“God fulfills His promises”

24 June 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio]

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you a happy Anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace. Many of us have been regenerated by the spring of the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje; for us this is a Solemnity. As I have told you several times, this year all Solemnities bring special graces. Even in this occasion, the Blessed Mother did not fail to speak to us, and we will pass on to you all that we have received as soon as it is prepared.

However, to receive these graces it is very important that, in this vigil, on this day, you immerse yourselves in what She told us last year. Those were very deep things. Now all that must be strengthened, purified, deepened in us. When the Blessed Mother spoke to us in the vigil of 24 June 2019, She affirmed that a part of Her project was about to be fulfilled through the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth. A part of the people accepted to live concretely in the universal communion among us here on Earth, and thus the Trinitarian action began.[1]

Mary Most Holy asked that this Church on Earth, which belongs to the Church of the whole Universe, must be Mother and immaculate. People may wonder, “How can I be immaculate?”. By God’s grace. We have to be certain about this: if we have said “Yes” to God and have offered ourselves to Jesus through the Immaculate Mother to live with integrity in the universal communion, these graces will act within us.

What the Blessed Mother underlined is this: “The mission of the Church is to continuously generate the children of God to the life of the Most Holy Trinity.”[2] This means that each one of us, our relationships, our communion and the offering of ourselves to God generate the life of the Most Holy Trinity, and thus the world is renewed and new generations are born: Thus, they become righteous, free, able to choose good and reject evil, to go towards every child of God to give them life.” This must be a certainty for us so that we may carry on with the clarity and confidence that God generates life in us; when life is generated, it does not begin from the age of sixty but from zero, from the moment of conception, from the graces that God gives.

At this point, it is very important to consider the Liturgy that prepares us for this solemnity, in which some great men are presented to us: the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and John the Baptist. What is the characteristic of these men? They were awakened from their roots, through their “Yes” to God, and God guarded and encouraged their “Yes” from the moment of conception. The second phase is that these individuals became aware of this and acted in the name of God with total trust in Him despite all the difficulties and disasters they had to endure, and they become a sign of contradiction. Then the Blessed Virgin arrived; She brought Jesus and touched John the Baptist with His presence in the womb of the Mother, and now we have reached these times: the Mother, the Coredemptrix, the Queen of the Universe takes every soul that has said “Yes” at the moment of conception to Jesus. She is awakening us and we participate in it. She is awakening every soul; all is destined to be awakened and Satan to be driven into hell along with all corruption. All is destined to be ready to welcome the glory of God and to enter the new creation. All must be completed.

There are also two figures: the parents of St. John. His mother had been barren; she couldn’t give life, which was a human limit. Zechariah was doubtful.[3] You may see how God led the life of these two figures who were faithful to the Law but were unable to recognise the grace; yet, God’s grace completed their life, and St. John accomplished his mission, announcing the presence of the Messiah among the people.

Therefore, in this time that lies before us, we have to assume absolute certainty that the One and Triune God will lead us forward, beyond all our limits and borders and those others may have. However, how can we do that as we are still panicking because of the virus and struggling for survival? If we are immersed and living in faith with the certainty that everything is in the hands of God, we will generate new life, and God will fulfil His promises in those who are ready to welcome the glory of God and to enter the new creation. Do not doubt, even for a second, but have the courage to become aware of this. This people is expected not to worry too much or to ask questions, but to be ready to welcome the graces and manifest the life of the One and Triune God, who generates life and regenerates the Earth and the whole Universe.

We accompany you with our prayer and will pass on to you what the Blessed Mother told us. We bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  See Message of Mary Most Holy “I am the Mother of the Church”, published on our website https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2] See footnote 1

[3] See Luke 1