The New People of God

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

18 October 2020

(Translated Audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Many of the questions we have received in these days revolve around how it is possible to live the six points given by St. Michael while we are living in the world. The Central Nucleus is announcing them again now.[1] How is it possible to live one’s royal priesthood and what is it? What are the nuclei? Another question that everyone asks is: how is it possible to live the Gospel? St. Francis presented to the Pope the way he wanted to live, but the Pope told him that it was impossible. St. Francis wanted to live the Gospel literally, and the Pope said, “Impossible”.

This question is rooted in the same foundation: how is it possible to live in the world according to the Laws of the Spirit? It is difficult; it is a struggle and has always been, because Lucifer is the prince of this world. It is true that Jesus defeated him; He defeated him forever, and Jesus affirmed that He is about to be cast him out of this world[2], but he will be cast out definitively with the glorious return of Christ. So, we have to ask ourselves this: How is it possible to live the Gospel? How is it possible to live the Laws of the Spirit? And I say: it is impossible for man, but nothing is impossible for God. The basis is always this: how is it possible to be in the kingdom of Lucifer and be children of God? It is impossible for man but nothing is impossible for God.

In Jesus Christ, thanks to His Redemption, we have the grace and strength to win and we have already won the battle. It is also important to recognise that we have already won. Even if we are troubled; even if we are crushed, fatigued, sick, weak, fragile: we have already won if we accept Jesus Christ and His Redemption. How we are, does not signal whether we have won or not, but if we have accepted Him. By welcoming Him, we have won the battle and Satan has lost it. Often, the great trials and the big difficulties we encounter in life derive from Lucifer’s anger, as he knows that he has already lost us, because we belong to Christ, and thus he can no longer do anything. He gets even angrier, and the anger we see in these times is precisely that: the anger of those who know that they have lost because the Church is coming down from Heaven and they cannot do anything except getting angry, becoming violent; yet, Lucifer has already lost.

The central point, however, is always that we must stay in the Truth. God the Father asked us to be “Consecrated in the Truth”[3], but in what Truth? Not in our truth. The central question is: what is the Truth? That we have come into the world, yes, but we are here in this world to, “Set our hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God” (Col 3,1-2). “We are in the world but not of the world” (John 17,14). The scene of this world will pass, and therefore our eyes must look up to Heaven. With this attitude, we have already won. Nevertheless, if we are focused on the Earth, on the events and the evil happening on the Earth; on the disintegrating energy; on how the Earth is going and in what a bad shape it is, we will only be worried and unable to see the Light. Thus, we will not have any hope; we will not feel the life, which is the life of God who has already overcome the world within us.[4] We can only place God at the centre if we start from the things above, otherwise we will not place God at the centre; on the contrary, we will take God and place Him in the things of the Earth, and thus we have lost. We may win certain battles because we manage to achieve something we wanted, or because we have days in which everything seems beautiful; even miracles may happen in our lives, given by God; however, within ourselves we have lost, slowly we have lost. Let us place God and His Laws in the centre, without running away from the world.

The Christian does not run away from the world; the Christian faces the world because he has already overcome it. The Christian faces Lucifer; he looks him in the eyes. The Christian does not start from fear. I think that some of the teachings we have received over the centuries were centred on the fear of God, fear of punishment. Fear! Yes, we thought of eternal life, but with fear, fear of losing it. I am trying to say the opposite: by welcoming Christ we have eternal life because He gives it to us, because it is Him who leads us, because we receive it through His merit, not through ours. Fear only creates fear; even if I seek God with fear, I will generate fear. Last night we heard Father Tomislav talking about fathers and mothers, about generating.[5] We can only generate in the life of God, then we generate children of God; thus, we generate life, in ourselves and in others.

