Rebuilding the Humanity of the Earth

24 June 2020 – Vigil of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje

Message of Mary Most Holy

Rebuilding the Humanity of the Earth


“Dearest Children,

Six months have passed since the beginning of this year, in which you have seen many things change on Earth. They have been hard months for this humanity but also for the Low Universe, which has been strongly affected by the events on your planet. In fact, whatever happens in the Low Universe affects the Earth and vice versa. The whole creation is waiting for the events on Earth, an important planet in the plans of God.

You have consecrated this year to the Holy Spirit and He will act powerfully on Earth to rebuild this humanity. The pandemic that affects you is not only a disease but also a real metamorphosis for the Earth.[1] God did not want this pandemic, but He allowed it. Through it, He decisively intervened to put many things right, which must no longer be as they were before. Even humanity cannot remain the same as before. Those who are of good will have understood that it takes very little to destroy a global system, which has been elaborated over millennia of history. This must be clear especially to you who are the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth.[2]

How will the Holy Spirit rectify and rebuild this humanity? He will do it through the Church, His people, whom the Most Holy Trinity has been preparing for a long time. From the coming of Jesus on Earth to today God never stopped to prepare generations of righteous men whose holiness lives on. You have inherited the holiness, the sacrifice, the prayers and the tears of many saints. Now it is up to you to help the Earth to correct itself and rediscover the presence of God and the meaning of life.

Only My Son, Jesus, can save this humanity. Just as the Holy Spirit descended and overshadowed Me[3], He will descend on this planet to prepare the way for My Son who will return. Time is getting short. The Father expects from His Church of the Universe, especially from you, a strong commitment to help the men of the Earth to re-emerge from the chaos in which they have fallen, from the darkness that is oppressing them.

Lucifer has greatly intensified his action together with the Confederation of the Light and the Illuminati of the Earth. He knows that he does not have much time left. Therefore, God also wants His people to intensify their action. He expects this Church to be vigilant and present in all events that affect and shock this humanity.

What can you do? Live a simple, silent and profound life immersed in God so that it may help your humanity to change from its roots. God does not act with violence to transform His creatures. His love knocks at the door; He does not knock it down.[4] He makes life blossom from within, in silence, sometimes in secrecy, which is never passiveness but union with God’s life that is born in the depth of the heart. A human being is born in the depth of a woman, just as a plant is born in the depth of the earth. Likewise, in the depth and silence of God a new people is born. Therefore, silence will be your instrument to make life flourish, and it will also be your greatest defence against the Evil One.

Children, Satan is afraid of silence. When silence is full of God, he no longer has the means to enter into you. Silence becomes like a wall before the devil. I am speaking of the deep, creative, virginal silence, which has been explained to you many times.[5] Living in this silence does not mean that you must not speak and bear witness. It means that, in this time, your testimony must assume greater importance: it must come forth from the depth of your being where God lives. Give room to God within you so that He may speak, witness and act through you.

A great task is given to you and the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe because the glorious return of My Son is neither a tale nor magic. It must also be prepared with the sweat and the tears of many children of God. I am not telling you this to frighten you, but I want you to be concrete. To be people who are contemplative and mystically united with God does not mean to live on clouds. Those who sincerely want to serve God must know that they will clash with reality as it is. However, you must not be afraid of reality but pass through it with the light of God and with His power.

The Father will again intervene powerfully on Earth. With this pandemic, you have had only a little taste of what may happen on Earth. It will not necessarily be something catastrophic as God wants to change the life of men to the better. Unfortunately, the reaction of Satan and his followers to the action of God always causes evil to prevail, because there are not many children of God who offer themselves to Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, God will add the missing part. He is omnipotent.

I will also use My omnipotence, which God has given to Me. Know though, children, that when a people lives deeply united with God, when all the members live in peace in the same spirit, that people will also become omnipotent. It is the omnipotence that comes from unshakable faith. Faith is omnipotent because it can work what neither reason nor human strength can do. Therefore, be aware that a united people whose faith is firm becomes omnipotent.

Thus, support the omnipotence of God and Mine with the omnipotence of your faith, being aware of all the graces that God has given to you. I invite you to look inside yourselves to discover the good and beautiful things that God has placed in you. Each of you is a precious pearl in the crown of My King. If any of you were missing, it would really be an big loss.

Try to see the beautiful things in you, and do not remain focused only on your limits, on those of others and on the sins of the world. Instead, try to see the beauty that God has placed in each one of you and in this humanity that apparently looks like a disaster. Even in this humanity, the flowers of God may blossom, just as in an uncultivated field flowers always spring up. You must collect them, love them and guard them.

Never judge anyone, children, but love everyone and bear witness with love to the love of God; and if someone refuses it, leave him to God, but you shall continue to sow seeds. Throw the good seed everywhere. God will take care of making it grow thirty, sixty, a hundred times.[6]

I ask you to let yourselves be led meekly towards what God wants. You will be able to follow and put into practice the plans of God if you are silent; if you let God pass and awaken in you the intelligence of life.

I am with you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


[1] She refers to the coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, which has caused thousands of victims glorbally since the beginning of the year 2020.

[2] In all messages and in our publications the term Church refers solely to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” to which we belong.

[3]  See Luke 1,35

[4]  See Rev 3,20

[5]  See the book of Stefania Caterina, “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2008, message of St. Joseph of 19 March 2002, page 220. Excerpt: “Silence is an extremely powerful barrier against the forces of evil. It introduces you fully to the life of the Most Blessed Trinity; it forms a barrier around your soul and your body. Silence immerses you in the Trinitarian Vortex. Understand this well: the vortex of the Most Blessed Trinity attracts you and everything that belongs to you; it attracts it and transforms it. It transforms what is good, making it even stronger, and it destroys what is evil. In fact, evil can never resist, it is destroyed by the vortex.”

[6]  See Mt 13,3-8.18-23; Mk 4,3-8.13-20