Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

24 November 2020

(Translated audio)

Yesterday we celebrated the Solemnity of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe, a solemnity requested by Jesus, King, High Priest and Lord of the Universe. Father Tomislav briefly explained everything we have been saying for years: Mary is Mother; Mary generates [children of God].

Also, we are in the week before the beginning of Advent, and this year more than ever, Christmas is to be considered a cosmic event: Jesus is born, and He is born in His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, present here on Earth. Two events are before us: Jesus’ birth, and the New Jerusalem, descending from Heaven.

We have said that Mary generates; Mary is Mother; Mother of the Church. We can say that in the past years, until this year, 2020, Mary has prepared and generated the Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth and all over the Universe, but we focus on this; She wanted the Church and She generated her: “The Church will be Marian or it will not be My Church”.[1]

Being generated by Mary and feeling Mary, who generates us, is not a passage of a Marian devotion; it is not just any consecration to Mary. Look, it is closely linked to the words Jesus addressed to Nicodemus, “[B]eing born from above,[2], and this is the essence of the Christian. It is the essence that enables us to fully understand the grace of redemption and to begin to live in the spirit, which is in us from conception because we are made in the image and likeness of God. However, it is Mary, the Beloved Daughter of the Father, with the help of the Holy Spirit, who generates us to Christ, and Christ, who is in the Holy Spirit, leads us to the Father.

For this time, in which several Marian feasts take place, and She accompanies us towards Christmas – 8 December, the Immaculate Conception; 10 December, Our Lady of Loreto; Advent and the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – I propose you to let yourselves be generated by Mary and allow Her to generate the Son of God within you. May this time, from now to Christmas, be a time of gestation, of birth, of rebirth!

For this time, I propose you to read some articles on our website: 7 May 2020, “The Trinitarian action in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe – The Face of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (Part One)”, and 27 May, ” The Face of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (Part Two)”.[3]

The first part contains a quick summary up to now, 2020, through the stages of Mary, of Medjugorje, and other instruments that lead us to see Mary Most Holy as Mother and Queen. The second part expresses, at the beginning, the dimension of Mary in our midst. Someone pointed out that we do not follow the messages very well. I invite you, by looking, listening and praying with the article that I have just mentioned, the one of 27 May, to see that we are not following the messages but walking with Mary, letting Mary help us!

We say that we give up our pride in thinking that we always know everything; the pride in thinking that we can save ourselves; that we can face the world and the disintegrating energy on our own. This pride prevents many from accepting the apparitions of Mary. This pride may lead us to pray to Mary, to give Her even titles: Mother of the Church, Mother … but we do it without participating with Mary and without allowing Her to generate us. Her words show us that Mary is in our midst, but not to give us messages, but to reactivate the life of God that is within us: the image and likeness of Him.

In 2021, Jesus asked us to consecrate the whole year, every day of the year, to Him, High Priest and King of the Universe.[4] Together with Mary, in the last months of 2020, we are still living the consecration to the Holy Spirit[5]; therefore, the strong action and the strong impulses of the Holy Spirit, the Spouse of Mary Most Holy, can awaken the life of God in us.

In the writings I have proposed, the Blessed Mother helps us to live fully the consecration to Her so that we may reach Christ. She helps us to live the Eucharist fully. I do not ask you to read these passages, I ask you to reflect on them and pray. I ask you to do it every day, gradually, because those words make you feel the living presence of Mary, they make you feel that She is in you and working in you. Mary Most Holy, as she has said many times, does not want to be adored or venerated. She can only accomplish Her task as Mother, as Co-Redemptrix, as part of the Marian Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth, if we are co-redeemers, and She asks us to be co-redeemers with Her. Since we follow Christ, receive His Blood and His Spirit, we automatically are co-redeemers if we become one with Him; it is part of our nature, of our DNA, each one of us according to his/her identity.

Therefore, I ask you to live this Advent by speaking with Mary and by speaking of Mary. I ask you to have the humbleness to allow Her words to touch you, to allow them to generate you. She is not at the centre of the conversations. However, by leaving Her free to act, you will see that, actually, the birth of Christ in each of us is at the centre in order to be Her Church, to be Marian, to be those who face the serpent, all the realities the serpent causes, all pandemics, all efforts, all fears with Her to generate the New Creation. Being a Christian brings this obligatory step with it. This is my suggestion, as I believe that this Christmas will be truly special.

I ask Mary Most Holy, who is always kneeling before the altar of God for each one of us, whose Motherly love knows what it means to generate and to endure pain for the children and what each of us needs to be generated, may accompany the least and the little. May Mary accompany those who are pressured, fatigued, drained on this path; may She awaken those who have lost their strength and patience; those who can no longer see the light. May Mary awaken those who feel crushed, helpless, fearful and undecided before the spirit of this world, which is connected to the spirit of Lucifer and that of the False Prophet. May the living presence of Mary, during this Advent, lead us to the birth of the Son of God, and may the Son of God keep away all fear, drive away the darkness that is enveloping this world, cast away Lucifer and his fellows; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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