The Fullness of Time

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

23 October 2020

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

One of the questions we have often been asked is why we have only now come out and introduced ourselves as part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. As I said, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has existed from the beginning. In every age, the Lord God has come near to His people, His children, with various instruments, which were suitable to the times. He was close to them in many ways to help man on his pathway, which was a pathway of awakening: the awakening of his identity, the image and likeness of God; the awakening that would lead him to become a child of God. It is a path that brings about the transformation of man on all levels; on the spiritual and on the physical level. It is a path that will only end in the New Creation. Even the brothers and sisters in Purgatory and in Paradise are continuing this path.

With the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Lord founded the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. He established it on Earth to the benefit of the whole Universe. It is the Church that has been hidden until now and that had to come out now. I said, she has to come out. We did not want it; it was the Lord who wanted us to come out. Why? Because God always acts in the fullness of time. God’s plans are immutable. God may wait for centuries, for generations, but, eventually, He will accomplish His work. To realise His plans, God may change the persons involved, but he will not change His plans. He may change the means, but He will never change His plans. Thus, one of the reasons why we have come out now is that God considered that now there is a people on Earth, and He considered this people ready, ready to step out, ready to bear witness. Precisely now, because in the past 2000 years, the one that defines itself Church, Catholic confession, has not always done what God wanted. God waited, prayed and sent His instruments and His Mother, but now time is getting short and the Church must come out.

Who is part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe? Who can become part of it? Holy Mary explained it clearly in Her message of 13 December 2018[1]. I quote:

“Do you also want to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe? If you want, you are asked for three things: 1) to give your life totally to the One and Triune God through My Immaculate Heart; 2) to live a righteous life, respectful of the divine laws, which have been revealed to you in the Gospel by My Son; they are also written in you and the Holy Spirit keeps them alive in your spirit; 3) to believe in the existence of other children of God in the universe who, together with you, form His Church, one and indivisible; to live with them in spiritual communion and united in prayer. …

The Church of the Earth, as you have known it, is divided, burdened by the spirit of the world, infested by many parasites, and will have to leave the place to the true Church of Jesus Christ, alive and pulsating in the whole universe. Do not be concerned about this and do not be shocked, for God must purify His people; it is an act of justice and mercy.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, established on Earth for the benefit of the whole Universe, has always been the ordinary instrument that God has used and will always use. The Church has always had only one task: to accompany the people of God, to bring them together in communion, to reject evil, to baptise and announce. She always had this task, which Jesus gave her before He left: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16,15). “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons” (Mt 10,8).

To carry out this task, from the beginning, the Church would have had to unite with the all humanity of the Universe which has always been faithful to God. She should have united with those we have always called “faithful brothers” in order to form one people, drive out evil and drive out Lucifer, prince of this world, who was judged and defeated by Jesus through His Redemption, and thus allow the glorious return of Christ to happen. Yet, you know how things went.

If we look carefully, we will notice that from the last century, Mary Most Holy has urgently tried to form this people through the apparitions of Fatima. Mary Most Holy began to speak, and She appeared together with the faithful brothers and sisters of the Universe; She did so because, the more the centuries would pass, the Church of the Earth alone would not be able to cope with evil. Evil has increased; it has grown stronger. With the apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Medjugorje Her work continued and reached its peak. Thus, after the Great Jubilee of 2000, God’s action became much faster and increasingly intensive. Why? Because these are the times of Jesus’ glorious return. As the first Church powerfully announced the death and resurrection of Jesus, now it is our duty, we are obliged, it is our life to announce Jesus’ glorious return and the fulfilment of all His promises, so that the plan of salvation may be fulfilled.

It is a program of Holy Mary, Mother of the Church, Mother of God and our Mother; Holy Mary who generates the new people, and thus the new Church. Mary Most Holy has always had this task, as we can read in Genesis: to crush the head of the serpent[2]. Mary’s people will overcome the serpent of old; the people who is the Church of Jesus Christ, the true Church, which is Marian, otherwise she is not the Church of Christ. Either she lets herself be guided and generated by Mary Most Holy, the Co-redemptrix, or she is not the Church of Jesus Christ. If the Church distances herself from Mary, putting Holy Mary in the background, avoiding to place Holy Mary and St. Joseph at the centre, as father and mother; if she does not stay behind them and refuses to be transformed by them, she will lose sight of her mission and her identity, and thus no longer be the Church. I tell you these things and leave it to you to read between the lines. Why have we come out now? Look at what is happening in the world; know how to read the signs of the times.

