“The Ministerial Priesthood in the Church of the Universe”

10 October 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the title of this reflection is “The Ministerial Priesthood in the Church of the Universe”. The last time we spoke about the common priesthood of the faithful.[1] The same is true for the priests; there is no difference. For ministerial priests, the grace of service is added, but the common priesthood is not cancelled; the priestly, prophetic and royal seal that is given to every baptised person remains unchanged. The first coming of Jesus brought about a radical change to the ministerial priesthood. In these times, the fulfilment of the fullness takes place; thus, the same is valid for the people, for the existing ministers and those to come as well as the consecrated and the ordained who want to join the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe: it is the definitive choice to submit to Christ without compromises or intermediaries.

This people has chosen to live the life of the Most Holy Trinity according to each one’s originality, offering their life to Jesus, in the Holy Spirit to the Father, to be submitted to Him and to the Laws of the pure Spirit through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Coredemptrix, Mother and Queen of the new creation. Through Mary, we are given immaculateness and integrity. What does that mean? It means starting from zero, without original sin or any impediments, to choose totally the life of God according to one’s originality and mission.

This is the time in which the Heavenly Church will descend on Earth[2], but not in the way some people imagine, that is, that aliens will come to conquer the Earth, but as the descent of the life of humanity in completeness, as God thought it, as it is in the Trinitarian vortex. Thus, the whole force of the Universe will involve the Earth to help the weak and fragile and all others to rise, to go towards and live with the children of God. But how? Like an orchestra in which no instrument dominates or disturbs the other, but creates harmony and individual and collective fullness where there are no hierarchies. There is the fullness of each one with the individual diversity according to the mind and plan of God.

All those who feel called to the ministerial priestly service, or those who have been ordained but have not come to this awareness, are called to this. They must begin to live the same with the people as they move towards fullness, in order to accompany the people in their celebrations as a living Eucharist, to offer themselves to God together with all the people.

This reflection is based on the message of Jesus of 5 April 2012, “New priests for a new people”[3].  Jesus explains: “The priest-servants offer themselves and all those who are entrusted to them to God and join My sacrifice totally. In this way, they recapitulate all things in Me: themselves, the community they serve, the whole humanity and the creation. United with Me, the High Priest, the priest-servants rise to the Father in the Holy Spirit along with all the people.”

To those who have decided to live like that, both the people and the priests, in 2012 (the decisive year for humanity and the Church) Jesus gave the grace of expelling the corrupting, betraying spirit of Judas from within the people and the priests who decide to live in the way Jesus explained in his message.

We, who have begun this path, have experienced that the new people, the new priests are going towards the fullness and have no intention to go back; thus, there is no place for corruption and no possibility to go back anymore. There are the human limits that everyone has, but they do not hinder the grace; on the contrary, in the weakness of the man who has offered himself to God, the power of God manifests itself.

Jesus also said: “Judas is still at work in the Church: his infernal spirit acts directly and indirectly through his successors. He harasses mainly priests trying to seduce them and hand them over to Lucifer. Judas is a powerful spirit and stands at the head of a church parallel to My Church which operates from inside My people to destroy them. It is a “black church”; as black as the soul of Judas. As I told you, the successors of Judas are the antichrists. They are paving the way for the Antichrist.”

This was said in 2012. Today things are different. Those who have infiltrated the Church, offering themselves to Lucifer to be filled with Lucifer’s knowledge, are expelled. Jesus has expelled them, and this is a relief for the people who want to move towards fullness. What does “expelled” mean here? It means that the Lord protects His people that wants to move towards the accomplishment of things, and that He does not allow those priests to influence His people; however they, continue to drag the part that follows the same spirit, the spirit of darkness; therefore, they will also be expelled, that is, separated from the people of God.

What is new in this time? New is that we are moving fast, that the hypocrites, the ambitious, the blasphemous priests who live for themselves will be expelled along with all those people who do not decide for Jesus Christ. A subtle division is taking place to separate the people of God that, even though fragile and weak, is committed to walk towards the fullness.

This may seem strange to the priests who have been ordained in the Catholic and Orthodox religion or to the pastors of different Christian confessions, because a priest will remain a priest forever. I will ask you a question: does the authority of your confession have the right to suspend you? The answer is yes. Do you not recognize the Giver of the grace of priesthood? That He can remove the grace, suspend you, if you serve another spirit with your life? Do not delude yourselves.

All the people, priests included, are going towards the encounter with Christ. We are in the last phase of the preparation for the glorious coming of Jesus Christ, when each one of us will be face to face with Jesus Christ and where no hypocrisy and no falsehood will remain. Can a soul withdraw out of fear as Judas did? For fear of giving himself up, someone who stands before Jesus Christ might believe that it is enough to obey an authority, the structure of a Christian confession. He deludes himself. Before God we will appear rid of ourselves and our egoism; this applies to all believers, and, without exception, to ministerial priests.