The world as we see it is the kingdom of Lucifer, and we recognise how all his archdemons are fighting each other. If you look at history, it has always been like that. Every war, in the end, has always been a war between two archdemons, and so it is now. All factions fight each other in all fields, whether they are religious, political or financial; it is always evil fighting against itself, demons against demons. When we want to take sides, we end up joining the ranks of one archdemon or another, but to no avail. That is not a way to overcome the world; that is making compromises with the world, instead of facing it without fear. Often an oppressing image has been given to us and from there the question arises: “How is it possible to live the Laws of the Spirit?” Because to be with God we have to renounce everything; God will take it away from us; God wants penitents; God wants those willing to sacrifice. That is true, we have the example of Jesus Christ; He redeemed us through the Cross; however, not in a such a heavy way, not with sadness! Jesus said: “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Mt 11,30). It is not sad. It is an act of love; it is an act of life; it is an act of joy. Only in this way can we overcome the world, because it is Christ who overcomes it within us. God does not take away, God gives.

We can overcome this world and its spirit only with the life of God and nothing else: the life of God that awakens in us. Only with the strength of the life that God has given to us when He created us, when He thought us in His mind, can we overcome the world. To overcome the world is the answer to your question: “How is it possible?” It is possible by responding to God’s call. “For many are invited, but few are chosen” (Mt 22,14). Responding by believing in it; responding by trying to place God at the centre, in the truth, not to survive in this world, but to live as children of God. In all this, God has already promised a hundredfold on Earth and then eternal life.[6]

So, how is this possible? By trusting, believing and loving! The struggle between Lucifer’s disintegrating energy and God’s primary energy has been going on since the betrayal of the angels, but, in every age, the Lord has given all necessary instruments to man so that he could win this fight; He even gave the highest instrument, Jesus Christ, who won the battle. We are in a time in which we are preparing for the eternal defeat of evil through Jesus’ glorious return, when there will be no more struggle as it will finally end. This is the time of Mercy that will give way to the time of Justice. God is Justice, and at a certain point He must set a full stop. If we think like this, we already think about the things of above, we look for the things above and live the Beatitudes; thus, we do not think in an earthly way, according to the world. Even the word “Truth” that God the Father says in His Truth, loses its meaning if we put it on the level of our truth and our justice.

After Jesus Christ, the instrument that God has continuously used to overcome the world is His Church, and in His Church the Sacraments. The Sacraments are the first instrument to overcome Lucifer within us and around us. Yet, what do all the instruments given at all times form? Think of certain saints, and those whose existence we now know, such as the Archangels, the Central Nucleus, the faithful brothers and sisters. All these instruments, through history, have formed the Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, from the beginning. In fact, we say that His people has always been and will always be. If you look at the letters of St. Paul, you will see that he addresses the saints of Ephesus and of Corinth.

It is not entirely correct to see the saints as extraordinary beings who do extraordinary things. If we live in  these times trying to be righteous, putting God at the centre, as I said before, having faith that God leads history, wishing to meet the instruments that God has provided for these times, means to be living as saints. Remaining open to the action of the Holy Spirit, ready to renounce our ideas and certainties to be guided by God, because we trust God and love Him, knowing that He loves us and will only give us the good, truly means living as saints. Beyond all limits, sins, errors, and fragility, if we try to live like this we are living as saints. Why? Because it is God who makes us holy. Even the saints we venerate are the work of God; they are not the work of man. “It is impossible for man, but nothing is impossible for God”. He creates saints and gives the means to become saints. Man responds. Man is always asked to say: “Here I am”, and then God’s action begins; this “Here I am”, is repeated before each novelty that God presents us.

Holy Mary is the most beautiful example. St. Paul also said: “Do not conform to the spirit of this world”[7], and this is valid forever. How can a true Christian conform to the spirit of the world, knowing that the spirit of the world is the spirit of Lucifer, the prince of this world? Thus, we are back at the battle and how easy it is to compromise; how difficult it is to keep our integrity; how easy it is to surrender to this world, which is all set up against the Laws of God, even when it speaks of good. And this is the first task of the Christians: to go against the tide, to be always stumbling blocks. Every Christian is a stumbling block, because he does not think according to the world but according to God. This happens in every situation.

