Do Not Be Afraid

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

28 October 2020

(Translated Audio)

After our last talk on this website, the news of the decree against Father Tomislav came out.[1] You have probably read his priestly testimony. Now, in my name and in the name of everyone who has known him, I feel obliged to give our little testimony, without controversy, without wanting to argue, but out of a duty to the truth. We want to do it because it is right towards Father Tomislav and towards Stefania Caterina. In all these years in which we have known them, they have always offered and endured all trials, which almost always came from the Catholic structure; they did it in silence, offering all to God without judging. This is what they taught us, and what we also want to do, but it is fair to tell the truth, and now is the time to do it.

First of all, I would like to thank all for the many messages of support that Father Tomislav has received. We did not expect to receive thousands of messages; they have come from people we have met personally, but also from many that we have met in spirit. Truly, we did not know we were so many; we are thousands! Father Tomislav has given his testimony once again. It is the testimony of his priesthood, of his life, and you may find it explained more deeply in several books, but especially in “Our Lady Is Alive in Medjugorje”[2]. This book is also a help for one’s personal path towards God. It explains how the path of Father Tomislav’s priesthood unfolded. In his recent article published on the website, he mainly sought to explain that it was a path willed by God, in which he simply let himself be guided. Without entering into details, he explained how, over the years, God led us where we are now.

All of us, who have followed him from the beginning, have asked to be listened to. We have done it many times and in many ways: by writing, asking, collecting signatures with documents. However; they have never listened to us; no one has ever wanted to listen to us! We said that Father Tomislav did not subjugate us, that he did not seek us, but we sought him. He has never tried to seduce our consciences; on the contrary, he has always taught us freedom, true freedom. He has always taught us to stand before God and listen to God. He taught us to have the courage to listen to God, to listen to what He says, to listen to what He points out to us, to listen to the path that leads to God.

Stefania Caterina’s writings have never been a guide for us; we do not wait for the messages. We try to deepen the Gospel, the Holy Scriptures, and live them. The writings of Stefania Caterina help us to live the Gospel; they help us to become children of God; they help us to understand God’s action; they broaden the aspect of being formed, created, in the image and likeness of God. They have led us to the communion of saints, to know Mary Most Holy and to seek to be Mary’s children, but not only by words.

I said that we have asked to be listened to many times, individually by priests and by writing to many Bishops, by writing to the Doctrine of the Church, of faith. I will tell you the truth: not only did they not listen to us, they never even answered us! I tell you, and I do it for the truth, that we have sent our writings to many Bishops and many priests, asking them to point out doctrinal errors, but they have not found even one. I tell you the truth that many priests follow us, but they all do it secretly: fear! Even in personal meetings with few priests, maybe friends, with whom we have exchanged opinions, everyone advised us: “Watch out!”Thus, what dominates? Fear! The structure has always answered by threatening and instilling fear of punishment: “If you do this, you risk that”. They never helped us to enter life as Father Tomislav and Stefania Caterina did. Through that fear, they have tried many times to draw us away from Mary Most Holy and from the path that She proposes, using the usual phrase: “It is not necessary. Do not aim too high. It is dangerous to try to follow the straight path; do not worry.”

Having said that, we do not want to argue and I hope I have not done so; however, I did it for Father Tomislav and for Stefania as I think it is necessary. From now, we turn to those of good will, to those who want to encounter Christ without discussion. We are ready to give again an account to everyone of our happiness, of our joy, of how well we are despite this sorrow for Father Tomislav. As has been well described, Almighty God led him to this place; thus, we will not turn back. If God willed it, if God allowed it, God knows, and it will all become clear at the right time and in the right place, before the throne of God. This step for us concretely consists in going out as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth; so we have been defined and so we must do. Now it is up to us, not to convince anyone, but to give testimony of what we have received and the graces we have seen; of what we have touched and has been given to our lives; of how our life has been transformed by encountering Christ and Mary Most Holy and Her instruments, and thus be judged on that. We leave all judgment to God, but our testimony is what we have seen. Now, this becomes our mission. If until now, the task was to live it personally, as we could not refrain from seeking Christ, now it has become a mission, and we must bear witness to it. It is like a mandate for us: “Go, announce, preach, liberate”.[3]

As I said, if what has happened to us left a wound; if this pain did not become redemptive; if we were unable to offer this pain to God, even for those who may have been the cause, we would not be the Church of Jesus Christ; we, too, would be like the others. It is up to us to offer ourselves for every man of good will. It is not up to us to judge; it is not up to us to defend ourselves. With the words that I am saying today, I do not intend to defend ourselves. Mary Most Holy said to Father Tomislav, in 1984, when he wanted to write a letter to defend Medjugorje: “Leave it. I will always defend you.” So it is not up to me now; I do not want to defend ourselves. Our task is to offer our lives, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for every man of good will. We know, and we have said it many times, that the Church is one, the Church is the Church of Christ, founded by Him, redeemed and guided by Him. The Church was not founded by a man, not even by Father Tomislav. Our Lady has clearly explained who is part of the Church of Jesus Christ in the three points that you will find in Her message on the website.[4]

