Living the Relationship with God the Father

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

8 November 2020

(Translated audio)

These days, we have often spoken about the times that await us. This is the fruit and the consequence of the events that are taking place and the times we are entering. One of the tasks entrusted to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth is to prepare the glorious Return of Christ, to announce it and to seek to collect the last, the little ones and the fragile; to seek to recuperate what can be recuperated. As St. Paul said: “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season.”[1]

Time is getting short, and the decree against Father Tomislav has somehow accelerated the times. Therefore, you will frequently hear us speak and announce. On this blog, we will publish messages and indications that have been part of our formation in the past years and that have prepared us for all that has happened. Before asking us for something, the Lord has always shown us what was going to happen, after which we have said “Yes” to it, and then our path continued. I think that today’s Gospel[2], of the foolish and the wise virgins, ”Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour,” is suitable for each of us and can also be interpreted personally. However, we can also interpret it by looking at the Earth, at humanity, as a whole. It seems that the Lord is delaying His Glorious Return. Many are tired of waiting; many have lost the right indications, that is, their path. Those oil lamps, that faith, that hope that must be kept alive, have gone off, but then the Lord will come, and you know from the Gospel what happens next.

I will refer to the questions that we have received by email or phone. You have pointed out that we often focus on the relationship with God. We may say that we place God at the centre; we put Him in the first place and we ask you to do the same. This is because by doing so we realise the first and the second commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind … and love your neighbour as yourself.” [3]

However, we also have to look at the basic attitude in the relationship with God. The basic attitude is to get to know God, and thus begin to have a relationship with a Father, not with a judge; to have a relationship as son or daughter of God, as creatures; with a Person rather than some distant and unreachable entity who knows everything and who will ultimately judge us. It is important to begin with this attitude towards the Father. This attitude triggers the dimension of primary energy, of the Trinitarian vortex, which begins to heal and to liberate us, to take away all fears and all ill thoughts within the relationship with Him.

Even if we have not had positive experiences with fatherhood; even if we do not know the face of God the Father and think of Him as a judge, I ask you to consciously approach Him as a Father and Jesus as a Brother. An attitude that maintains a distance or reverence, even if you seek Him, will prevent you from getting to know Him, and we know that knowledge is Love. So, to reach fullness we have to go through knowledge, and we have to do it out of love; two aspects that go hand in hand. It is God who always seeks man, who has approached man at all times of history. Think of all the instruments we have had throughout history: the extraordinary ones and the ordinary ones like the saints. God has always used them to get closer to man, to awaken in man the image of the Father and to keep the relationship between God and man alive. Every extraordinary and ordinary instrument has one purpose: to lead humanity to have a relationship with the Father, with the Spouse, with the Brother, with the Friend.

The first ordinary instrument has always been the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe: the saints of every age, the angels and the Archangels forever, and the faithful brothers and sisters have testified to her and kept her alive according to Jesus’ words: “The gates of Hades will not overcome the Church” [4].

As I said before, now it is up to us, Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, represented here on Earth by the Association that we have founded: the Association Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. We know from many instruments, especially Mary Most Holy – today we will publish Her message of 2016[5] – yes, we know that every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe carries the sign that is shown on our website. It is the sign of the Cross with the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the centre. We will speak about it in the next days, but I tell you that all those who have been anointed by the Lord; all those who belong to Mary, all those who want to belong to His Church are carrying the sign. They wear it visibly or they have it imprinted in them. Now is the time: all those who want to walk a path of faith and want to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe may step forward so that they may testify to it by visibly wearing the sign. This is one of our tasks because this sign, as you have read on the website[6], contains grace; it witnesses and speaks on its own, because Mary’s Love and the power of the Most Holy Trinity are imprinted in it.

However, today I wanted to continue on the subject of the “Relationship with God” in response to your questions. Prayer in all its forms is the means to make our relationship with God grow, to widen our knowledge of and our love for God and to perceive God’s love for us through prayer in all its forms. Who has not experienced that love, that sweetness of God’s Love in prayer, in adoration, in the Holy Mass? Who has not perceived His strong, living Presence which guides life?! I think that the best moments to feel the living Presence of God who will not abandon us truly is when we experience a trial, suffering, hardship. Thus, the relationship begins when we desire it, when we want it, when we want to grow.

