The Messianic Time

Vigil of the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Message of Mary Most Holy – The Messianic Time

7 December 2020

“Dearest Children,

I am pleased to speak to you on the vigil of the solemnity that honours My Immaculate Conception. On this vigil, the Lord sends Me to announce to you a year of grace and mercy but also of hard combat against the kingdom of darkness.

2021 will indeed be a particular year for the Earth and for the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, which is present on this planet; it will be a turning point for the whole Universe. It means the beginning of a new time, a MESSIANIC TIME. Thus, a new era of human history will begin; one that has never been seen, and in which My Son will manifest His royal and priestly power in the Church of the whole Universe.

His manifestation will be silent but very concrete. It will pass through the action of His people and of the extraordinary instruments of these times. Jesus will be present more than ever in spirit in His Church; He will accompany her testimony in the whole Universe with the signs of His power, much more than took place at the time of the Apostles[1] because today the Church is there in the whole Universe and her strength has grown.

Thus, the GLORIFICATION OF JESUS willed by the Father will begin and culminate in the glorious coming of Jesus at the end of times. The Holy Spirit will act powerfully in the Church of the whole Universe. He will take every faithful and the whole of His people to an ever higher and similar spiritual level in the whole Universe. In this way, the differences between the various humanities will be overcome. In fact, all will have to reach the same knowledge of God and His Laws through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

In this way, the glorification of Jesus will go hand in hand with the RECAPITULATION in Him of the whole creation. In fact, My Son will attract to Himself those who will be judged worthy of participating in His glory; then, the glory of His children will pour upon the whole creation, which is waiting for the manifestation of the children of God, as it is written.[2]

All this will not happen from one day to another, but it will be a gradual process, which will allow the people of God to assimilate the powerful graces of these times. God’s interventions are not magic, but always require the free and conscious participation of the people in the events designed by God. Nevertheless, the Lord rules time, and He is always free to accelerate the events according to the response and the participation of His Church. Therefore, I ask you to intensify your commitment to your spiritual path so that the Lord may speed up the times and shorten the suffering of a large part of humanity.[3]

The presence of Jesus, who is alive and working in His Church of the whole Universe, will force Lucifer and his hosts to come out in the open. Thus, the battle between the people of the Lamb and the people of the Dragon will begin, and it will end with the coming of Jesus in His glory. Only then will Lucifer and all his kingdom be expelled to eternal darkness, the dimension they will deserve, whereas creation will be new, harmonious and suitable for the children of God.

Do not be afraid of facing this battle because My Son will combat along with His Church of the whole Universe. Each of you will be assigned the task that best suits your originality. If you remain faithful to your call, nothing will harm you.

I tell you all: now is the time to make a final choice. Decide on which side of the battlefield you want to be and to which army you want to belong, whether to God or to Lucifer. No one will be able to close the eyes to the events because the struggle will affect the entire humanity of the Universe. Everyone, believers and non-believers, will be involved in the cosmic events that appear on the horizon. You will not be able to remain indifferent.

As Mother, I beg you to choose God and to place yourselves under the full authority of My Son Jesus before it is too late. I want to gather you under My mantle to protect and comfort you, but I will not be able to do anything for you if you refuse Me. Now is the time to decide; it is still the time of Mercy. Do not abuse My Lord’s patience and convert yourselves. Abandon the empty life of the world, which cannot give you happiness, even less salvation.

The messianic time of which I speak, is also a time of EVANGELISATION. It will also end on Earth with the glorious coming of My Son. The Earth is pagan, distant from God, infested with corruption and sin, enslaved by the devil that is pushing it towards the abyss. Therefore, the evangelisation of the Earth is of primary importance for the entire Universe, which is waiting for the conversion of the Earth. The powerful action of Jesus in the Church will give your humanity a strong impulse towards conversion. Jesus’ presence among His people will be palpable and, thus, also the power of the Church of the whole Universe, which will expand day by day.

Over the centuries, many mystics have spoken about the INTERMEDIARY COMING OF JESUS even though they did not clearly know its meaning. The presence of Jesus in spirit among His people, of which I speak, is the intermediary coming of Jesus. It will precede His glorious coming in which Jesus will present Himself in flesh and blood as Son of God and Son of Man. He will come to judge humanity and forever divide light from darkness, the children of God from the children of Satan. He will finally establish the Kingdom of God and offer it to the Father in the Holy Spirit. He will introduce the children of God into the new creation that the Father will have prepared for them.

The things I am speaking of are great and terrible for those who do not believe, but full of hope and love for those who are awaiting them with faith. The ancient promises of the prophets of Israel will be entirely fulfilled. The seed of holiness and justice, which has been sown by the saints of all times and all planets, often through hard work and pain, will give eternal fruit. The tree of life will flourish forever in the garden of God, which is the new creation. God will be all in all. Children, hurry to take part now in this great plan of God.

In the evangelisation of the Universe and particularly the Earth, the SIGN that I have given you and which many of you are already carrying, will be of great importance.[4] It expresses the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the Church of the whole Universe. The triumph of My Heart is the prelude of the triumph of My Son because I am the Queen of the Universe. It is also an obligatory passage from the old to the new creation for the people of God. My Heart is in the centre of the Cross because I am the Co-redemptrix of humanity. The stars that surround My Heart are My children in the whole Universe because I am the Mother of humanity.

The sign I have given to you encloses My power as Queen, Co-redemptrix and Mother of humanity. My task, in these times, is to guard the Church of the whole Universe and prepare her for the glorious coming of My Son at the end of times, but also for His intermediary coming in these times. My presence and My work among you will accompany the glorification of My Son and that of His people in this Messianic time.

This sign is already widespread in the whole Universe and must be spread on Earth through the Church of Jesus Christ that is present on this planet. It will be the sign of belonging to the people of the Universe. It will be powerful and bear fruit of conversion and healing, thus contributing to the evangelisation of the Earth. The power of this sign will also be the manifestation of the power of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Along with the sign, the two prayers of consecration, given to you by St. Michael the Archangel in 2007[5], will be important. They obtain all their greatness in these times, because they sum up the prayers of the whole people of the Universe to My Son and Me.

I promise to those, who will carry the sign with faith and will say the prayers of consecration that I told you, the conversion and the healing of the spirit, the soul and the body. I will be close to them and protect them with My power as Queen, Mother and Co-redemptrix. I will reward with many graces all those who spread the sign and teach the prayers of consecration to others. In this way, you will help Me in My work and I thank you for this.

Be strong, children, and always remain humble; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

[1] See Mark 16,20

[2] See Romans 8,19-22

[3] See 2Pt 3,11-15

[4] She refers to the cross that the members of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” have been wearing for a few years and which Our Lady Herself showed us through Stefania Caterina. You will find the explanation in the article of 1 November 2016, “The Sign is a cross …” on our website

[5] They are the prayers of consecration to the Mother and Queen of the Universe and to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. You will find them under the category “Consecrations and Prayers” on our website

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