The Living Liturgy

14 August 2020 – Vigil of the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, Mother and Queen of the new creation

Message of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary – The Living Liturgy


“Dearest Children,

I bless all those who are present and those who are united with you in the same spirit. I am pleased to begin the new Liturgy for this year with you. A liturgical year is not a set of rites and memories but a progressive and increasingly deepening path towards the fullness of life. It is a journey towards the new creation, which each one of you and the whole people of God must accomplish on Earth and on other planets faithful to God.

I said “a new Liturgy” but, in reality, it is an eternal Liturgy. In fact, your Liturgy on Earth is the participation in the eternal Liturgy, which has unfolded in Heaven since the beginning of creation.[1] Before God’s throne, My Son Jesus, the High Priest, offers to the Father, in the Holy Spirit, the sacrifices, the prayers and the love of the whole people spread in the Universe.[2] When you offer yourselves and the Earth to God, you become a ray of the Heavenly light, a glow of the eternal Liturgy.

Particularly in the Eucharistic Celebration, the memorial of the death and resurrection of My Son, you are united in a special way with the events in Heaven. At that moment, the Father accepts the Sacrifice of the Son along with that of His people that celebrates the Easter memorial.[3]

Always remember that this does not take place on other planets. Only on Earth is the memorial of the death and the resurrection of My Son celebrated; it is the actualisation of what happened on the Calvary and then at the resurrection. During your celebrations, the eyes of the Universe are turned to you. Then, from the Liturgy of Heaven, in which the Father accepts the Sacrifice of the Son, light pours out inundating all of you and descending on the whole Universe. At the same time, divine light rises from the altar on which you celebrate; that light returns to Heaven and is redistributed through the Trinitarian vortex, to the whole Mystical Body of Christ.[4] Thus, united with the eternal Liturgy, you participate in what takes place in Heaven, and you receive the light and the power of the heavenly Liturgy.

This also happens when you pray together or individually. When you stand before the face of God, you are always in communion with Heaven and the divine power; you are immersed in the vortex of the Most Holy Trinity that reaches you, touches you and fills you, not only with the power of God but also with that of His Mystical Body.

The Trinitarian vortex is like a conveyor belt: it brings you the power, the wisdom and the experience of the Mystical Body. It encloses the holiness of the people of God of the whole Universe, which  has developed over the millennia. Imagine the power that you can draw from when you are united with God and all brothers and sisters, in the Holy Spirit, through My Heart.[5] Thus, if you  honour a saint in your celebrations, that saint sends his or her love and power down on you. The saint, prays for you, is pleased about your prayers and elevates them to God.

This shows you that the Liturgy is not a set of lifeless rites, as it is perceived in many places of the Earth, unfortunately, but a living memorial. It is the active participation of each one of you and of the people of the Universe to the priesthood of Christ.

You have the privilege to revive the death and resurrection of My Son in your celebrations; you are not only participants but witnesses. At that moment, you testify to the whole Universe that the Lord truly died and rose on Earth in favour of the whole Universe and that He continues to immolate Himself in every Holy Mass. Moreover, when you celebrate worthily, all of Heaven celebrates with you. The Father is pleased about the celebrations of this memorial and lets all graces descend on His people.

It is time that this Church[6] celebrates its Liturgy. I ask you all, especially the priests and those among you who have a responsibility, to commit yourselves to making your Liturgy more and more actual and alive, using the Sacred Scriptures and the revelations that you have received.  May the celebration of every solemnity, feast and memory be a living and actual memorial.

I am with you in all your celebrations. At the moment when the priest elevates the host and the chalice, I am prostrated before the altar for all of you, just as I am in Heaven before the altar of God, when My Son celebrates His Liturgy with the Archangels, the Angels and the Saints. Prostrate yourselves with Me, not so much physically but spiritually: be prostrated together with Me before every altar for the salvation of all men.

Children, the Earth is on the edge of a abyss I have told you this many times and I continue to repeat it. The only salvation for the humanity of the Earth is the Celebration of the Eucharist united with the Heavenly Liturgy. There is no other hope for the children of the Earth. Therefore, you have the great responsibility to participate worthily, actively and with Christian charity in every celebration.

You honour the Crucifix. You are not like those who spat on My Son and Me on the Calvary. Many Christians do the same even today when they participate unworthily in the Sacrifice of My Son. You, however, are not like those people: you are a new people that prostrates together with Me before the Saviour for the glory of the Father, in the Holy Spirit.

Your testimony, through the Liturgy, is Marian and Franciscan. Therefore, your liturgical year must be lived with Me and consecrated to Me by this people; it is a path towards the new creation. The years are running towards the new creation, and you will see how the time will speed up even more.[7]

Your path is Franciscan. St. Francis lived, on Earth,  in a dimension that was similar to that of the faithful humanities. He is the saint who, more than anyone else, approached the spiritual dimension in which you will live in the new creation.[8] For this reason, he continuously intercedes for you; he opens the path for you together with St. Clare, who, after Me, is your mother; always remember that. She generated many children of God in silence, in the abandonment to God, in prayer and the silent offering of herself.

The Father does not want clamorous, polemical or revolutionary individuals, but a simple, humble and silent people. Silent, but not because they are unable to give testimony, but because they do not discuss anything or attack anyone, but live the Liturgy deeply.

This is what He wants from you: whatever may happen in the world, be witnesses of the Heavenly Liturgy, through your Liturgy, lived with holiness, to be a holy people, testimony of the salvation. I will help you to be testimonies of the greatness of God and of My dignity as Mother, Queen and Coredemptrix.

I bless you and I accompany you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

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[5] We have repeatedly spoken about the Trinitarian action which acts through the people of God who  are ready to offer their life to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in favour of all the children of God. We have particularly spoken about the Trinitarian Vortex in the book, “Beyond the Great Barrier”, of Stefania Caterina, 2008, in chapter 1. The whole people of God that offers itself to God the Father, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, is involved in the Trinitarian vortex. After God, it is the greatest power working in the Universe.

[6] She refers to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” to which we belong.

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