In My Name You Will Win

5 January 2021 – Vigil of the Epiphany of the Lord

Message of Jesus – In My Name You Will Win


“Dearest Children,

The year 2021 began only a few days ago and I come to remind you of what I have already told you: the time of My INTERMEDIARY COMING among My people, in the power of the Holy Spirit, has come. Tomorrow, you celebrate Epiphany, that is, My manifestation to the whole Universe. Precisely in this vigil, I want to manifest Myself to you, My Church of the whole Universe present on Earth.

Today I will place My dwelling among you to begin with you an intensive path of evangelisation, conversion and healing of the Earth. It is up to you, children of this humanity, to evangelise your planet. The evangelisation always brings with it conversion and healing of both individuals and entire peoples.

The mission I entrusted to My twelve Apostles is the same, now as then, and it is valid for you and for the Church: preaching the Kingdom of God, healing those who are ill in body and soul, forgiving the sinners and helping them to convert, casting out demons.

The Earth urgently needs to be evangelised. Despite the efforts of many saints throughout history, the Earth has not converted and obstinately continues to refuse Me. The various Christian confessions of the Earth have not changed this humanity. Lectures and sermons, documents and initiatives of all kinds have left most of humanity indifferent.

Today, the Christianity of the Earth mainly appear presents itself as a gigantic humanitarian association, which helps people more in their material needs than in the spiritual ones. Charity is necessary and praiseworthy, but it cannot represent the whole mission of the Church. For a long time, too many Christians have stopped referring to Me as the Son of God, the only Lord and Saviour. In the name of dialogue, people prefer to talk about the Catholic God; one God among other gods. A path of knowledge and conversion is missing and nothing changes in the hearts of the people.

To this is added the failure of all Christian confessions to proclaim the existence of life in the Universe, and,  above all, their refusal to recognise the presence and the work of My Church in the whole Universe. All this has led to an impoverishment of the action of the Christians. Their testimony leaves no deep signs, with the results that you can see.

Therefore, this has been a necessary path for this people who has decided to welcome the presence of other brothers and sisters of the Universe and to form one Church. Not a new Church but the only Church:

  • established by Me on Earth in favour of the whole Universe;
  • founded on the testimony of the Apostles;
  • wetted by the blood of the martyrs;
  • edified by the words of the prophets;
  • made strong by the life and work of the saints of all times and all planets.

This Church, which has always existed on Earth, has been suffocated and cornered, limited in its action by hierarchies and apparatuses of power, which have nothing to do with faith in Me, even if they have cloaked themselves in My authority. Now, My true Church must emerge in her power on Earth and in the whole Universe. Therefore, I come in your midst to fill you with My grace. Thus, I will prepare you for My last and final, glorious coming on Earth, in which I will manifest Myself openly to the entire humanity of the Universe, and I will judge it with the power that I have received from My Father.[1]

My presence among you will be silent and hidden to the eyes of the world as happened, when I first came to Earth. During the years of My preparation for public life, I also remained in silence, but My presence and My prayers were preparing the hearts and the events.

From now to My glorious coming, I will be among My people of the whole Universe, invisibly to the eyes of those who refuse Me, for as long as the Father wants. It will be you, My people, to manifest My power and testify to My presence among you. I will act in the depth of your spirit, and you will bring out the fruits of your union with Me. Signs and miracles will accompany your mission because I will be the One who works with you. I ask you to be docile and obedient to My authority so that I can make use of you.

Use My name to request and to give. The power of my Name opens the doors to true miracles and what is impossible becomes possible. I want you to ask for everything in my Name from now on.

Do this before every individual or community prayer and before every celebration:

  • Invoke the Holy Spirit so that He helps you ask for things that correspond to God’s will. He knows your wishes and those of the people, but He also knows the wishes of God and He will not allow you to ask for things that do not correspond to God’s will.[2]
  • Then, consecrate yourselves to My Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, so that every request may be filtered through Her wholly pure intentions. She will only offer to God the requests that are worthy to be accepted.
  • Finally, ask the Father to fulfil your request in My Name. I will be before Him asking Him to listen to your prayers if they are just and necessary for your good and that of those you are praying for.[3]

My Name has been used many times but not always for the good. Many powerful of the Earth and many representatives of Christian confessions have used my Name to gain approval and cover up their infidelities. My Name has often been used to justify real crimes. Now it is time for My Name to be used by a faithful people; by My true Church of the whole Universe. I will no longer allow My Name to be profaned by people who are greedy for power and glory, or to be invoked in superficial feasts and celebrations full of the spirit of the world. As it is written: “It is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.”[4]

To you, however, I say to invoke My Name with faith. In My Name you will overcome the hostilities of the world and the hatred of the enemy. I will always be at your side if you invoke Me with a pure heart and the sincere desire to help yourselves and your neighbours to move forward on the path of holiness.

However, I have to tell you to be careful because the times that are opening up before you are the times of the great deceiver: Lucifer will deceive many and blur the thoughts of people to lead them to perdition. He will even try to us My Name to seduce you, but He will not succeed. If you remain faithful to Me and to all that has been shown to you, you cannot be deceived: the light of the Holy Spirit will be in you and My Mother’s Heart will watch over your path. No one will be able to seduce you because I will be among you as the Way, the Truth and the Life.[5]

Keep united with God and all extraordinary instruments that will not fail to protect and help you in your great work of evangelisation of the Earth. The seven great Archangels, headed by St. Michael, will prepare all the paths that you will have to walk. Do not be afraid and go out in My Name to bring salvation to those who desire it, to awaken the dormant consciences, to give relief to those who are suffering. Manifest, finally, the power of the work of My Church of the whole Universe.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

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