We will try to use this channel to begin the work of our testimony. If you have any advice to give us, we will gladly accept it: about how to introduce ourselves, to explain who we are or how to share our experiences with you. We thought to start by putting our adorations, a part of our preaching, while Father Tomislav will continue with his reflections. We have said that the Sanctuaries are open to welcome you. Do not be afraid of asking questions or giving us advice if you need anything. We feel, as I said, that it is our duty to testify openly. I have already mentioned our priests who work in the Sanctuaries. We will speak again about them, too. I mentioned the Sacraments; we will also explain them and how we live them.

I mentioned the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”, how and why it was founded, and how it has moved forward. Father Tomislav, on the other hand, referred to the Association “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. It is an instrument that was necessary on Earth to represent the Church of Jesus Christ. Being part of it does not depend on a legal matter but on our heart. God looks into our hearts; only He knows. None of us can say who is part of it and who is not; however, it was necessary to set up the Association in order to regulate our life and respect the laws of the state, while we are on Earth, to put things in order.

I will use words of St. John Paul II to say what most of us and I especially wish to transmit through this audio: “Do not be afraid!” I tell you: in all these years, we have touched the fear of living fully the life of God; the fear of welcoming His Word; the fear of welcoming Mary Most Holy in Her apparitions; the fear of living fully what She says. It is as if fear had taken over a large chunk of our discernment. Even when we welcome and recognise things, fear always prevents us from taking the final step. There is fear of living; fear of losing or leaving behind something; fear of what people will say; fear of what the structure will say or do. As I have mentioned before, all the priests who visit us always come secretly for fear of something. Where does that ultimately lead us? To be afraid of God. In the end, where does this take us? To survive rather than live. It leads us to make a thousand compromises; it leads us to have not one life but two or three lives: we have a life with God, a public life, a life with this, a life with that; yet, there is only one life, but there is no life without God. You will not find life if you do not allow God to love you. “This is life: knowing the Father”, as Jesus Christ told us.[5]

What I feel like telling you is this: “Do not be afraid”! Let yourselves be embraced by Christ’s Love! Let yourselves be questioned by what you feel within you, by His life that pushes you. Let Him shake all your certainties and trust in God. It is written in the Gospel: “You know how to recognise the signs of times. Why  don’t you know how to choose what is good from what is bad?”[6] For fear; fear of going to hell; fear of making mistakes.

Do you believe that something that starts from fear can come from God? Can people who rule us through fear be instruments of God? Did God present Himself by frightening us? To me He looks humble, simple, with open arms, accepting to be nailed on the Cross. He does not scare us. We have seen God, the face of the Father in Him. Does He frighten us? Does He look frightening as He goes up the Calvary? And while He forgives us from the Cross? “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing!”[7] Is it scary, when He offers himself up for us in every Mass? He who said: “I did not come to judge”[8]. “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full“[9]. Is this frightening?

Sometimes He was frightening, though, for example, when they had turned the temple into a den of thieves; He was frightening when He threw the dealers out of the temple; when, after being continuously rejected, He said: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees!”[10]. Then, He was frightening. He condemned only one thing: hypocrisy! Hypocrisy is truly the best way to live in fear, to live a double life, to love with the lips but not with the heart. Hypocrisy! We must be afraid of that. If you really, sincerely seek Christ and truly want to find and know Him, do not be afraid! God will come towards you. Do not be afraid of making mistakes; do not be afraid of searching for information, of reading and listening. Do not be afraid of allowing Him to meet you. Because He is Almighty, and He goes towards those who seek Him; He welcomes and protects them.  Moreover, the judgment of God stands above the judgment of all, even of the Catholic authority. God’s judgment is the last. Our conscience; remember that also according to the Catholic structure, the conscience is above all judgment because God speaks to man’s conscience.

I entrust to Holy Mary the beginning of this new action through the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe here on Earth. I entrust each of you, who listen, to Mary, who was not afraid of facing the people of Israel; who was not afraid when the Archangel told Her, “You will give birth to the Son of God”. She was not afraid on the Calvary; she was not afraid of anyone. She went forward; she always looked at God and always let Her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, guide Her until She entered the Trinity. May Mary accompany us on this path and lead each of us to fullness and to the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] He refers to the decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith according to Can. 1331§§1-2 of the Code of Canon Law which issued the penalty of excommunication on Tomislav Vlašić. Read more in the article of Tomislav Vlašić of 27 October 2020, “My Priestly Service”, published on our website,

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