 “The new priest will no longer need hierarchical investiture, because recognition will take place from below, from the people themselves.” What does that mean? It will arise from baptism. Baptised Christians must not live their baptism as a ritual but as true and total participation in the life of Christ. This also applies to the candidates for the ministerial priesthood. Then, out of the holiness of the people, new priests will arise in the bosom of the Church of the Universe, and be anointed in the womb of their mothers in view of their originality and mission, andalong with the people, they will walk towards the recapitulation in Christ. They are no different from the people, and must also question themselves, strip themselves of their selfishness and be sincere and truthful in God.

 “The new priest will be the expression of a living people, not a structure.” This is the condition to meet the living God. “In this way, the people will walk towards the new creation. At the end of times, My priesthood will remain the only one in the whole universe. I will be the one and only Shepherd of one immense people, which will gather from every part of the universe.”

He will be the only One, and what will we be? We will be original people. We will be reborn through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, not matter if we are ministerial priests or just believers like all others. There will be no superstructure in the new creation. Let us not be mistaken in our spiritual projections. Our ministry will not save us, but the holiness of God, which gives us the integrity of life.

I continue to quote: “For now, the presence of the priests is still necessary among you.” Who will be the priests in the midst of the new people? The new priests! They will adhere to the new people and recapitulate, with them, all creation in Christ. They will submit to the Laws of the pure Spirit, just as Jesus will eventually be subjected to God. Then, He will subject all of us under the Laws of the pure Spirit, in the Holy Spirit. “I repeat: new times will come that are prepared for a new people who will breathe freely, and from which will emerge new and powerful priests in the Holy Spirit.”

We are on a fast, continuous path on which only those priests will stay who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. This is the need of the people that walks towards fullness. The priests cannot be suitable for the people as the priests of the Old Testament were not suitable to be Apostles. Does that make sense to you? We cannot rise without grace because the Lord must liberate us from all useless weight, from instruments that prevent the people from progressing. You will remember the announcement of St. Michael, that is, the points he presented in occasion of the Great Jubilee: the people will reach a higher spirituality and everything that hinders this development and opposes it will be removed.[4]

Scriptures confirm this; just read the readings of 28th Sunday of the current cycle. Tonight we will anticipate it: Isaiah announces the banquet for all the peoples who will be gathered from everywhere. The Gospel of Matthew repeats this episode in the parable of the wedding banquet. Everyone, even the sinners are invited; yet, those who do not have the wedding garment cannot stay; there is no hierarchical difference that would save anyone. The Scriptures, that is, the Revelation says it clearly: “But there shall by no means enter [the New Jerusalem] anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”[6]He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

How can a priest be formed? In 2013 we announced the path for the nuclei, the cells. If the priest, even the ordained one, does not face the people with his life and does not enter into communion with the people, then he remains isolated with his problems and his limits; he will not enter into communication. Above all, the same as after the Council will happen, namely that the doors to the world opened. Many priests, many religious people, opened up to the world; thousands abandoned their vocations. At the same time, prayer groups were formed, adoration groups of the Blessed Sacrament, Marian groups, etc. I was a young priest and I could see how small islands formed in the parishes. Why? Because the priest did not understand them and was unable to integrate and guide them. The Lord will not allow this in this time. Therefore, the priest who wants to participate, to grow in this sense, needs to walk his path with a nucleus that is moving forward, which lives these graces and knows them; he needs it for his growth and for the richness of grace, otherwise he will not succeed. You, too, who are priests, who are in convents, follow the path of the Church from the beginning: the freshness of the spirit came from the people, for it was the Lord who raised the spirit in them.

Recently, you have received the message of St. Francis of Assisi[7] who was not a priest, nor bishop, nor Pope; yet, you have noticed how powerful that priesthood in St. Francis is, and you can find more examples of giants of holiness who were born throughout the history of the Church. Now all these graces are bestowed again and poured out onto the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, which is following the path towards fullness.

I want to end with the words of St. Francis: “You, and all those who have undertaken this path, belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, which is the last and final instrument chosen by God to accomplish His work. All that has remained unfinished over the centuries will be realised by God through His Church of the whole Universe.”

In the past years, I have presented to you my and our testimony; it is a testimony that we have touched, and experienced and that leads us to move forward ever faster, clearer and more confident. We pray for you priests, we offer ourselves for you. We do not want to criticize anyone; we have no right to judge. Our task is to show the way to all the people, in these times, because the whole Church, all the members who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, have to take back all the power of the Holy Spirit in order to rule the Earth, according to what has been promised.

I wish you a good path and I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See the reflections of Father Tomislav on the theme “The common priesthood of the faithful”, published on this website on 20 October 2020

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6. the increasingly incisive action of the Holy Spirit within the souls of the living and the deceased in order to prepare the humanity of the whole universe for the glorious return of Christ.

St. Michael warned Lucifer about putting obstacles before the chosen souls and the faithful people. No action of the demons that went beyond the limit set by God would be tolerated.

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