The Priestly Dimension

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

19 November 2020

(Translated audio)

We are going through this important time with a pandemic that afflicts humanity. This is the time that leads us towards the Solemnity of Christ, the King of the Universe, and Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe. Advent is about to begin and the year consecrated to the Holy Spirit is about to end. We have been told that the coming  year, 2021, will be a crucial year with many events.

It is of central importance that we recognize the signs of the times in each historical age, every day, in every period of time that we live.[1] For us, who identify ourselves as Christians – this should not be only in words – this always means that we have to recognise both God’s action and that of evil. We have to be able to distinguish between good and evil, between good and the Highest Good.

Recognising the signs of the times is the core of our existence. It is the reason of our existence, because by recognising God’s action we recognise God. As we recognise Him, we love Him; as we love Him, we know Him and walk our path towards the New Creation. This is because we must not forget that we have all been created to know God, to serve Him, to love Him and to enjoy Him for eternity. All signs that God gives us, from the first to the last, beginning from life and all events that God allows, even the worst, are allowed by God, but He does not want them. God has never wanted them. The purpose is to awaken the image and likeness of God in man. We are all asked to have the attitude that I have just explained: understanding the signs of the times and the action of God.

Lucifer does the contrary. Everything he does – it is not only the evil that we see, but also his wickedness, his subtle, devious ways – he does it to extinguish the image of God in us, to wipe out His memory in our soul and ultimately our intellect and our will. All his actions are aimed at bringing everything to a very low level.

God uses everything to lift us up; Lucifer does the contrary. God encourages us to seek the things of Heaven, where He is, at the right side of the Father; Lucifer makes us look down at the things of the world. He is not bothered by our prayers as long as we keep our eyes low on worldly things; as long as we forget that we are children of God; as long as he can dirty that image of the child of God, the reason for which Jesus died on the Cross: to reawaken in us the image of the child of God so that we may become children of God. Since that defeat, which truly was a defeat, Lucifer’s purpose is to dirty that image in man. He rejoices when that image does not reawaken because that means that many will reach him rather than God.

We can recognise the signs of the times by looking at Lucifer’s action that penetrates everything he can propose to us. He seeks to defile all profound concepts: the concept of love, of surrendering and offering oneself to God; the concept of Charity, with a capital C. He does it through art, beauty, music, songs. If you look at it, this is also a sign of the times, the fruit of all these things such as art, beauty, songs. Nowadays, everything is confused; all concepts are confused. Music has become noise rather than sound. We know that certain vibrations have a calming effect, such as light, sound and heat.[2] Lucifer works in the opposite way. He has even changed the rhythm of the day: instead of living by day we live by night. Also, regarding this lockdown, they tell us not to go out after 10pm. I don’t think this is difficult for normal people; yet, now life starts at 10pm and that seems to be normal. We have lost the ability to understand the signs of the times.

In these times, those who speak about the clash between good and evil, the Glorious Return of Christ, are considered as strange.  We are defined as fanatics, millenarians. I said that God seeks to awaken His image in us; He always seeks to draw us to Him; He awakens His image, not that of a religion. Now more than ever, God is seen as a religion, as a series of rites and acts. We could say that God has been replaced by a structure called religion, but that religion is not God.

The most important instruments God uses to awaken His image in us are the Sacraments, Baptism and the Eucharist in particular. This is because through these two Sacraments the Redemption worked by Jesus Christ acts and expresses itself completely. He acts; He washes; He forgives, nurtures and transforms. He gives Himself and gives Himself totally to us, even His thoughts, which lead us to seek the things of Heaven.

Notice that in the whole Gospel, but also in all the revelations we have received in the past years, the Lord asks for our “Yes”. He asks us to participate willingly, but He is the One who carries out the action. If we believe and remain faithful to our “Yes”, His promises are fulfilled. God accomplishes them: “My people will …”[3]. No human action will lead us to become God’s people. It is God’s action that leads a small group of people to become His Church. It is God’s action that transforms and sanctifies. If we do not believe and do not seek the things of Heaven, even God will not be able to act.

Thus, a Christian should be someone in whom God is present and acting; in whom the clash between good and evil is alive, concrete, daily. In our faithfulness this is a clash between God and Lucifer, which takes place in our body, in our lives; yet, we are not clashing against anything. It is the Church of Jesus Christ that clashes against the black Church, and beyond the consequences that we may experience here, we know that we have already won if we remain faithful.

