Immersing with Mary in God’s Love

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

25 December 2020 – Christmas Day

(Translated Audio)

Merry Christmas to you all; may this Christmas truly help us begin with the preparation for our consecration and offering to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, according to Her intentions.

The readings of last night’s Midnight Mass[1], the Mass at Dawn[2] and the Mass on Christmas Day[3] express the whole path that the Lord made us follow in these years. It is also the path that every Christian follows in his life through the Gospel and the Holy Scriptures; if we are able to see it, it is also our own path, that of each one of us, that led the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe to come out in the open even here on Earth. That is the event, as Jesus said[4], that has triggered Lucifer’s anger since 2018 when the Church was proclaimed.

Yesterday, Father Tomislav clearly showed us how to welcome and live the words of Jesus’ message, as well as the words of Mary Most Holy and those revealed to us in the previous messages.[5] That is the only way to welcome them and immerse ourselves into them to feel what God has done for us; in other words, His Love. They are words that we cannot understand, just like the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel, and we risk to interpret them in our won way if we do not immerse ourselves in silence, as Mary Most Holy  has always done, and ponder in our hearts what God has done and is doing now.

The Gospel[6] of the Midnight Mass says: “Mary gave birth to her firstborn, a son.” As you know, this gave rise to many interpretations, such as: “This means that she had other children, etc.” Here the “firstborn” means the first Child of God, after whom She generated all of us. All those who welcome the Word, Jesus Christ, together with Mary are generated. Jesus is the first, and we all have come after Him. Mary is the Mother of humanity and Co-redemptrix.

In today’s Mass at Dawn, the shepherds announce to Her what St. Michael has told them, and she begins to contemplate the meaning of those words.[7] She pondered the Love of God in Her Heart; the Love that She had encountered by grace from the beginning; She who was conceived without sin and was offered to the temple when She was three years old. We do not know how She prayed, what it meant to Her to encounter God, to know God; the God of the Patriarchs, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let us imagine the personal encounter with God of a young woman, grown up in the temple from an early age, with all the precepts of Israel; how She was prepared for the personal encounter with God; how Her spirit widened so that She promptly said “Yes” to the Archangel Gabriel, and thus also accepted the whole path of Her life. Everything had been a preparation for it.

Yesterday Father Tomislav said, “Immerse yourselves in God’s Love and welcome it to understand Mary and all saints”, and I add: to understand all the messages.

Today’s Gospel is John’s prologue[8]; how can we understand God’s Love? How can we feel it? We have seen it in history; we have experienced it ourselves; we have felt it strongly and the sinners have also felt it strongly in God’s forgiveness. We feel the sweetness, the tenderness of His Love because we feel accepted by His Mercy, by His Love; we truly feel how He has taken upon Himself all our sins to nail them to the Cross out of love for us. However, Father Tomislav said that we need to immerse ourselves in the silence. St. Joseph gave us that wonderful message about silence. [9]

Thus, I tell you to try to immerse the Gospel of John in the silence and try to understand: “The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” And He decided to become man. He had life; He was life; He was the Light, and He descended into darkness. Why did He do that? He created us; He redeemed us and He still wants to sanctify us; He keeps seeking us to the last.

In His message He speaks of His intermediary coming.[10] He speaks about the power and royalty He will give to each of us, to His Church, which is His people. He speaks about the wedding, the Mystical Union, about becoming like Him, thinking like Him, acting like Him. But, with what kind of royalty? Look at the royalty with which the One who created the world came down: “Through him all things were made” (John 1,3). Look at what He did to make us again children of God, giving grace upon grace to those who have welcomed Him. Yet, He was not welcomed straight away; He was thwarted and persecuted until death on the cross.

I think that this trail contains the whole path for next year. In what power and royalty? As children of Mary Most Holy, like Mary and like Jesus. Mary, the Mother of God, passed through the temple to welcome the Son. Probably, She was very dear to the High Priest, but afterwards She risked being stoned, and then always found herself running away, always at risk of death, not welcomed by her family and by neighbours. They loved Her because they saw how sweet and positive she was, how much positive energy she transmitted, but she was rejected because she did not fully follow what they thought was right. She kept following Her Son and God’s Love that the Son witnessed and lived, pondering all in Her Heart, until becoming Mother under the Cross: Mother of us all.

