“In My Name You Will Win”

5 January 2021

By Stefania Caterina and Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; in this vigil the Solemnity of Epiphany, the manifestation of the Lord our God to all peoples, begins. In the Solemnity of the Mother of God we have consecrated ourselves to Her because, in Her Heart, we can feel God’s presence while She helps us experience it fully.

Today Jesus has spoken to us about how powerful the invocation of His Name is.[1] He introduced us into this solemnity and wants to celebrate it before God the Father with all His Church. This solemnity is a watershed. We can see it in the liturgical readings if we place them in the time of the intermediary coming of Jesus Christ, which, depending on our decision, represents a dividing point. We may choose to be on the side of Herod, who wanted to kill Jesus; on the side of the High Priests, who condemned Him to the outrageous death on the Cross and of those who insulted Him at the foot of the Cross; on the side of those who have killed the life of God within themselves and in others. Or, we may choose to be on the side of those who accept Him like Mary did. She gave Him life on Earth: His body and His blood as well as the commitment of Her soul. St. Joseph dedicated himself totally to the child, the Son of God, incarnated in Mary, and together they protected and fostered Him. Mary participated in the work of salvation at the foot of the Cross. She went through Her own transformation, reaching the peak when She became the Mother of humanity.

What does it mean to welcome Jesus? There are several important points in the message of Jesus as well as the Gospel.[2] The first is that we want to be healed, but first we have to feel the pain of being unwell; we have to feel that something is not working in our lives, that there is a far greater life, an eternal life. The Gospel speaks about people who belong to different religions; people who look but do not see, who listen but do not hear, who have a heart but do not feel, because they are closed up in themselves and refuse to be changed. We have to become aware of this so that we may choose to be on the side of Mary and Joseph and all saints in order to promote life in us and in others on Earth and in the Universe. This is the task of the Church. First, our own regeneration is necessary, which will lead us to the fullness of life.

In His message, Jesus looks at Christianity, at the Christian confessions, and their actions and their inability to respond to the needs of humanity. As He said, most confessions have turned into humanitarian organisations. This is grave at the eyes of God. Belonging to a humanitarian organisation of Caritas is laudable; however, that does not lead to the salvation of man. Man is called to enter the life of God to obtain the fullness of life through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus uses a term in this message: to walk a path. With this feast, we begin the path of this year, which is dedicated to Christ, King of the Universe, in which He wants to present Himself in the phase that precedes His glorious manifestation, which is the time of His intermediary coming. This means that we are asked to be open to Jesus Christ and welcome Him, but not only formally to His Word, to the institutions or other religious confessions, but in spirit and truth. This is very important for us. As life is born in a family, it happens in the Church, the true Church that belongs to Jesus Christ.

Jesus again underlined that the Church is one. It is the one that He established and that is now descending among us, as she is in Heaven and as she should be. He underlines the features of this Church as it reads in His message. Jesus said:

“From now to My glorious coming, I will be among My people of the whole Universe, invisibly to the eyes of those who refuse Me, for as long as the Father wants.”

Why will He be invisible to those who refuse Him? Because they are free; He does not force them; He does not put pressure on anyone, even though, over the millennia, the Church has often put pressure on people to lead them to Christ. Yet, in these times, it must be a free and personal choice because each one of us is unique. It is a complete decision since we are going towards the fullness of life. Jesus appears among His people in spirit – we will touch this theme in our reflections to see how He leads us to fullness and towards the new creation. Jesus said:

“It will be you, My people, to manifest My power and testify to My presence among you. I will act in the depth of your spirit, and you will bring out the fruits of your union with Me. Signs and miracles will accompany your mission because I will be the One who works with you. I ask you to be docile and obedient to My authority so that I can make use of you.”

“In My authority”. We have said repeatedly that these are the times in which Jesus will place the Church, all individuals, under His authority. No other authority can replace Him: no prophet, no charismatic, no hierarch, no one, because each one of us, in our originality and in the Holy Spirit, must be open to the life of the One and Triune God that comes into our hearts through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, like sunrays and water nourish a bud in spring. If we are unable to receive this life from God, we will not bear fruit, and we will have nothing to give. We can learn a lot in catechism, in theology, but it is not the same. Our ability to feel and discern is necessary, even in studies and lessons of catechism; it is necessary for us to perceive the life that descends from God with our whole being.

Then, Jesus teaches us how to invoke Him to be bringers of life to others. I think that the three points He has highlighted are very important for our prayers, our celebrations and our relationships.

