“Consecrated to the Service of Love”

31 December 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)


Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters;  I thank you who are united with us in spirit in this solemn consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of God and Mother of us all. I thank you who will bear witness of this consecration by inviting others to participate in the graces of the new year. Thus, the New Year 2021, will be very fruitful for humanity.

Tonight, in this vigil, we will reflect on the words that Our Lady has given us for this occasion. The title of Her message is “Consecrated to the Service of Love”[1]; Love with a capital letter. In this message Our Lady returns to the past year to highlight important points. Thus, we will return to our consecration of last year[2], the solemn consecration that is different from the ordinary consecration we do. Holy Mary said that when a people consecrates itself, She also consecrates Herself for us to fulfil Her mission in us. Thus, last year’s consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has prepared the way for the whole liturgical year.

On the day of Epiphany, St. Michael, Jesus’ precursor, showed the people the path[3], because he is heading the Church to prepare her for the glorious coming of Christ. Shortly after, at the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord, after renewing our promises to God, the Holy Spirit explained to us the action of the Holy Trinity[4]. Consequently, we consecrated ourselves to the Holy Trinity on 19 January 2020 for the Holy Trinity to act in us.

After the beginning of the liturgical year, all the other events have followed one another up to now. First of all, the event Our Lady highlights in Her message as the first point: “The division between the true and the false Church”, made by the Father on 19 January 2020.[5] This may be shocking for some people, but not for God. The Bible said that only the pure will enter the Kingdom of God; a dirty Church cannot enter it.[6]

We are living in accelerated times, moving towards the second coming of Jesus Christ; therefore, all people, all instruments who are at the disposal of God must be clean and functioning. Thus, this act of division between the true and the false Church is not a provocation on our part. We have consecrated ourselves to be faithful to the Most Holy Trinity; we do not want to be superficial or hypocrites, but fully adhere to the life of the One and Triune God. Thus, God has done an act of love to protect those who want to live with integrity in Him, separating from His people what is harmful. We do not judge anyone because the judgment belongs to God, and He has to take care of all things.

The second important point of the year that Holy Mary has highlighted is: “The proclamation of My prerogative as Co-redemptrix”.[7] A proclamation. Mary Most Holy made us aware of what She is for us, what Her Royal dignity in Her Motherhood means, with which She participates fully in God’s Omnipotence, and, submitted to the Grace of Omnipotence, acts within us. Through the action of the Father of dividing the true form the false Church, He has given us an even stronger instrument for our protection: the One who is perfectly united with the Son and the Eucharist. As we have heard during the year, She prostrates in every Mass we celebrate at the moment of Transubstantiation, to express Her total submission to the will of the Father.[8]

Subsequently, on 2 April, St. Michael proclaimed the beginning of the last and final battle against the forces of evil.[9] In this sense, all our celebrations took place, which were cosmic events of grace.  Thus we have come to the third point that Holy Mary highlighted: “The final separation from the Catholic Church and the spirit of the world that it carries within.”  It was not us who said that, but St. Michael in his message of 31 October, 2020, the vigil of All Saints, “The Lord Will Come with All His Saints”:

“The Catholic Church, through the hierarchies that represent her, has considered these revelations as contrary to the Christian doctrine and thus a cause for scandal for the faithful. In doing so, she separated from the path of this people and from the Church of the Universe. The consequences of this choice will be serious and inevitable.”

St. Michael also added: “The “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” will continue her pathway in the whole Universe. She will grow and manifest herself more and more to the eyes of the entire humanity. On Earth in particular, she will reveal herself to those who are of good will. Many Catholics feel crushed by the hierarchical system. Moreover, they do not understand what direction this papacy is giving to the Catholic Church. The same is taking place in the other Christian confessions, which are fragmented and often opposed to each other.”

Then St. Michael spoke about the oppression of the humanity of the Earth and the confusion that we all notice in today’s society because of the pandemic and corruption. He also said that God will direct His people towards the Church of the whole Universe. In this regard, Holy Mary said:

The year 2021 will mark a gradual approach for the Earth to the peak of its history. The intermediary coming of My Son will force men to come to light in all their actions. Thus, what My Son told you will gradually come true: nothing concealed will remain hidden.