There are also particular instruments, particular guides, who should help the people to live like this, to seek the things above and to be in the Spirit of God, to always invite them to look up and not down to the Earth. They are instruments who should bring hope, peace and love, but not in a human way. This is the task of every Christian, but for some people it is particularly true. Here too, look at the cunning of the spirit of this world: humanitarian works, the search for peace in a human way, the attempt to get along with everyone in a human way.

Salvation only comes from God; it comes through Jesus Christ. The only means to reach Him are the instruments that He gives us, especially Mary Most Holy, Saint Joseph and, as I have just said, His Church and the Sacraments. His Church must be made of people who live like that. It is not up to us to judge; God will judge, but this is the red line, because when you are before God there can be no justification. So, how should we live? We can only live by wishing to be united with Christ; by living for Christ with all ourselves, by desiring Christ beyond all our limits and sins. We do not have to be perfect to have this desire. In order to wish to have God with us, there are no laws, no methods, no methods of love; everyone loves Christ and life in his own way. We want Jesus to explain life to us and to take us to the Father. Thus, let us welcome all those who lead us there: Holy Mary, the Archangels, the Central Nucleus. They are not imposed on us but given to us as a support, just as all the apparitions of Mary.

Therefore, let us stay in the truth: the truth is that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour. The truth is that there is only one God. The truth is that we will all have to die. The truth is that there will be a judgment for everyone; yet, at that judgment we cannot present anything of our own; we can only stand in the Light. The truth is that we will be judged by Love; in that truth we will stand before God, before ourselves and before the others. When we stand before God we cannot try to justify ourselves: “Yes, but it was difficult; yes, but that’s how society is, and, even the Pope has said it”. These are justifications. In the truth, you can only be who you really are, the creature you are, without hiding anything. Then, when we stand before God as we truly are, with all our weaknesses, it is again God who comes to gather us, to hold us, to lift, clean, save and prepare us. Thus, you understand that holiness is not only meant for extraordinary human beings, but for all simple, small creatures who let themselves be loved and, feeling loved also love. This is the path. How is it possible? In this way!

What are the nuclei? They are groups of people who want to live like that. Why do they get together?  They meet because the spirit of every person seeks people who are similar on a spiritual level, rejecting all that is against it. They come together because being in the same spirit allows them to live. When we are together with people who are against us we feel uncomfortable, we perceive a disturbance. Not because they annoy us or there are animosities, but because we do not understand each other; these situations must be left to God without judging. We, too, try to live in the nuclei, in the Sanctuaries in this way; people gather and meet to carry on living like that. We do not want to be superior or better than anyone; we want to help each other. It is God who forms the groups. It is an action of God that takes place in those who really want it, and who are truly willing to stay in God’s Truth.

Those who live in the Sanctuaries, as mentioned before, are available and can help those who feel this and want to unite with each other. Perhaps you do not know, but if you ask the Sanctuaries, there may be people around you who have the same desire, with whom you could try to meet. In addition to the first task of the people at the Sanctuaries, which is to offer themselves and accompany others, they have the task of aggregating, uniting and forming an order among the people, not in a hierarchical sense, though.

There are all the books and the reflections of Father Tomislav and Stefania; if you have a look at them you will see that they are really many. In 2013, they explained everything through audios and videos: what the Central Nucleus is, what the nuclei are, what the offering of one’s life is. Now they are doing it again, and as Father Tomislav said yesterday, it is always new because we also have moved forward, and all leads to this. Thus, we are able to live the Gospel, and living the Gospel means making this Earth a piece of Heaven. To live the Gospel means to begin the New Creation.

Mary Most Holy may accompany us on this pathway, and with Saint Joseph they may be for us father and mother who generate us to the life of God. After having generated us they may entrust us to the saints and the angels to lead us all together to Jesus’ Heart, so that Jesus may lead us to the Father in the Holy Spirit. May this people move fast towards the New Creation; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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