“Participating with Mary in the Eternal Liturgy”

22 August 2020

By  Stefania Caterina  and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the subject of this reflection is “Participating with Mary in the Eternal Liturgy”, and with this reflection we introduce the people who live in communion with the whole Church of the Universe to the liturgical year.

Here a question comes up: what is the Liturgy?  Yet, I do not want to explain what it is but rather lead you to a specific view through the concrete events.

The first event is the creation of the angels and the humans who are created in the image and likeness of God. They are meant to celebrate the Eternal Liturgy to govern the whole Universe with God; a Liturgy that does not consist of words or preaching but of a living and working Liturgy with God. You know the consequences that original sin caused. After original sin the confrontation with Lucifer and his allies took place. All righteous men and all saints have suffered and offered their sacrifices. God decided that the Church as a blameless people should face this challenge.

The second event that I want to underline is taken from today’s Gospel. Jesus asked the Apostles: “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” Simon Peter answered on behalf of all Apostles: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.”[1]

Peter reached the light only through the revelation of the thought of the Father. He had to become mature by following Jesus. Despite the miracles and the signs, he had to follow Jesus until dying to himself for Christ, even after the death and resurrection of Christ. This is not only true for Peter but also for each of us, and in these grave times we are asked, all of us together, to respond like Peter  did in order to face evil. No one will be led by his mother to enter the new creation. Each of us must know it himself, as the prophet said: “They will know that I am the Lord”, big and small.

The third event we want to highlight particularly is Mary Most Holy, the Coredemptrix; as the Father has called Her: Mary assumed to Heaven, Mother and Queen of the new creation. No Apostle entered, no man, only Mary entered the new creation, participating fully in God’s action as a creature, perfectly submitted to God. Fortunately, She is our Mother and participates actively in this path with the people of God.

To help you get a full overview of this time and this Liturgy, that is, where it takes us, I will point to certain events, which we have explained before and you should keep in mind. For the Great Jubilee the humanity of the Earth was given some clear points:

  1. Spirituality will progressively be elevated.
  2. All structures that prevent this process will be removed.
  3. The centre of gravity of spiritual life will no longer be the geocentric Earth but the Universe. Neither the institutions nor the heads of Christian confessions are at the centre, but the Living God, the immolated Lamb who celebrates before the Father, in the Holy Spirit, with all His Church.

Thus, we are addressed. We cannot think that anyone else can replace us in the knowledge of God. We must reach the knowledge of God through our choice and our path. This is necessary in this time and I will try to explain that to you, but it is up to you to decide.

The path of the last year [2019], which led us to the beginning of this liturgical year is very important. I want to draw your attention to some events:

In July, God the Father turned to us through Stefania asking for the consecration of the Earth to Him. He needed a people who would consecrate the Earth, who would do the service of consecrating the Earth. We did that on 4 August 2019. You have been given the message. The Father said, “Finally I have a people”.[2]

From that time onward, the preparation for the Liturgy, which we are talking about, began. Before the feast of the seven Archangels, St. Michael told us to consecrate the year 2020 to the Holy Spirit.[3]

On 24 November, the Feast of Christ King, Jesus decided to manifest His Church more and more: His Church, which He considers the Church. He said: “This Church will follow Me wherever I go”[4], according to the Revelations (Rev 14,4); remember that. However, He also said: “This Church cannot be composed of superficial Christians; she has to be My Living Body, the Mystical Body that lives, thinks, loves, suffers and acts”.

The next step was the message of Our Lady of 7 December when we were preparing ourselves for the consecration to the Holy Spirit.[5] She said: “Children, let us offer ourselves with Jesus on all altars where the Eucharist is celebrated, but also in the pagan sanctuaries, for there are righteous people who have said “yes” to God, but have not found the light, the right place for them on Earth”, and we must reach them, too. So, you see that all barriers are breaking down.

With the consecration to the Holy Spirit and the solemn consecration to Mary Most Holy in the vigil of the New Year, the Feast of the Mother of God, we prepared for the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity.[6] Then, the Trinitarian action came powerfully over this people to realise the plans of the Father. However, in the message of 19 January, which surprised many, the Father decided to divide the Church.[7] Yet, Jesus had already said in His message for the Feast of Christ King that those who participate only superficially in religious rites and parades are not His Church, but those who belong to His living Mystical Body; thus, nothing new. God the Father simply declared the fact that the Church was divided. We have seen and will continue to see different types of divisions.

From that time on, the Trinitarian action powerfully penetrated the new people that belong to the Church of the whole Universe. But what is the Trinitarian action? It is the three Divine Persons who act in a people that is ready, and thus they elevate that people. However, those who have said “no” to God, as God the Father explained in the message of 4 August 2020, are left to stay in their solitude. But no one can live without God. Lucifer may deny it, but he is destined to eternal death; he is destined to solitude and eternal silence, deadly silence.

