Living in Truth and Justice

14 October 2020

Message of God the Father – Living in Truth and Justice

Today, two young sisters of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” have consecrated themselves to the service of God and the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. During the celebration, God the Father addressed His word to us.

 “Dearest Children,

This is an important day for your people because two young lives will consecrate themselves to the service of God and the Church of the whole Universe. This is also a great gift for the whole of humanity.

Each of you, who consecrates himself, is a gift for humanity, a drop in the immense sea of God’s charity on the Earth, which urgently needs it. Humanity is so thirsty that it needs an ocean to quench its thirst. You are little drops of this ocean, which are, however, very precious.

What does it mean to consecrate oneself to Me? It means to live in the truth. The truth exists only in Me, in My Son and in the Holy Spirit. Jesus came on Earth to bring you the truth. He presented Himself as the only Way, Truth and Life.[1] Outside of My Son, there is no other pathway that leads humanity to salvation, nor another truth or another life. There is no life outside of Me, nor will you be able to find it except in Me, through My Son, in the Holy Spirit.

The offering of your life to Me becomes an enormous gift that transforms everything in you and around you. When a person and a people consecrate themselves to Me, through My Son, in the Holy Spirit, I place a shield around each of them and around the whole people, which will protect them from all attacks of Evil. From this comes an ever new life that will protect and nourish you. Thus, you become the reflection of the presence of God wherever you go, whatever you say. My face will shine on you and people will know the truth.

Today I ask you to live in the truth that My Son has given to you, that you have welcomed and that lives within each of you. May this people never compromise with the truth, but proceed quickly on the main road without looking back or losing time stopping along the road with those who do not want to participate in the life of God. May your gaze be fixed on the goal, as you have heard in the reading.[2]

I will accompany you and My Son will bring you to Me because this is His task. The Holy Spirit will make you recognise more and more Jesus’ life in you. Thus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will lead each of you and the whole people to Me, and you will live in the truth.

You will also live in justice, which comes from your faith. This is the true justice, which the world lacks completely because it does not live in the truth. Whoever does not live in the truth cannot live in justice either. Justice must triumph on Earth, but not justice as vengeance, as man understands it, but justice that is love, peace, goodness, and that makes you live according to My Laws, which are laws of righteousness, goodness and tenderness.[3]

My dear children, I entrust to you who are present and to all those who are united with you the great task of walking incessantly towards truth and justice. Then, My Church will shine on Earth as in the whole Universe, and it will be one Holy Church, pure and immaculate as its Mother.

Children, I ask you to be true and sincere in your relationship with Me, with yourselves and the others. Look at things as they are in God, and you will not be wrong. I will welcome you, and I will always help you, even when you feel fragile or inadequate and when you recognise all your limits. If you have difficulties on your path, I will support you and take you to the goal: I will make you live according to My Laws and you will be the people of God here on Earth.[4]  

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See John 14,1-14

[2] See Phil 32,1-16

[3] See Mt 5

[4] See Ez 36,24-32