She gave birth to Jesus in a stable; She generated each of us under the Cross, and She keeps generating us. By consecrating ourselves to Mary according to Her intentions, in the coming year, we are called to bear witness to this Love as She did. To bear witness to God’s Love, we have to feel it, ponder it and immerse ourselves in it. To do this we also have to seek it within us, but always with the awareness of what God has done for us.

Yesterday, when he spoke about St. Francis, Father Tomislav also said, “Love is not loved”[11],; love is not understood; very few have understood it. I believe that one of the reasons why we do not want to understand it, is that we do not want to ponder it in our heart where life is. Because when we begin to ponder it, the seals that are within us since the moment of conception are opened, and as those seals open up, everything becomes clear to us, but all this happens in the truth. Thus, seeing the truth of this Love frightens us; even the idea of having to love in this way frightens us. However, consider that this fear of loving in this way, “How can I love like that?”, comes up because we still rely on ourselves. We think we have to do all by ourselves. Yet, this is the path towards welcoming love so that He may act in us. This is the wedding in which we become soul spouses. It is always Jesus who loves everyone to the last; it is Jesus who reaches the Church, every little one, through us. It is not our work; it is the work of the Most Holy Trinity.

By welcoming this love, we enter into communion with all instruments of God. In this time, the extraordinary instruments will be strengthened, as Jesus said.[12] Therefore, in the events of daily life we must enter in the silence and love Jesus when we are suffering. Not to be liberated from suffering but to feel that He is close to us, suffering for us, taking upon Himself all our difficulties. As we accept to be with Him, the seals open up within us and, through us, He will love all those who are suffering. Then, it is God, Jesus, who acts through us, but first He asks for our “Yes”. He asks for our faith: He wants us to know that He is there, that He has already paid, that He has already given everything, grace upon grace, but He asks for our “Yes” to Him.

The instant we welcome this path with love, it becomes obligatory, as the letter to the Hebrews says today: “After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.”[13]  We, too, along with Him and Mary, the Co-redemptrix, we have to go through the purification from our sins with our “Yes” to God; we have to go through it in our everyday life. We cannot welcome God’s love in a romantic way, thinking that God loves us, forgives us and takes away all difficulties from us, that He will do everything. Yes, He will, but He wants our participation.

This will be the extraordinary action of next year’s intermediate coming of Jesus: we will feel His strong, living, true presence; yet, these are not charismas. There will be many signs, but they will happen when we do not seek them, when we do not want them. They will happen naturally, because where there is the living presence of Jesus, there His whole Church is present; even His creation feels it, and whoever is of good will will be awakened by this.

Let us offer ourselves according to Holy Mary’s intentions. She has already told us one of Her intentions, which is to spread the sign; it is clear; She has told us that. She has promised great graces to those who will do this service, who will be ready to do it. However, this must not be done like a business, but as Isaiah said[14], as bringers of the good news, as bringers of hope. How beautiful are the words of those who will carry this sign, spreading the sign with the prayers of consecration that Mary has asked us to say, because, if you read them, you will notice that they contain everything.

Consecrate yourselves; let Jesus’ Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary touch you and have power over everything that you consecrate to them: angels, people, creatures. When done with faith, it is energy that penetrates all humanity, all creation, the whole world and the whole Universe. That energy expels the disintegrating energy of Lucifer and his fellows. Then, it becomes easy to surrender to Him and to live in simplicity. He has asked us to live a simple life and be faithful to Him; thus, God will act.

We wish you Merry Christmas, and we wish you to prepare for the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Holy Spirit to become those who afterwards consecrate all things to Jesus. This means that Jesus will be able touch everything through us. May He, with His living Presence, His intermediary presence, as the message says, touch all things through our lives and our “Yes”. Let us ponder in our hearts God’s infinite Love that wants to save every soul.

Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph may unite us with this family, which is the family of God, His Church; may they continue to generate us; may they continue to generate us to the life of God so that we receive grace upon grace, all the Love of Jesus Christ on Earth: the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May this Love transform us, all humanity and all creatures; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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