Today, as every Thursday, we remember the institution of the Eucharist and the passage is the one we know: Eucharist, ministerial priest. Being a Christian could seem quite easy: after Baptism, you are a Christian. However, living as a Christian is something different, and this is also true for the ministerial priest. Being a priest could seem easy; it may even be seen as a job; a job like any other job. In that type of work you know you have to say a certain number of prayers; you have to do the office of readings; you have to read the entire breviary; you have to perform certain rites. First of all, they teach you that you have to obey the bishop. You grew up in a Christian family where praying and going to Church was normal; then you become a priest, you do your job and you believe in God.

Yet, priesthood is something different that, just as being Christian and having received Baptism is something different. To be a priest means to be a gift; it means to have Christ’s thoughts and make them one’s own. To be a priest means to become one with Christ; to let oneself be transformed by Him and to offer oneself with Him for all. To be a priest means submitting everything to the authority of Christ; one’s whole life, all thoughts, all needs, all ideas and all ambitions. It means submitting all to His authority. It means leading the people to Jesus, not to oneself, like Jesus who submits all to the Father, and who takes us to the Father in the Holy Spirit. He, too, will submit to the Father in the end.

If you look at how priests are considered in a distorted way – I think that this is strongly caused by Lucifer – it looks like priests are given the power to decide over what is good and what is bad, and the power to judge and absolve in the Sacrament of Confession. Think of the obedience that is often expressed as “blind obedience” to the spiritual guide. Have we not been told to have Christ’s thoughts, to act like Christ, to imitate Christ? “Do this in remembrance of me.”[4] We also know that He said: “For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world … “,[5] “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”[6]

Jesus never judged anybody. He recognised good and bad. He certainly warned those who were wrong, those who rejected Him. Jesus used strong words against hypocrisy but He never judged. “Who am I to judge?” He came to give Life, to sacrifice Himself, to pay for the others. This is what every priest has to do; to offer himself so that the good part in people may increase and evil may be repelled from the souls. We are only advised not to pray for those who sin against the Holy Spirit as St. John the Apostle says in his letters.[7] Apart from that, we can pray for every sinner; we must offer ourselves for the sinners so that they may see their sin and keep away from it, but without judging or condemning. We must cast away evil and defeat it; we must give the souls the possibility to awaken to good, and we must always bless them.  

Being a priest cannot be seen as a job. A priest cannot depend on anyone except Jesus Christ, who expresses Himself in the communion of the people that the priest serves. Being subordinate to someone deprives the priest from the freedom to fully live his priesthood. In a community or in a parish we often hear people say, “The priest said it,” or we refer to the statements of certain people, who are most probably very valuable people. Certainly, the priest has the right to express his opinion and to help people find the right way, discerning between good and evil; he has to do it, but his principal task is to help people express themselves and let the good sides in them emerge. It is not up to the priest to decide and give orders. It is, in fact, exactly the contrary of what usually happens. Often, the priest is given the last word, but that should not be, because he must offer himself for all; he must pay for all. The priest must command only to evil to keep away. He must offer all the good to God; he must absolve, bless and seek to be a bringer of peace, the peace of God. He must neither judge nor decide what people should do, who is right and who is wrong.

Now, I will return to where I began: the importance of recognising the signs of the times, the action of God and that of Lucifer. In these times, every Christian should be a light to help others to see where good and where evil is; a light that communicates life without words. This applies even more to the ministerial priest. The ministerial priest must offer Himself and go through the narrow door. He should convey Christ’s thoughts, and in the eschatological form, his person should emanate Christ’s Life. He does not have to be perfect or be without weaknesses, but seek to be completely offered to God. This is also true for every Christian so that he may awaken the image of God as well as the desire for infinity in the souls of others, that is, the desire for God. Do not think that this is difficult since it will be God to realise this in us, in the priest, in every Christian, if we believe in it and if we, as Church, finally take this direction.

In these times, making a new start, beginning from the spirit, must not be a theory. We must not be afraid of being fanatic or not concrete enough. It must be like breathing, what we want to do the most: to be a priestly, prophetic and royal people: Mary’s people, and we must be aware of Her strong action, that of all instruments and that of God, which passes through His people; with this awareness we shall contemplate God’s action.

The ministerial priests should be in the centre of a people to pave the way for them with Jesus and Mary and with the certainty that they are our only hope. In these times, there is no solution without Jesus and Mary. If we do not elect Christ to be the King of our lives; if Christ is not the King of history, of our work, of our family, of our health, of economy and science, with Mary Most Holy, I tell you that we will not overcome this pandemic. We will overcome this one and enter the next. If we believe in Christ the King and Mary the Queen and submit everything to them, we will see new times; we will see the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and the Glorious Return of Christ. We will see the new creation. Remember that this is the only way, the only truth and the only life.

Mary Most Holy may accompany us and bless us all; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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