She explained that all the good and all the evil will come out in the open. What does that mean? It means that each one of us and all humanity must appear openly before God. Whoever wants to remain in the darkness shall do so. Whoever wants to see the light, change life and live according to the light, will have the possibility to do so.

In this context, the Holy Mother said: “Each of you will have to be aware of your identity and mission so that the Lord can put you in the right place. The generosity of each member will give strength to the whole Church both on Earth and in the rest of the Universe.”

Mary Most Holy promised: “I will be with you in the battle and nothing will harm you.” Then, She invites us to solemnly consecrate ourselves to Her: “Therefore, I ask you to consecrate your life and the whole Church to Me at the beginning of this year so that I can gather you all in My Heart and protect you. The consecration to My Heart will bring you closer to the Heart of My Son Jesus and you will be consecrated to His service with Me. Thus, the coming year will flow peacefully for you despite the difficulties that you will face because of the great confusion of the Earth.”

She also said: “The consecration to My Heart that I ask of you today is not like the simple acts of devotion that many of you have done in life, but full adherence to My work in these times.”

It is not a mere recitation, or a devotional prayer, but belonging to Her Heart. In the biblical sense, the heart is the Immaculate Spirit that is in Her. When we are immersed in the Immaculate Spirit of Mary Most Holy, we are free to discern between light and darkness and choose the light. In Her Heart, we will have the strength to choose the good. In Her Heart we will live God’s Love within us. Belonging to Her Heart through Her Heart opens us for Jesus’ Heart, because He is the Head of the Church, and all members should be living members; one heart, one soul, one with Jesus.

This will be the stage of the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Jesus Christ. Then, His Church will belong to Him. He will be able to act as the King of the Universe through His Church of the whole Universe. Through the Church, He will be able to draw into His Heart all lost children, who have been influenced by systems, by seduction, by the spirit of the world.

The Blessed Mother underlines: “You will be consecrated to the service of Love, with a capital letter, just as I am. Thus, the graces and gifts will reawaken in all of you. Your “Yes”, united with Mine, will enlarge the space in you for the action of the Most Holy Trinity. Only by consecrating yourselves to Me, will you be able to face the cunning of the deceiving enemy and reject all temptations, annul the force of his hatred and go through the painful events that await your humanity.”

It is the consecration to Love, with a capital letter. We can only be regenerated, transformed and taken to the New Creation if we allow God’s Love to penetrate us individually as well as all those who want to be with God. God’s Love that manifested in Jesus Christ, who removed the barrier between us and God, which was built by original sin and all our sins. Through the Holy Mother, in whom our life is conceived, since She is the real Mother of us all, of the whole Church, we can taste the Love that warms our hearts and makes us fall in love with God. Thus, God becomes the centre of love and the things of this world cannot attract us. No temptation can distract us from the Love that fills us. Look, this is the Love in Jesus’ intermediary coming that Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, wants to give to each of us for our transformation and to accelerate more and more the path towards the new creation.

Thus, we will conclude with the words repeated many times by Mary Most Holy: “These are terrible times for those who do not accept God, but marvellous times for those who welcome God”, who welcome God in the way She did. Not by reciting prayers superficially or by remaining hypocrites, corrupt people, but by deciding for God so that our Holy Mother, the Co-redemptrix, may help us. There, where Her Motherhood and Her Royalty perfectly express themselves we can become true children of God and enter with Christ into the Kingdom of God.

Now, we are on Earth, and the whole Church of the Universe embraces us and consecrates herself to the Mother of God and through Her to Christ, the King of the Universe, so that we may respond and begin with our service of this year, which is to illuminate many, who say they do not believe in God but, actually, do not find Him; who say that Jesus has saved the world and the Universe but do not experience salvation. We are called to take possession of the inheritance to which we are entitled through Jesus Christ, and this decision inevitably goes through the Holy Mother who regenerates us.

I would also like to remind you that next year, on 24 June 2021, it will be forty years since the beginning of the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. This is an significant number.

I bless you on behalf of the whole Church of the Universe, and I bless each of you so that Mary’s pure, immaculate, motherly love may embrace you and enable you to unite totally with Jesus’ Heart to be one with Him and through Him, in the Holy Spirit, with God the Father. I bless you that you be ready to bear fruit and offer it to the people of good will on Earth and in the Universe. May the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe grow and overcome evil, which oppresses humanity; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Happy New Year.


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