Therefore, the action of the Most Holy Trinity involves everyone, everyone and everything; it elevates those who are ready to participate in its life and leaves those who refuse it. Thus, there is a clear division; yet, not because God refuses the people but because they, the souls, refuse God; God cannot force them with the commandments of a religion. He has manifested all His Love through His Son and the Holy Spirit whom He sent in the name of His Son to all of us. God the Father wants to attract all His children to His Son to live with Him according to the Laws of God.

We have come to the point where we can touch, see and experience the current scenario on Earth where a cosmic battle is taking place between the spirit of evil and the Spirit of God. The Blessed Mother underlined in Her message[8] that by participating in the Heavenly Liturgy we participate in the Eternal Liturgy; we are continuously elevated and enter the Trinitarian vortex by which the Holy Spirit takes us to the Son. This happens through the Son if we accept Him and live with Him, and then He elevates us, with the help of our Holy Mother assumed to Heaven, so that we reach the will of the Father. If we are submitted to the will of the Father, He will fill us with Holy Spirit and send us on our mission. Indeed, in this Liturgy we participate in the elevation and become ready to participate in the mission of the salvation of humanity.

You have noticed that, along with the revelation of the Church of Jesus Christ, this year, God has fully revealed His beloved Daughter, Mary Most Holy, Coredemptrix, Mother and Queen of the new creation.[9] We have spoken to you, we have written, we have given you a lot of material to follow. You have received Her message[10] and She presents Herself among us as loving Mother, prostrated before the throne of God to intercede for us; She is present among us especially in the celebration of the Eucharist which is the centre, the source and the peak of the Liturgy that only we celebrate here on Earth.

She generates us through Her participation as Mother; at the same time, She is the most important member of the whole Church and the example. We are asked to participate like Her in the Liturgy of Heaven, prostrated before the altar. She does not want us to prostrate physically but to be submitted to the will of the Father, through the Son and with the Holy Spirit, willing to reach God’s promises, which will be realised in the new creation.

The participation in the Heavenly Liturgy introduces us to the Trinitarian vortex and elevates our will so that we repeat our “yes” to God; thus, He fills us with the Holy Spirit and sends us out. Then, all of us, the whole people of God, enter the Trinitarian vortex. In the end, when everything is in the vortex, we will enter the new creation.

On 7 August 2020, God the Father found this people ready, and He committed us to celebrate this Liturgy.[11] I am not saying this because you have received some messages and preaching. I am saying this because there is a people that has made this choice, who has welcomed the thought of God and has understood it like Peter; a mature people that is increasingly united on this path of maturation in order to participate in this Liturgy, with a feeling of belonging to the eternal life by the Father.

In this Liturgy, our Holy Mother, Coredemptrix by divine grace, accompanies us in a special way to help us rise and overcome the obstacles, and finally give our honest response to God. Mary Most Holy helps us and assures us of Her presence so that we may accomplish this path.

I would like to remind you of what we have explained to you regarding the intentions of Our Lady and God in the apparitions of Medjugorje, which was to create a people in the parish and afterwards in the whole world, who prayed and elevated themselves together with the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters in a choral prayer.[12] This is now taking place in all those who actively participate [in the Heavenly Liturgy].

How can you know? Commit yourselves to participate actively for one week with prayers, with the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters, all saints and all souls in Purgatory, praying also for your needs, offering yourselves for all. Then, you will see miracles and changes happening within you. God will give you signs.

St. Paul showed us the straight path: “Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is” (Rm 12,1-2).

If you do not offer yourselves to God, carrying on focusing on yourselves rather than living for the love of God, no book, no library, no theologian, no head of a religion will lead you to know the will of God. You are asked to participate [in the Liturgy ] to understand the will of God and to put it into practice.

I will finish with today’s prophesy of Ezekiel.[13] Those who have participated in the Mass have listened to the episode: the small people in exile that remained faithful to God, reached maturity and was filled with the glory of God. The glory of God and His presence returned to the temple. Our response to the invitation of Heaven in these times will give us the possibility to perceive God’s presence among us and His glory, which will manifest itself also on Earth and in the whole Universe; He will drive away all darkness and the people of God will enter the light. Yet, this cannot happen by magic. That would be like gathering 11 boys for a football match. What would you achieve? God, the good Father, wants to take us to the fullness and to His total creativity. The Son leads us to the love that wants to save everyone and everything. The Holy Spirit gives the power that makes even a dead man rise from death. Mary Most Holy said that the worst epidemic is the sin against the Holy Spirit: disinterest.[14]

So, what do you say to Jesus Christ today? You may ask Him to give you some signs, some prophesies, thus remaining always the same and attached to the prophets and the prophesies. You may say, “Yes, but first I have to work the fields”, but the Lord says: “These are the times in which all is ready to move towards the new creation, to go towards the fullness, and God must not be put on the last place.”

Thus, we have reached this point. I turn to you who are informed, who have heard us speak: choose, give your clear response like Simon Peter so that this Church, together with Mary Most Holy, may manifest the presence of God in the midst of the Earth and in the whole Universe.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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