Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

17 November 2020

Dear Readers,

Some readers have asked us why it was necessary to become members of the Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, stressing that this suggestion seems to contradict our position not to proselytise. Truly, we do not intend to proselytise, but we cannot keep to ourselves what we have seen and experienced.

One could argue that it is not necessary to increase in number, but this is not true since being united with Christ and His Spirit creates the need, not given by material needs but by gratuitous love, for all men of good will to enter the spirit of God and awaken. This is the same need that has always induced the angels, the saints and the faithful brothers and sisters to come to our aid, and derives from the attitude of God, despite leaving man free to choose, to continue to seek him by giving the best of Himself.

The depth of God’s Love can only be understood by experiencing the Mystery which cannot be explained but only penetrated and lived. Man is capable of choosing between good and evil; still, he must ask God to give him the wisdom that leads him to choose good and understand what he needs for his salvation. In this sense, joining the Association becomes a way to make a concrete choice; a way to remain faithful to what one has understood and wants to live; it is God’s wish and a testimony of faith. Let us think of the testimony of the first martyrs!

Therefore, we invite you to pray and reflect, but not to stay halfway: if you recognise the spirit of God in the content of the published books and of this website, live it also by joining the Association. This is not for our benefit but for yours, and it will certainly pave the way for you to take new steps.