“The Soul-Spouses”

24 December 2020 – Christmas Eve

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you Merry Christmas, happy Christmas holidays; may the Lord give special graces for these times to you all who follow these programmes and participate in our celebrations in spirit.

In the readings of the Holy Night we have heard the prophecy of Isaiah[1], the prophet, who announced the Messianic times. In the Gospel of Luke we have heard the narration of Jesus’ birth.[2] In the letter of the Apostle Paul to the community led by Titus, St. Paul gives testimony of the fruit of the redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ[3] and directs the community towards the glorious coming of Christ. Thus, all that belongs to the past, was and will be useful for us, in the way we have experienced this year by living a liturgy that is linked to the events. In what sense is the Liturgy linked to the events? In the sense that we experience the presence of God among us in all events that the humanity of the Earth and of the whole Universe is going through. We would have failed if, in this celebration, we did not feel the presence of Jesus who guides us and shows us the actions to take in these times.

Jesus Himself has spoken to us about the soul-spouses in today’s message[4], and I want a part of this message to be a reading that accompanies the liturgy of the events. He says:

“What do I want from you? A simple life worthy of your call; a holy life, offered to the One who is three times Holy. The Church will not be able to be My Spouse unless all the souls of which she is composed are My spouses.”

This grace challenges the religious superficiality of the Christians. Let us remember that Jesus wants to take the Church to perfection and that He says that Christianity has been reduced to the level of all other religions, becoming a religion among other religions. Jesus wants to turn things around.

“Therefore, I ask you to be SOUL-SPOUSES. These souls have belonged to Me since eternity. They have decided to give themselves to Me fully; they have given everything to Me, and I have given everything to them. They are not afraid of death because they have chosen life, and they follow Me meekly wherever I go.”

They do not fear death; they do not fear anything.

They are souls who are particularly united with My Mother and resemble Her in their docility and obedience. They are the joy of the Father and fertile ground in which the Holy Spirit sows the seed of life. United with Me like true spouses, they awaken life in other souls and lead them to God. My Church will be composed of these souls, who will fill the Universe with the aroma of God and be the ruin of Lucifer.”

Thus, brothers and sisters, these words want us to be reborn in the Holy Spirit in this Night and in these days of preparation for the new year. I think that these times can be compared with the times of the Apostles, who had been prepared for three years; yet, our preparation has been longer. Today I thought of the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. We are in the fortieth year since they began; next year, it will be forty years, and the forty-first year will begin; we, the people in the new Church, have been accompanied for a long time.

Now, these days are directing us towards a rebirth in order to be sent out with the power of the Holy Spirit the in new year because Jesus will act in His Church, and this Church of the Earth, which has united with the Church of the whole Universe, will be the protagonist of these times. The whole Universe and the whole Mystical Body of Christ will be united with her and our celebrations. This does not give us the right to be proud or to feel superior, but rather we need to understand our position and fulfil our mission. This will also prepare us for our solemn consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to offer ourselves totally to Her in accordance with Her intentions.[5]

Now, I want to speak about our birth in these days. Our birth is to continue Jesus Christ’s birth within us, the joy of the Father within us and our fertility so that the Holy Spirit may begin and then continue to sow His seeds in our spirit. When Jesus speaks of the soul-spouses, He does not only refer to nuns or friars, but to all Christians, to the whole Church, because we are all called to perfection, in our originality and with the identity of our mission; all of us!  Therefore, whoever feels frustrated shall take courage, as you are called to fullness; no one is greater or smaller anymore. We are all called to reach fullness and we must take courage and understand what Jesus wanted to say. He wanted to say that we have said “Yes” at the moment of conception and now we have to manifest our decision and reach the maturity for this decision. Jesus will generate in us the maturity to decide through the united action of the Holy Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ words go deep into our spirit. If we want to feel this, we have to immerse ourselves into our inmost place, where neither emotions nor human reasoning dominate. We have been conceived in the pure love of God, and when Lucifer appeared before us to draw us to him, we said “No” to him and “Yes” to God’s love, and thus His love is imprinted in us. Regardless of the fact that all the consequences of original sin, and now also of collective sin, awaited us on Earth, the seal of the Son, who manifested Himself in His Love, was in us; then, He communicated His Spirit to us.