The task of the Church is to announce the return of Jesus, the only Saviour and the only remedy for the struggles of humanity. It is a Church, which must lead her children to Mary and Jesus and should not question Holy Mary’s action or judge and calculate whether Mary can or must do certain things. A Church that places herself above the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Church that has lost her identity; a Church that has lost the way and has become a structure that carries out many humanitarian works, speaks well and does much good. Nevertheless, if she has lost her identity, she has lost the reason for her existence and has become, “like salt that has lost its saltiness and is no longer good for anything”, it is like a light that, if it is not placed on a mountain, it is worthless, except to be thrown away.[3]

Why are we coming out now? Because God always acts in the fullness of time. God is Goodness and Mercy, but He is also Justice. God gives time and may  wait for generations; yet, He must carry on. God can wait, but evil has advanced too far and we must stop him, but only the Church of Jesus Christ can stop him, not humanitarian works. Only the One and Triune God, through the Son in the Holy Spirit, and Mary Most Holy can stop him, not human peace, human agreements or human pacts. God acts in the fullness of time. God loves His children; God loves the Earth and wants to lose neither the Earth nor His children.

Never forget that the apparitions of Medjugorje are the last Marian apparitions. Do you think we can live without the living presence of Mary among us? The answer is up to you. Why in this time? Do not forget what Mary continually requested in Her apparitions. Do you think they did what Mary requested? Did the Earth do it? Let us begin with Fatima, if you want, Lourdes or La Salette and get to Medjugorje; do you think Our Lady came to Earth to place Herself under the judgment of a prelate who would study Her and subject Her to a theological test to see if She was worthy to speak? Or, did She come to save Her children? Do you consider someone who tries to save the children from Mark as a father or as a master? Why in this time? Because these are the last times; because there is no time left.

Holy Mary spoke to us on June 24, 2019. In that message, all the indications we had received were suddenly intensified, and time was accelerated even more. From then on, everything went very fast towards a clear division between the Church and the non-Church; between the children of God and the children of darkness. I will read out what she said on June 24, 2019.[4]

Children, the Church of Jesus Christ must have the characteristics of My Heart: she must be Mother. My first mission is, in fact, to be the Mother of God, the Mother of the children of God and the Mother of My Son’s Church. Therefore, this Church is mother because she continuously generates children of God; she generates them to life. My Immaculate Heart pours its immaculateness onto the people of God, who must therefore be immaculate. The Church of Jesus Christ is thus mother, and it is immaculate. It is a missionary Church that incessantly and powerfully announces the Kingdom of God.

Children, do not be deceived by things that you unfortunately hear from the mouth of high representatives of the official Church: they speak of “an outgoing Church; the Church as a field hospital”. It is not that. The mission of the Church is to continuously generate the children of God to the life of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus, they become righteous, free, able to choose good and reject evil, to go towards every child of God to give them life. Now it is time for this Church, united with the one in the universe, to bring her announcement through her life, her doctrine, her liturgy and her sacraments, that is, through all that she has received in the past years. All this forms a truly great deposit of faith, hope and love. …

Your houses will be true sanctuaries. They will attract the humanity of good will, who will be able to see another Church; it will be able to see what it has not yet seen on Earth. I want this Church to be poor, that is, not rich in money and means, but rich and powerful in faith, hope, love, doctrine and miracles:  all that God will allow you to accomplish, because time is running out, children. God must act to save the Earth from the part of humanity who wants to destroy everything and everyone. …

Together with St. Joseph I bless you all and this Church that will be founded on Earth through you. Remember well, though, that you are the ones on whom God is founding this Church, perfectly united with St. Peter, the apostles and the instruments of God. Today, on this very Earth, you are the ones on whom God is founding His Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.”

Why exactly now? None of us, I may say on behalf of all, would say that we are ready. God told us, “You are ready.” None of us would say of ourselves that we are able to take this action. None of us would like to be the one who founds the Church; just thinking about it makes our legs shake. Nevertheless, as I said, from the beginning of the Foundation, a people has gathered, and that people has become numerous; we are very many. This people has progressed and grown and is now called to live all that it has heard, received and recognised. The people are called to live it, not to impose it, not to feel superior, but to live it, because they have experienced life, they have experienced Christ and His Love, and they cannot give up living like that anymore.

As I have already said, the trials have united and strengthened us. Through the trials, we experienced that, with God, we are well even on the Cross; with God, we are well even in the tomb. The trials made us live the Gospel, the Beatitudes. The trials made it possible for the whole of Scripture to be transformed into life: “Love your enemies”, that is, offer your lives for those who harm you; offer your lives for those who reject you. I can tell you that everything that happened to us had been said to us before. God has never made us undergo anything without preparing us and asking for our compliance. He said: “They will drive you out of the synagogues”[5], as Jesus Christ had told His apostles. In fact, this is our testimony.

Why now? Because the time has come to share the “precious pearl”[6] that we have found; to share with everyone that we have found the life of God.

I embrace and bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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