The Lord Will Come with All His Saints

30 October 2020

Vigil of the Solemnity of All Saints

Message of St. Michael the Archangel – The Lord Will Come with All His Saints

“Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the ‘Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe’, peace to you!

The Lord, Almighty God, sends me to you in this for you so delicate and decisive passage.

The excommunication that has struck Father Tomislav has inevitably struck all of you.[1] The Lord Jesus, the only Head of the Church, has considered the judgment of the Catholic Church against you as superficial, hasty and merciless; essentially, an UNFAIR JUDGEMENT. As such, it has no value in the eyes of God. In fact, what God has considered as unfair cannot stay before Him, who is the absolute Righteous. Human injustice cannot stand up to Justice.

The Catholic Church, through the hierarchies that represent her, has considered these revelations as contrary to the Christian doctrine and thus a cause for scandal for the faithful. In doing so, she separated from the path of this people and from the Church of the Universe. The consequences of this choice will be serious and inevitable.

The “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” will continue her pathway in the whole Universe. She will grow and manifest herself more and more to the eyes of the entire humanity. On Earth in particular, she will reveal herself to those who are of good will. Many Catholics feel crushed by the hierarchical system. Moreover, they do not understand what direction this papacy is giving to the Catholic Church. The same is taking place in the other Christian confessions, which are fragmented and often opposed to each other. In addition, many systems oppress your humanity: political, economic, religious systems, which degrade the little ones and exalt the powerful. They create confusion and bewilderment, preparing the way for the devil and his followers. Lucifer’s hatred and perversion reign on Earth.

People who feel bewildered in the face of so much confusion will turn their eyes to this Church to find support, teaching and shelter in the dark days awaiting the Earth. Lucifer is launching his last attack against God and against the children of God under the illusion of winning the battle and conquering the Universe. He has gathered on Earth all the armies scattered over the planets that are rebellious against God, because it is to Earth that the Lord will gloriously return, and there the final and concluding clash between light and darkness will take place.

God is also preparing His armies: the Church present in the whole Universe will descend powerfully from Heaven and join the Church of the Earth to face together the last battle. The holiness of God will manifest itself through the true Church. For now, it will descend in the Holy Spirit, invisible to human eyes but extremely powerful. It will be the cosmic Pentecost, the prelude to the glorious coming of Christ. Thus, the Kingdom of God will be solidly established among you, and you will all be strengthened and elevated to a life of holiness.

Then, on the glorious day of Christ’s return to Earth the Church of the whole Universe will manifest herself openly and become visible to everyone. Gloriously and without blemish, she will face the people of darkness. Everything will manifest itself in its true Light. No one will be able to hide. Human systems and structures, ideologies and false idols will be of no use.  The Lord, accompanied by the angelic hosts, will come with His Saints of all times and all planets to liberate His people and cast Lucifer and his followers into eternal darkness. His return will make the Universe tremble.

Until then, the Church of the whole Universe will be only partly visible: for justice, the pure hearted and the poor in spirit will see it. God will call them and direct them towards the true Church. The other organisations, which call themselves “Church” but are not considered as such by God, will remain empty.

No arrogant hypocrites will cross the threshold of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. The action of God, united with that of His Church, will increasingly weaken the armies of Lucifer: the corrupt powerful, the arrogant, the idolaters, the violent and all those who made their selfishness their god, will be set aside.

The Lord called me to be the Precursor of His glorious coming. It is my responsibility to gather all His people from the whole Universe and protect them from evil. I will do it with the power that God has given to me. I am His servant who only wants to accomplish his duty before God and humanity. No man could bear the weight of this responsibility, as the battle between good and evil will be of cosmic proportions. My angelic hosts are ready and will be at the side of the people of God.

Tomorrow you celebrate the solemnity of All Saints. I invite you to enter into a living relationship with them in these times. Thus, their presence beside you, especially in the Eucharistic Celebrations, will be increasingly alive and palpable. I do not only refer to the Saints in Paradise, but also to all those who live for Christ and in Christ on all inhabited planets. Together you form one Body because one is the Spirit that unites you.

The Lord expects form His Church of the whole Universe an increased commitment to the battle against the devil and his hosts. I invite you to intensify your work of evangelisation on Earth, using the spiritual means that have been shown to you in these years:

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.
  • Offering of and prayer for the suffering, the last and the forgotten, the dying and the deceased. Offer to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit all sufferings of the children of God and the victims of evil, especially of the pandemic which is afflicting the Earth. I ask the priests of this Church to absolve in spirit all those who are about to die and those who want to repent; the Holy Spirit will ensure that the fruit of your actions reaches the recipients. God will reward you.
  • Forgiveness and prayer for all, friends and enemies, according to our Master and Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Incessant prayers for the rulers of the Earth who are of good will and who sincerely desire the good of the peoples.
  • Communion with the extraordinary instruments and the whole Church of the Universe. There where you cannot reach, others will reach thanks to the universal communion.
  • The wish to love and serve the Most Holy Trinity and the firm refusal of evil.

The points I have indicated to you will not only serve to evangelise the Earth, but they will also be  real exorcism. In fact, the most powerful exorcism is produced by the holiness and the actions of the people of God, who expel evil from the people of the world. Even in this, you will be helped by the communion with the Church of the Universe.

Do all this through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church, Queen and Coredemptrix of the humanity of the Earth. Remain close to Her and ask Her to present all your good deeds to God; thus, nothing will be able to hurt you.

The time has come for the Church of the Earth, finally free from human and hierarchical constraints, to begin her mission in fullness. God will instruct you directly and through His instruments. You will be guided slowly and gradually in every task that God will entrust to you.

Even if you have been judged harshly, never judge anyone. No unkind words, no judgments, no resentments. Do everything out of love for God and His people with humility and patience.

Respond to evil with goodness and meekness. Be ready to welcome those who will come to you without judging or condemning them, for many repenting sinners will seek mercy. This Church does not excommunicate anyone except evil, which must not find a place among you.

Love each other with the love of Christ. Love those who need love. Always remember the Blood that the Lord has given for you and for all.

I am close to you, as I have always been, and I protect you. Do not be afraid of the enemy. All you need will be given to you at the right time and in the right way. Never doubt Providence, which is always Love.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] On 15 July 2020, the Catholic Church imposed the penalty of excommunication to Father Tomislav Vlašić. On this website you will find the recently published document, “My Priestly Service”, of 27 October 2020, in which he explains his position,