“Let Us Celebrate the Liturgical Events Together”

5 December 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Fr.Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)


Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the theme of our reflection this evening is: “Let us celebrate the liturgical events together”. We celebrate the second Sunday of Advent, which leads us towards the messianic year, the coming year, which will be consecrated to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah[1] announces the messianic times. Isaiah announces times that are very close to man, to his everyday life. At the same time, He refers to the times of fulfilment in the eschatological meaning.[2]The Gospel of Mark[3], speaks about the prophet, John the Baptist, who calls everyone to prepare the way for the Messiah, and He says that the Messiah will baptise with the power of the Holy Spirit. In the second reading[4], St. Peter invites us to prepare for the messianic times, pointing to the fulfilment in the new creation, and He encourages us to participate with holiness and true devotion in order to hasten the times and reach the fulfilment of all promises of God. In this sense, we celebrate these events, which lead us to the new creation.

As you know, we will celebrate the eve of the Immaculate Conception next week, on Monday evening. We will consecrate the whole Universe to the Blessed Mother, Queen of the Universe, and to Christ, King of the Universe, offering our life according to Her intentions.[5]On the day of the Immaculate Conception, we will consecrate ourselves to the Holy Spiritbecause, in the messianic year, we will be guided by Him.[6] Let us try to understand this passage.

In the last message Jesus has given us, “Be Ready for the Battle”, of 21 November 2020[7], He said: “My and your Father wants you to consecrate the whole year of 2021 to Me, the Son of God and King of the Universe, who I am. My Church of the whole Universe has to consecrate to Me every day of the coming year, and every member has to consecrate every moment of his/her life. In this way, I will reign in My Church, and I will manifest the Kingdom of God through you.

Next year will be the messianic year, as was announced by the prophets of the Old Testament. The graces that came from the Messiah already touched those times and led towards the new creation. In those times, the fruit of the grace that came before the coming of the Messiah could be seen, the signs could be seen, but the response of the people was necessary.

Next year, Jesus will resume everything that stopped after the apostles. Even the evangelisation of the whole Universe stopped, and the power of the Holy Spirit weakened because the Christians gradually detached themselves from the Spirit of God, especially the communion in the Church moved away from the Spirit of God. Next year, Jesus will resume, with all His power, the original programmeof the early Church, but this time, He will bring it to completion. Next year, this process begins.Jesus said:

“I will act profoundly in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the Church of the whole Universe. I will be present in a special way in this Church of the Earth in the coming year. I will manifest My Power as King and Lord in her.” He added: “Headed by St. Michael the Archangel, she will advance victoriously with the power of faith and miracles.”

Jesus will act with the power of the Holy Spirit, that is, with the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit, which is in Him, as He is one with the Father in the Holy Spirit.  What can we expect in the coming year? The message gives some indications:

“My royalty will destabilise the global system, which Lucifer and his followers have elaborated over the centuries to dominate this world. The false certainties of many men, the false doctrines and the false science will collapse … The people who do not love God, the superficial and the indifferent, whoever seeks only his personal advantage without caring about anyone … will follow the fate of the world.”

What does this tell us? The passage tells us that the Holy Spirit will act silently in every believer and in the Church of the whole Universe, specifically in His Church on Earth, to awaken life in every single one and in all together.

This awakening has two special aspects: the Spirit powerfully touches our weaknesses, our wounds and our sins, but He touches us with love, without blaming, to enable us to strip ourselves of everything that embitters us, that has distanced us from God and prevents us from making a leap towards God and towards the new creation. It is not a punitive act, but a paternal, fraternal act that wants to take us back to Him and to the new creation. The second aspect is that, if we are open, God will always confirm our steps with the power of the Holy Spirit, with signs that will not be lacking in the next year. The third aspect is that the Holy Spirit awakens us from our roots and takes us to fulfilment.

We can only understand all this if we give up hypocrisy, if,through our love,we recognise God’s love; if we are not hindered by all sorts of ideas or devotional forms, which distract us from the love of God, because love must be loved. Only when we love God, who is the Supreme Good, Supreme Love, the path towards trust and hope in God will open and our inner rebirth will take place.

Those who oppose God or are indifferent to Him cannot perceive this process in us. You see that we have come to a very subtle, just division. I would say that we are reaching the time when the Holy Spirit will touch the humanity that rejects God; yet, the humanity that rejects the Holy Spirit commits sin against the Holy Spirit, for which there is no longer any reparation.

In these times, we must be vigilant and open so that the Holy Spirit may purify us and make our conscience free and blameless. We must not be afraid of our weaknesses, but rather submit them to God’s goodness that inevitably passes through the Messiah, the Son of Godand the Redeemer. He glorifies Himself to help us, not to condemn us but to recuperate us.

We must walk in this direction, especially in this time of preparation for Christmas, for the coming year. We must free ourselves from our fear of God because we are fragile. We muststop blaming others and ourselves and become open so that the Holy Spirit may act freely in us, and we must stop worrying about those who reject the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will act silently but powerfullyin us; He will also act in us in favour of all those who have to be recuperated.

All this will happen to the humanity of the Earth but only through the Immaculate Mother of humanity, who welcomed the Son of God, through Her and in Her, in favour of all humanity. She offered Herself,as a human being,sincerely and blamelesslyto God the Father. She was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and gave our humanity to the Word of God, Christ. Thus, the part of humanity of the Earth that adheres to Christ in the Holy Spirit, by opening and offering itself to Him, will reach the fulfilment of the promises as announced by Christ.

Therefore, let us focus on ourselves. Together with the Immaculate Mother and through Her, let us surrender to Jesus without conditions, desiring to reach fullness, leaving aside all the worries that the world causes. We are in the world, but we are not of the world[8]; we walk the roads of the world and we must behave like honest citizens, but our spirit is with Christ; through Christ and in Christ, it rises to the Father in the Holy Spirit. If we are open, we will feel the true security that God gives, and the confusion and the trials will not strike us so hard. They will increase because humanity must be divided;it cannot continue like this.

In this sense, I invite you all to consecrate the whole Universe. Of course, we will do it by consecrating ourselves, to the Mother and Queen of the Universe and to Christ, King of the Universe, with the help of the whole Church of the whole Universe. Let us offer our life so that everything that Jesus wants to accomplish may be accomplished;every soul, every man, every person of good will and every creature may be recapitulated in Him, and His glory may be manifested in the next year on Earth, and a powerful changemay begin for the entire humanity in the Universe.

I bless you for this holiday; may you consecrate yourselves to Mary Most Holy and to the Holy Spirit; may your spirit, your soul and your body feel the power that passes through the Holy Spirit, who comes from God the Father through the Son. May He heal you from your insecurities, worries, tensions, psychological and physical illnesses and from all the pains that you are experiencing. I bless you so that the peace of Christ be with you, andyou maybring peace to the whole Universethrough the peace of Christ;in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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