Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

4 November 2020

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As we said after the event of the decree against Father Tomislav[1], this website, like every instrument, has become for us a means to give testimony to what we have received and seen and also want to announce to everyone. It is a means to give testimony of what we have experienced in life and of what has changed and transformed our lives to the better.

For the Feast of all Saints, we have received St. Michael’s clear and strong words[2], which oblige us even more to move forward. Thus, to the words that I have already said, I want to add again the core of what has led us to become, primarily, persons who seek Christ and want Christ to be at the centre of our life. The Virgin Mary transmitted to us, especially in the apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Medjugorje, that Jesus Christ is the centre of everything. Placing Jesus in the centre led us to know better, to try to reveal and to participate in the programme that God has had from the beginning: to recapitulate the whole Universe in Christ. That should be the central point for every Christian.

I have said that [by doing so] we understand everything: what it means to be a Christian, what Christianity is. We walk the path towards becoming children of God and understanding what it means to be children of God, which is this: when our lives are centred on the belief that God guides history, we will be coheirs with Christ. History is not a series of casual events, nor is it under the power of Satan, even though Satan is the prince of this world. For those who welcome Christ, the Christians, God has His precise and perfect plans. God guides and God allows things; God tests us but He does nothing evil, nor does He do anything wrong, because God does not create sinners or wrong things; on the contrary, God recuperates every sinner and straightens every human mistake.

In today’s Gospel of Luke[3], Jesus says what we have to do to be His disciples: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

And then, He gives an example: “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it. … Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand?”

Thus, I will ask you a question: don’t you think that Jesus made such considerations when He came to this world to face Lucifer directly? He knew very well that He was able to accomplish this work. In fact, Jesus does not seek compromises with Lucifer; He turns directly against him, and He will definitively do it at His glorious Return, which is an integral part of the Christian path. Just as the apostles announced Jesus’ death and resurrection, now is the time to announce His glorious Return, the accomplishment of all things.

We have already said that we are Marian and Franciscan. “Every true vocation is born from the call of God and from the womb of the Mother; it incarnates in those who respond and becomes a work of God which is visible to the eyes of man.”[4]

This should apply to every child of God, to every Christian, and thus particularly to the Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth. It is a call of God and it has embodied with the help of Mary Most Holy. I have spoken about Medjugorje and the House-Sanctuary in Medjugorje; we will speak again about the house and what it represents later on. Every sign speaks to us. The house became realty with Mary’s help, through Mary’s motherhood. There was a call and a response.

So, what should we do as Church? St. Michael gave us some very clear points.[5] We have been told many times, as those who have followed us know: “You will not be left alone. You will be told everything”; now we have reached this stage. The event of the decree[6] also occurred under the guidance of God. God allowed it to happen, which means that it was an essential event and  that it was time for it to happen. That does not mean that it was not painful and upsetting, but it was time for it to happen. We have always been told by Father Tomislav and Stefania, “We pray and offer ourselves, and we will tell you what we will be asked to tell you”, in their service as living members of the Central Nucleus for these times and instruments that enable the Church of Jesus Christ to move forward.

St. Michael has given us very clear points: “I invite you to intensify your work of evangelisation on Earth, using the spiritual means that have been shown to you in these years.” Then he explains them. I invite you to read the message.

He also tells us how we should behave in this time, after the decree was issued:

“The time has come for the Church of the Earth, finally free from human and hierarchical constraints, to begin her mission in fullness. God will instruct you directly and through His instruments. You will be guided slowly and gradually in every task that God will entrust to you. Even if you have been judged harshly, never judge anyone. No unkind words, no judgments, no resentments. Do everything out of love for God and His people with humility and patience. Respond to evil with goodness and meekness. Be ready to welcome those who will come to you without judging or condemning them, for many repenting sinners will seek mercy. This Church does not excommunicate anyone except evil, which must not find a place among you. Love each other with the love of Christ. Love those who need love. Always remember the Blood that the Lord has given for you and for all.”

We can say that these are our laws, certainly without neglecting the new commandment given by the Lord: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”[7] 

The central aspect of all this is clearly the personal relationship with God. It is of central importance to pray and to allow the transformation of our lives, which does not take place through our actions but through that of God in us; He transforms us and makes us holy; He immerses us in His Holiness. The instruments for this are the sacraments, the prayer, the points that we always mention: the offering of oneself to God through Mary, integrity, the universal communion, the new priesthood of the Archangels, divine motherhood and fatherhood. These aspects must be accepted and lived, as good as we can, without perfectionism or dejection and without thinking that we “are neither worthy nor ready”; they simply have to be lived and life will accompany us in this.

