away from you. What I ask of you today is faithfulness to all that has been given to you, faithfulness to the life I give you. Never betray the life of God so that your life may not be transformed into death. Be faithful to the life you have received and it will flourish in you; it will flourish even in the desert.

I am the One who speaks from the fire. Moses reminded the people of Israel of this in the desert when he said: “Then the Lord spoke to you out of the fire.”[5] Yes, I am the fire from which the Most Holy Trinity speaks to you, and I send you like torches of My Fire to set the Earth on fire. I send you to the lost and suffering children of God who are crying and dying. They need light; they need My Fire. You, too, will become the Church that speaks from the fire, from the fire of My Love.

Be simple, serene, strong and mature. With the maturity of Christ, accept every trial, not as a disgrace that strikes you, but as an opportunity that God grants you to improve and strengthen yourselves, exercising all virtues, get involved and become new creatures.[6]

I support you and I love you. I descend on you with the Trinitarian power; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See John 14,17

[2] John 7,37-39

[3] He refers to the grave pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Covid-19, which has claimed thousands of victims on Earth since the beginning of 2020.

[4] Gen 11,1-9

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