By Father Tomislav Vlašić

12 November 2020

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the novena to the solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe begins tomorrow. After reading the message of St. Michael[1], it is very important that we earnestly pray the novena to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, who governs the whole Universe, the pandemic, the wars, the storms, the souls, the clashes among men. However, He can only govern if we submit to His authority, to the power of the Holy Spirit, to His Lordship. In this time, we are called to give our response as the Church of the Universe, which wants to be with Him in His Kingdom. Jesus Christ is with the Father in the glory, but He wants to be with us. As we gradually go towards Him, towards His glory, He will come closer to us, but we can feel His presence and His action within us even now as He transforms us and makes us healthy, earnest and happy: righteous people in Him.

When we recite the Creed, we proclaim all these things, but now it is time for our prayers, our intentions, our perceptions, everything, to be penetrated by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, who draws us to Him. He has come down among us into our misery. We have heard this many times in sermons, but He is in the glory to take us, too, to the glory. The last time[2], we have said that He calls all people from all Christian confessions, all those who have not yet encountered Him, all men and women of good will, all those who have said “yes” at the moment of conception. You might have noticed that the most frequent word in the message of St. Michael is the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, and when he said “Church”, he meant this Church. Exactly, thirteen times he said, “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. He has not given us a task; he has entrusted the Church to us; he has entrusted all men and women of good will to us.

As we said, everyone is called so that everyone may believe that the whole Universe must be recapitulated in Jesus Christ; all Christians because then the Church is one. Everyone has to join and experience his/her royalty in order to be elevated to Him, and then He will submit us to the Laws of the pure Spirit that are with the Father. Every Christian confession – all believers of all the different confessions, must step out of themselves, of their confession, to go towards Christ, because any fine and praiseworthy things will not save us if we do not recognise the Lordship of the glorious Jesus Christ. In this time, we are called to respond as Church, not only as individuals. We on Earth, united with the Church of the Universe, must be close to every sick, every poor, every confused and every suffering person. We must be close to them in spirit and bring them the vivifying Spirit of God that transforms the people. Therefore, no one can withdraw into his Christian confession. That would be like withdrawing into a sect, excluding Jesus Christ, the Lord and Head of the Church, who invites us to lift ourselves up.

The solemnity of Christ the King wants to make us feel His presence among us, who will give us the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out this mission: the six points that St. Michael gave us to put into practice[3] together with Mary Most Holy. These days, until 31 December, are dedicated to the Holy Spirit; this whole year, 2020, is consecrated to the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ wants to vivify His Church and make His presence felt within His Church to give great signs and miracles to those who adhere to Him. When we are united like the Church in the Cenacle, we experience all the power of His presence in the Holy Spirit, and He will elevate us more and more to the glory of the Father.

In these days, I invite you to pray and offer especially the sacrifices you are making. Many of you are suffering and worried about the future; many are fighting illnesses and feeling abandoned. Awaken the faith in you so that it may unite you with Jesus Christ, who governs over all your situations, just as the One who governed over the storms when the apostles were on the boat.[4] When we are all united together for His glory,  we experience that He lives in our midst and that this Church responds to the groans and questions of the humanity of the Earth, directing every person, every soul of good will towards Christ.

We will accompany you and give you all the indications that the Lord gives us, but the Lord will give indications and graces to the extent that we move forward on our path. In this one and a half month that we have left to prepare for the coming year, when great events are expected both on Earth and in the Universe, let us prepare ourselves by walking and coming together every week in order to progress through our common prayer for the glory of God. Thank you for listening and for your willingness to walk.

I bless all of you; may each one of you feel united with the Church of the Universe and the great saints who made miracles on Earth and continue to make miracles even now among us if we entrust ourselves to them. May you feel the presence of Mary Most Holy who loves you more than your mother; may God’s blessing descend on all the sick so that they may trust in God and get in direct contact with Christ to receive His help. I bless all the sick so that they may not be afraid of death, as for the Christians death is not the end. For the true Christian, death arrives when he is mature, when he prepares for the transition to a better life.

The Lord may give His peace to you who are in hospital, to the doctors and the sick, to all operators and to all of you who are worrying at home while your loved ones are in hospital. May the power of our prayer on Earth, united with the Church of the Universe, have an effect on this pandemic and transform evil into good; may evil disappear and new life arise in all believers and in all men; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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