The highest form of prayer is the Holy Mass. The Holy Mass is a unique and irreplaceable event, which keeps man, creation and the Earth alive. If no Mass was celebrated for one day, the Earth would disintegrate. In the Holy Mass, Jesus Christ repeats redemption (it is in fact the memorial), and it is not a theory or a memory but it concretely takes place. He concretely bestows all graces again; He concretely gives His Blood to rewash every soul of good will; He is concretely present in each of our weaknesses and sins, which he takes on Himself on the Cross. He enters into each of us and makes us rise again; He concretely reaches the last, the ill, the poor, without excluding anyone. He passes, touches, heals, just as He did in His three years of public life.

The Holy Mass is celebrated by Jesus, and if you look at how it is set up, from the penitential act forward, it is He, Jesus Christ, who asks for forgiveness to the Father within us and for us. It is He who turns to the Father. It is He who shows us the Father through Scripture. He shows us His Love, His thoughts, how God acted throughout history so that we may understand how He is acting now. Jesus is the principle actor in the Mass. Then, Jesus offers the Sacrifice. He offers everything we put on the altar to the Father: suffering, joy, all creation and all things. Then, thanks to His offering to the Father, it is He who repeats the prayer of the last supper, the priestly prayer. Read the Gospel of John.[7] It is He who asks the Father to send the Holy Spirit to consecrate His Sacrifice and, in the end, He gives Himself over; He lets Himself be eaten and becomes our body and blood. In the end, it is He Himself who lives in us, touches everything in us, heals us, makes us rise again and then blesses us and sends us out.

Therefore, the Mass is an event, but we have to participate in this event; we have to immerse ourselves in it. We must not attend the Mass out of obligation, out of fear or even out of interest. If we have a relationship with God, we are attracted by the Mass as we want to participate with the Spouse, with the Brother, in order to go towards the Father. In the Mass we enter another dimension. We are before a mystery. Through the Mass we are also in the mystery, immersed in the mystery, and united with Jesus we touch the whole Universe, the whole Universe that is within us and around us. With Him we touch all misery and every situation. This is the offering: to pass with Him, to heal with Him, to die with Him, to rise with Him. His prayer reaches every soul and gives everyone the possibility to rise again. In the Holy Mass, all are present: the whole of Purgatory, that is, all the living who seek God; the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe; Mary Most Holy is present as well as all angels and saints.

I said that it is Jesus who celebrates, but we could say that the Mass is Jesus Himself! It is His Life; it is His Person if we want to contemplate it. He is the Mass: He forgives; He is the Altar, the Victim and the Priest. He who celebrated the “rite”, the Mass, if we may say so, only once: the Last Supper. However, all His Life is a Mass as it continuous and is eternal. It is His Person. Therefore, for us participating in the Holy Mass means to enter into His thoughts, and then, in the Eucharist He enters into us; He becomes alive in us to reach us and to be one with us so that we may say: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”[8] This is why we cannot do without the Mass, but not because we would sin, but because we deprive ourselves of life. It is not true that we sin when we do not go to Mass; the sin is that we decide not to live.

Every prayer leads us to encounter Jesus Christ. Think of the meditation of the Rosary; all mysteries are His Life. Every prayer helps to know His thoughts, but only in the Mass we become one with Him. It is true that Jesus said, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” But in the Eucharis he is present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and He enters into us. It is a Mystery! The contemplation of and the participation in this Mystery causes our transformation to begin. He heals, comforts, transforms and makes us rise again. Consequently, for the Christian the Eucharist is life. The Christian dies without Eucharist, but we have to add that without the Eucharist the planet dies. There is no life without the Eucharist because He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life is present in it. Do you understand the reason for the subtle war against the Eucharist? Who could initiate it but the prince of death?! And in the Eucharist he gets his biggest defeat. Therefore, diminishing the value of the Eucharist means taking the path of the prince of darkness.

Also, the best example of how to participate in in the Holy Mass is Mary Most Holy, the Woman of the Eucharist. How many times has She spoken to us about Her participation in the Eucharist, She who is always prostrated before this mystery, before the Redemption that is continuously repeated. She is prostrated before the Altar, before this infinite Love that is so great that there will never be another. It is Love, in which She participated by giving all Herself, becoming Mother beneath the Cross. She, who is immersed in the Holy Trinity, still continuous to contemplate, to transform and to love that Love. We have never known that Love completely; it is immense; it is infinite.