I said that since we are Marian and Franciscan the Holy Mass is central for us because it is the participation in the Heavenly Liturgy, which is continuously celebrated in Heaven. Jesus Christ celebrates it as the High Priest, and all angels, all Archangels and all saints participate in it; we also participate when we unite with them in spirit with our royal priesthood and when we celebrate the Mass through the hands of the ministerial priest. Then, everything is elevated to God, and St. Michael has explained to us how we can do it in the points he has given to us.[8] Imagine what it would mean if everyone lived the own royal priesthood, elevating everything to God as St. Michael explained; read it through. As we offer ourselves on the altar, Jesus presents us to the Father, who starts the action of the Trinitarian vortex in each one of us, and in this Vortex is our sanctification and our transformation. Through this Vortex and these actions we raise the Earth; we transform the Earth, and we are transformed. Father Tomislav has explained this many times: the Mass is celebrated by a priestly people and presided by a ministerial priest.

The central point of the pathway we have done, and all of us, as Church, have to do is to understand the function of the ministerial priest. The ministerial priest comes from a priestly people. He cannot be a minister without a priestly people. He cannot be a ministerial priest without living fully his royal priesthood, his baptism. Mary Most Holy, St. Francis, St. Joseph, and many other saints who also were not ministerial priests, are examples of how the royal priesthood can be a form of holiness and fullness.

Were they not great priests? Were they not able to elevate, intercede, generate, sanctify, offer themselves, be fathers and mothers? Yes, and they continue to be. All the letters of St. Paul, St. John, all apostles, the whole Gospel, explain this to us and lead us to this.

Therefore, as we have said many times, the revelations that we have received are a help to live the Gospel, a help to become children of God. They are nothing new. All is new in God; every day is new in God; every day the Word of God is new. These are instruments to reach God. St. Paul says today that one of the qualities the ministerial priest should have is this: “But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you” (Phil 2-12-18).

The first task of the ministerial priest is to offer himself for the priestly people entrusted to him; to offer himself for the Church, people of God; to offer himself in communion, in the perfect union with Jesus Christ the High Priest. Every ministerial priest is anointed from conception by Jesus Christ to be a ministerial priest; priesthood arises there. He has been called from eternity to live the ministerial priesthood by offering himself with Christ; that is his ministry.

When we talk about being priests, bishops, popes, that is not being priests. That is a service to a structure, which does not always carry out a service to God. The ministerial priest is united with Christ for the people; he gives his life for the people. That is his task, not to preach, but to give his life, to bless, to protect, to accompany, to absolve, to forgive, to have mercy; his task is never to judge, but to take responsibility, to take on the sins of the people as Jesus Christ did. A ministerial priest who has been generated by a priestly people has to carry out this service, and it is necessary for him to carry it out in order to unite with the sacrifice of Christ, which paved the way for the offering of us all. If He had not offered Himself, there could not be such a service. If Jesus had not been the first to offer Himself to the Father for us, we would not be able to offer ourselves for each other, nor could the ministerial priests offer themselves for the people.

I am not saying these things to convince you or to proselytise, but to invite you to stand before God and try to recognise within yourselves if what we want to live and testimony, despite our limits, is true and indeed the essential aspect of life, that is, what truly matters. If you recognise that, then, unite with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, just the way you can. It is not necessary to come here, to participate. Join. Ask God to let you take part in His Church. Try to live the communion with the angels, the Archangels, the faithful brothers and sisters and the Central Nucleus. Feel that they are close to you because they truly are closer than ever before.

The Church is about to descend; Jerusalem is about to come down; time is drawing near. Feel united with the deceased as this is the month of the deceased; yet, do not do it with sadness like the pagans, but by being united with those who have preceded us, who accompany us, who already see everything and are already in the Light. In the Mass for the deceased, we wear the white priestly habit, which symbolises that they have entered the Holiness of God. Holiness does not mean perfection; holiness is to allow God to make us holy; it is to stay in the truth of who we are, but with the desire to belong totally to God. That is holiness.

As I said, we will publish some prayers.[9] I know that some of our reflections have already been published. I would like to encourage you again to help us by telling us what you need and how you wish to be supported. We invite you to read the explanations about the Sign that we are carrying: the Immaculate Heart of Mary on a Cross.[10] I tell you that everyone who belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ is carrying it.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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