“Use My name to request and to give. The power of my Name opens the doors to true miracles and what is impossible becomes possible. I want you to ask for everything in my Name from now on. Do this before every individual or community prayer and before every celebration: invoke the Holy Spirit so that He helps you ask for things that correspond to God’s will. He knows your wishes and those of the people, but He also knows the wishes of God and He will not allow you to ask for things that do not correspond to God’s will.”

Why does Jesus mention the invocation to the Holy Spirit first? Because the Holy Spirit is perfect Love that pulsates towards everyone: men, the angels, even towards Lucifer, but Lucifer rejects Love. We can also accept or refuse it. Few people immerse themselves in the Holy Spirit before they begin to speak, preach or ask for something. This is where our choice takes place: whether we want to accept God’s life in us or not; whether we want to do what God asks of us or not. The Holy Spirit gives us those first impulses and He always accompanies us, from the moment of conception onwards. Let us look at an example: the Holy Spirit was always with Mary Most Holy; then, the moment of Jesus’ conception came, a stage of Her mission, and God’s omnipotence descended upon Her; then, His omnipotence acted in Her before the crucified Son, and then the omnipotence of God brought Her to the new creation in body and soul. Thus, the first question is: what do we want?

After that, the second point comes: “Then, consecrate yourselves to My Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, so that every request may be filtered through Her wholly pure intentions. She will only offer to God the requests that are worthy to be accepted.”

Here we have to discover the perfect Mother, who embraces and follows us, and the Co-redemptrix who has entered the Holy Trinity in fullness and who perfectly takes us to Jesus if we accept and feel what She conveys to us. As we have said many times, all prophecies of these times emphasize that no one will protect us except our Immaculate Mother, Her Immaculate Heart. However, if we unite with Her in this way, with Her Heart, we become like Her Heart and behave like Her before Jesus: no one has received Jesus as She has received Him.

“Finally, ask the Father to fulfil your request in My Name. I will be before Him asking Him to listen to your prayers if they are just and necessary for your good and that of those you are praying for.”

This is the process of elevation, the entrance into fullness, because Jesus pays for us and perfectly intercedes for us to reach salvation; He will perfectly lead us, both individually and the whole Church, to the Father into the new creation. Then, as we have written in the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[3], the Trinitarian power will fully act in us so that we will be filled with the life of God.

It is very important for us to do this kind of preparation for the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord, in which we will renew our baptismal promises. However, this year the renewal of the baptismal promises must not be a superficial adherence. We must welcome the power with which Jesus presents Himself in His Church of the Universe in these times.

Another very important aspect for us is that if we gradually walk our path to reach fullness, we must not impose anything on anyone; we must leave everyone free. No prophet can impose himself, as St. Paul says: prophecies are limited.[4] If we have a look at the prophets of the Old Testament, they speak with many symbols and images, and God speaks through images. However, this is the time in which the intermediary coming of Jesus prepares us for His glorious manifestation, which is also our glorious manifestation towards fullness. So, we are not allowed to impose anything on anyone, but we cannot save anybody through nice preaching and nice concepts or by scaring people either.

Truly, each one of us should be pulsating with God’s life, His love, His light, His power, while leaving it to the people to decide in their hearts. Their decision can no longer be like the hidden talents.[5] Now everything must come out, but if we want to reach the fullness of God’s life, we have to focus on it and manifest it.

These days of preparation for the Baptism of the Lord are precious to us because Jesus is acting within us to prepare us. Jesus, as man, prepared Himself for thirty years; then, He immersed Himself in the silence to receive the life of the Father, in the Holy Spirit, to overcome the trials given by Satan. We are now in that time. We are called to enter the fullness and communicate it to others. We are called to decide on which side we want to be. I would like to add that only in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, the only one in the Universe, can we make the experience of pulsating like Jesus with the wish to save everyone; yet, not with human means, but with the power of the Holy Spirit with which Jesus will come this year. He will knock at everyone’s heart.

I bless you tonight so that you may collect yourselves  inwardly. Let go of the pictures St. Matthew described – it was an expression of the time – so that the Holy Spirit may open your spirit to the presence of the Lord Jesus, who prepares His glorious coming, overcomes evil, heals, comforts and transforms us, heals our sight, our hearing, our heart, our feelings and our discernment. I bless you so that each of you may convey Jesus’ presence and the life that blossoms, overflows and gives itself to others. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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