The Eucharist is always new, each one is different, and this is because it is a living relationship. It is a relationship of knowledge. I repeat: a relationship of love with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, that takes us to the Father, and thus no Eucharist can be the same as another. There cannot be routine. We cannot attend the Mass without getting involved in this dimension, in this mystery, because being welcomed by Jesus is always something new. It is always new to be welcomed day by day the way we are. It is always new to see how He takes us from where we are to lift us up to the Father. He always takes us beyond ourselves; He always takes us to our resurrection, and every time all is new.

This kind of participation in the Holy Mass will make of us men and women of the Eucharist; it will make us Living Eucharist. This what the Christian is! This is the reason why we have a time of transition on Earth. This is the reason why He stayed with us in the Eucharist until the end of times and why He asks us to repeat His Memorial, since it will be the Holy Mass to save the world. By living the Holy Mass, we are transformed; we become new men and women; we become more (in quotes) “immaculate”, ready to be His Spouses, so that He will meet us when He comes.

As I said in the beginning, this is the path that the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth wants to go and testify, inviting all the people of good will to participate according to their possibilities, as best they can; however, bear in mind that this is the time to choose.

I entrust all of you to Mary Most Holy; may She awaken in you the wish to know the Son so that through Him, in the Holy Spirit, you may get to the Father. I entrust you to Mary Most Holy so that She may give you the light to understand the times and the grace to recognise the signs of the times. May you become, through Her, women and men who have the wisdom of God, who seek and find wisdom and desire to live in it. May you be people who do not want the gifts God has given you from conception to die away: all that Life has brought forth, all sacraments you have received and which have made you Christians. May they become life and lead you to offer yourselves to Jesus; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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23 July 2016

Message of Our Lady – The Sign of My Triumph


“Dearest Children,

Today, I am coming in your midst as the Mother of the new people; the Mother of the new priests. It is from My Heart that every gift of God descends upon you because I am the Mother who always intercedes for you. In every trial and in every situation of your life, I am there for you, for My children.

I told you that you are the stars of My Crown. My children, I have spoken to you about the sign that I wanted for the whole people of the Universe and not only for you on Earth. It is the sign of all of My children in whose heart the triumph of My Heart occurs because My Heart triumphs in your heart. And when all of you have received this sign, time will be fulfilled and the return of My Son will be near. All those, on Earth and in the Universe, who convert and become part of this people will receive this sign; they will be signed with My Heart, the Heart of the Mother of the Saviour. It will be the triumph of Christ’s Love in each one of you.

My children, the time of trials begins for you. I do not want to scare you, but the trials are necessary to strengthen you. The trials cannot be avoided because the Evil One hates you for being My children. You have to know that whoever belongs to Me is hated by the Evil One and by all those who have chosen him. Never be afraid, as I will always be with you in every trial, even in very small ones, to defend you from evil. The time of the countdown for the return of My Son is about to begin. Therefore, stand ready! They will insult you; they will put you out of the synagogues[1], as My Son told you; they will even put you out of the churches. I repeat: do not fear! Do no listen to deceptive voices; listen only to My Son’s voice that speaks in your heart. Walk straight towards Him, and I will always be at your side. Do not be afraid of those who insult, who outrage and slander without knowing anything. Pray also for your enemies and become more and more like My Son.

As Mother, I cannot hide the times of trials from you. I told you that it is necessary, and it has been foretold by My Son; thus, it will be. Know, though, that along with the trials ever greater grace and light will come. Therefore, this is a time of trials but also a time of triumph, of joy and light. Precisely then, when the sky appears utterly dark, you will see My Son’ Light shine more and more in you and around you.

I repeat that you are not alone; you are part of the immense people of the Universe. Therefore, never feel alone because this people prays with you, suffers with you, is united with you and supports you because the task of the Earth is great and so is its suffering in the eyes of God and in the eyes of all of His people.

Children, I ask you to prepare to receive this sign. I repeat that it is not a material sign, but something more: it is the sign of total belonging to God and to His people through Me.

I bless you so that the triumph of My Heart may become more and more visible and active in you, and I accompany you on your path; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  See John 16,2