Therefore, today we are called to immerse ourselves into His Love. You certainly know that St. Francis wept bitterly, saying: “Love is not loved; Love is not loved.”[6]  The Mother of humanity said in the book “Life Is Not Life without God”[7] that only few souls have found and welcomed God’s love.[8] This is the cause of our problems. I will give an example: experts say there is no need to cut off the dry leaves of the palm trees because the trees shed them on their own. However, if you want to keep your garden clean and tidy, you will try to remove the dry leaves. If you have a healthy, strong tree, the dry leaves will easily fall off just by touching them, as the plant has its own vital process that causes it to shed anything that is of weight. If you approach a tree that is sick, closed in on itself, you will not be able to easily remove the leaves; you will have to use scissors.

This is an image of our life: when we are immersed in Christ’s love, evil flees from us; when we are immersed in the Face of the Father through the Son, evil will not come close to us. When we are deeply immersed in Jesus Christ, we defeat evil, we defeat our death, and we can manifest life to others. Look, the process of life involves movement within us; if we welcome God’s life to keep it to ourselves, we will cause the process to stop. God’s love makes us vital and capable of continuously generating new leaves, new fruit, while old things automatically fall apart. We do not need orders from a religion, saying: “Do this, do that; God will punish you if …”. All those threats are only violence towards a tree that is closed in on  itself, which will not give any fruit.

Therefore, the love we have welcomed must reach perfection; it must overcome death so that it is removed from us. This will happen in the whole Universe, but we have to reawaken in us all that we have been taught. The Holy Spirit has spoken to us about God’s creativity in silence; Our Lady has called us to virginal silence[9], to do a path of liberation from sin and reconciliation to God; you certainly remember the Solemnity of the Queen of the Angels.[10] Now we have to make it our own. Our problem is that by love we mean something that is worthless.

Our life, generated by love, is love that God has given to us, and for this love to remain alive, it must be returned to God for the benefit of others. Yet, we do business with love; we give it to the people we like, that suit us. This kind of love feeds our selfishness and our egocentrism, the sick tree. However, when our life becomes flourishing love that is continuously offered to God, we overcome death; if we give this love to everyone, likeable or not, good or bad, we defeat evil and God’s love triumphs in us. Thus, we feel the abundance of love and our hearts overflow, as Jesus’ Heart, and love begins to spread to others. This should be our birth and preparation for the new year. Not by chance, God has given us the Holy Immaculate Mother, the Co-redemptrix, and the Holy Spirit. He said, “You will not lack anything”, and we must draw hope from this.[11]

All of you, who are listening, try to begin with this contemplation. This will be the path of the coming year; no shows in the sky. This is the path on which the power of the King of the Universe will manifest itself. This is the path to reach even the last soul; the path that goes beyond all the borders of political, economic and religious systems; thus, the power of God, through the King of the Universe, will challenge all false systems and awaken the positive ones.

I invite all of you who are listening, who belong to nuclei, to points of light, to prayer groups, to charismatic groups, immerse yourselves into God’s love, become God’s love. Anything else risks becoming superficial and misleading. Also, I tell you that this pure love of God that bursts within us, united with the Immaculate Mother at the foot of the Cross – the crosses that we meet every day – will save humanity beyond all charismas. If there is no love in charismas and in preaching, they do not regenerate us, they deceive us.

Therefore, I say to you, who accept these programmes: this is the programme to enter the new year and to solemnly consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Mother according to Her intentions. As we go through the celebrations and the coming events, you will be told what to do and how to grow. Yet, it is fundamental that we are all reborn in God’s love, and then you will see the darkness, the fears and the confusion withdraw from you. You have seen that God has permitted the celebrations in the churches to be limited in order to lead you to seek God within you.

Our Lady said it through Stefania  in the book “Life Is Not Life without God”[12]. It is precisely this, and the whole path we take in that book leads us to God’s love. His love vivifies people, it vivifies all nature, all creation and all will be led to God, who is the source, and we will live with Him. Thus, I invite you all, in these days, to ask the Holy Spirit to awaken the love of God in you. If you do not place God’s love at the centre of your life, you will not understand Our Lady; you will not understand the Saints and the Eucharist, and you will not be able to welcome the power of Christ’s Love in the Eucharist. Thus, everything easily becomes superficial.

Finally, I want to say that all of us, the whole Church that belongs to Jesus Christ, have been called to become like the Immaculate Mother. The Church that will enter the New Creation must become beautiful and clean, each one of has to. These souls and this Church will not lack anything, and all the promises of God will be accomplished through this Church.

I bless you; the Holy Spirit may descend upon you with all His power, wherever you are; whether you are ill, suffering, disheartened or fearful because the churches are closed and there are no priests for confession. The peace of God, the light that illuminates, the love that nourishes and never abandons anyone, that leaves no emptiness and no word without meaning, be with you all. The fullness of Grace may descend upon you in this Holy Night so that each one of you may feel supported by Christ the King of the Universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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