Be Ready for the Battle

21 November 2020

Vigil of the Solemnity of Christ the King

Message of Jesus – Be Ready for the Battle

Dearest Children,

The Year 2020 is about to end. It has been a very difficult year for the Earth, a painful but necessary passage. Once again, the Father has tested your humanity by allowing the pandemic to strike it: an epochal event for your planet.[1]

Know, once and for all, that evil does not come from God but from Lucifer’s action in which a large part of the humanity indifferent and rebellious to God is involved, knowingly or not, by serving the devil out of selfishness or for personal gain. Therefore, this pandemic carries the signature of Lucifer, of his followers on Earth and other rebellious planets of the low Universe, who have actively taken part in the spreading of the coronavirus that afflicts and conditions your life. 

My and your Father has allowed all this to happen in order to give you the opportunity to reconsider the way you live and the values on which you have founded your existence; also, to show you once again the only way of salvation that passes through Me.

I am your Saviour who has given His life for each of you. No one else but Me will be able to save you from death, disease and sin. I am your God and your Lord who governs you with love because I wish nothing but your good and your happiness. I do not oppress you, but I liberate you; I do not force you but I invite you to the banquet of life.

Unfortunately, the majority of your humanity prefers to die of hunger rather than participate in My banquet.[2] They prefer to remain enslaved by the Evil rather than be liberated by Me. Money, power and pleasure are at the top of the scale of values, and they are by no means ready to change their way of thinking. Lucifer knows that very well, and from that He draws his strength: he holds you in his grip, promising you a few crumbs while depriving you of true nourishment. Poor men who barter true happiness for some moments of pleasure; who give up the Kingdom of God for the miserable kingdoms of the Earth; who refuse the Bread of life and feed on poison instead. What can I do for you if you turn your back on Me?

Children of mine, My Heart is continuously outraged by a large part of the humanity of the Earth, as is the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. The Most Holy Trinity is offended by the sins of the Earth, which have reached an intolerable limit. The children of God are suffering; they are mocked, persecuted and killed by the children of darkness. Many innocent are deprived of life and freedom, oppressed by the spirit of the world which knows nothing but abuse and violence.

It is time for the One and Triune God to look down from Heaven and visit the Earth to restore the only true order of things, the divine order, which comes forth from the pure Laws of the Spirit.

My and your Father wants you to consecrate the whole year of 2021 to Me, the Son of God and King of the Universe, who I am. My Church of the whole Universe shall consecrate to Me every day of the coming year and each member shall consecrate every moment of his life. In this way, I will reign in My Church and I will manifest the Kingdom of God through you.

The Kingdom of God is not a fairytale but a reality that must manifest itself in all its power. It is the seed that God has thrown into the hearts of His people so that it may grow and spread. It does not manifest itself with human strength as the kingdoms of the world; it is not founded on ephemeral riches but on the power of God and His eternal Laws, which govern the Universe; not on money, power and pleasure but on faith, hope and love.

I will act profoundly, in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the Church of the whole Universe. I will be present in a special way in this Church of the Earth in the coming year. I will manifest My Power as King and Lord in her. She will oppose the power of Lucifer and his followers. It will be a very hard and violent battle, but nothing will stop the path of My Church. Headed by St. Michael the Archangel, she will advance victoriously with the power of faith and miracles. The people of good will, the innocent, the forgotten and all those who sincerely seek the truth, will see My Church rise like a shining star in the darkness in which the Earth will be enveloped.

My Church, in the whole Universe, will be increasingly involved in the preparation of My glorious return. She will support the Church of the Earth in the battle against Lucifer and the kingdom of darkness. None of you will be abandoned. You will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and Me, for the glory of the Father and for the good of the children who are awaiting Salvation. You will be enveloped in the love and tenderness of My Mother so that Her Heart may triumph in you and through you. You will not lack anything.

I ask you to be faithful witnesses of the divine life that you have received; may God’s life triumph in you, in your thoughts, in your words and deeds. May each child of God see on your faces the light of life, and thus turn his steps towards salvation. In this way, through you, whoever is of good will will know My true and only Church and be able to join it. She is like one great heart that beats in the whole Universe and loves God without pretence and without conditions.[3]

I tell you that there will be sad times for the humanity of the Earth who refuses to convert and change life. My royalty will destabilise the global system, which Lucifer and his followers have elaborated over the centuries to dominate this world. The false certainties of many men, the false doctrines and the false science will collapse. Unjust riches, accumulated by a few to the detriment of many, will be consumed. The tyrants and the oppressors, the evil and the corrupt will cover their faces in shame when the peoples laugh at their nakedness, for everything will be naked before My eyes.[4]

When the people who do not love God, the superficial and the indifferent, whoever seeks only his personal advantage without caring about anyone, will swallow the lies of the powerful without questioning them and remaining silent before injustice, they will follow the fate of the world. They will weep and complain but they will not change because they do not want to change; they do not want to come to Me to be saved.[5]

I will tell you, who are My Church: be ready for the battle and stay awake at all times. I want to find you awake every time I need you. Do not allow anyone to put off the light of My Life in you; ask for the light that enables you to discern between all things and you will receive it. The time of your liberation is drawing near.[6] Walk with Me towards freedom; participate in the victory of your King.[7]

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] He refers to the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, that has been striking the Earth since the beginning of the year 2020

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