“Final Choices”

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

16 January 2021

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sister; I would like to thank all of you who are united with us in spirit for the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity. Those who consecrated themselves to the Most Holy Trinity from the beginning – the seven great Archangels with the angels and the brothers and sisters faithful to God – and after the first coming of Jesus, after Redemption was accomplished, have received the power to help all of us to return to live with the One and Triune God. I would like to thank all the instruments that God has given us for these times; I thank the people that sacrificed themselves and prepared the way for everyone to return to the Father. Since this path has opened up before us, many will consecrate themselves today to the Most Holy Trinity[1]; they make it possible for other people of good will to be attracted by God.

Several times we have spoken about “a decisive and important turning point”. I call this step towards the novelty “the final choice”. On the one hand, there are those who choose God and begin their path without ever turning back; on the other hand, there are those who have definitively chosen Satan, and thus have already been condemned. In between remain the undecided. The more they are undecided and late, the more they risk sinning against the Holy Spirit. It is already late; we are living in these grave times, and thus the choices are final. Even those who have definitively chosen God have to work to help save who can still be saved.

You may have noticed that God speaks to us more intensively because He is the source of all.  The message of the Father[2] that you will receive is the key to understanding the past of human history, since original sin, since our creation in our mother’s womb, that is, our entire history. We can be healed internally, our whole existence can also be healed and resurrected, and we can confidently walk towards the new creation and feel it in our hearts. This message is also the key to understanding what will happen this year, the coming events; it is the key to understanding and participating in the work of God and in His Grace.

The message of the Father begins with these words: “You have decided to renew your solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity this year. This is a fundamental event for the whole humanity of the Universe, and it is what I have expected of you as a sign of your faithfulness.”

These words express continuity: whoever has chosen God must proceed on the path to reach the new creation. He says, “From your consecration onwards …” – from your consecration onwards! – “Jesus will be among you, and a completely new phase of your path will begin. Be ready to welcome His living presence and to be obedient to Him and to the Holy Spirit through Mary Most Holy.”

Thus, we immediately understand that the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity is not a recitation or a devotion but a fundamental choice that enables the Holy Trinity to act in us and through us, through the Son of God, who will be with us in a special way this year.

In the message, the Father explains what the consecration to the Son, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe means: “Jesus has always been among His people. He is the Emmanuel, the God with you. But His INTERMEDIARY COMING of which I speak, will be something very particular because the faithful people will experience His closeness as if Jesus were present in flesh and blood, whereas the rebellious men will not notice anything. This will last until the glorious coming of My Son will be visible to the eyes of the entire humanity of the Universe, at the time set by Me.”

Therefore, Jesus will be present in the power of the Holy Spirit as King of the Universe; He will continuously be with His people. He will be like a river flowing to the sea, leading to His glorious coming and to the new creation.

We do not set a time limit for this, but this is the path; this is the truth that we will experience by grace. “Then it will be too late for those who have refused Him; there will be no more time to repent.”

Here, He refers to the sin against the Holy Spirit. That river of Grace, His invisible presence, which is tangible to those who welcome Him in the Holy Spirit, will fill them with the Holy Spirit so that He becomes tangible through His Church to the good and the bad. The good will be attracted by Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Father will attract them to Himself; those who refuse Him will fall, and nothing will remain in between. When all the power of God’s goodness will manifest itself, time will end.

At this point it is very important to read theses verses to the Hebrews in today’s Liturgy:  “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”[3]

We have to give account to Christ’s power, which is power of love. Christ penetrates those who welcome Him with His love and transforms them. This is terrifying for those who want to hide within themselves, in their selfishness, and are bound to the spirit of evil. You see that this is sin against the Holy Spirit, because the Word of God, the High Priest, the immolated Lamb comes down for each one of us; the perfect Love of God the Father who expresses Himself through the Son and communicates Himself to humanity. Therefore, the choice is final; there will be no other options.

Thus, it is very important for us to understand that we have to participate in the action that takes place within us and transform ourselves more and more into suitable instruments that can absorb this pure love. It is as St. Francis said: “If one does not reach pure love, even in the spiritual life, one does not reach anything.”[4]

And the Father said: Time runs fast, children of Mine, but I will still give those who wish it a possibility to be saved. For the merits of My Son, of His Immaculate Mother and all saints …,” that is, of the whole Church of the Universe. I hope that we understand these words that are linked to the quotation from letter to the Hebrews, for this is the Word of God that penetrates us.

In the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitantswe reported a conversation with the Holy Spirit; this is the remark on the Illuminati, the secret societies, the Confederation of the Light: “God always gives every man another chance, no matter how wicked he is. None of you would be who he is if God had not always given you another chance.”[5]

When people are ready, God’s love searches their hearts and awakens them. The Holy Spirit continuously touches everyone; He never abandons anyone, except the damned because they refused the sacrifice of Christ when He came for the first time. When someone awakens and sincerely wishes to be transformed, the Holy Spirit guides him and leads him to know the Saviour. It is the action of the Holy Spirit that we bring to all men, whether they are good, bad or fragile, so that the Holy Spirit may powerfully pulsate towards all humanity. This is marvellous.

However, afterwards, a new phase begins; if Jesus sees that some people sincerely want to change, the Holy Spirit introduces them to the Savior, and He explains to them that they must offer their life to Him so that He may heal them: “If you offer your life to God and want to comply with His laws, Jesus Christ will begin His work of Redemption in you.”  When they offer themselves to God: “He will purify you from evil and forgive you.”

So, what is this? It is baptism in spirit, which takes us back to the point from where the faithful brothers set off. Then, He gives another grace: “He will entrust you to His Mother, Mary Most Holy.”         

And the conversation continues: “Understand this correctly: if you are not reborn in the womb of the One who brought forth the God-Man, you will not reach the fullness; you will be weak in your path. If Jesus did not entrust you to the Holy Mother, you would risk not reaching the goal.”[6]

There is a vortex in our soul: while the Holy Spirit touches all of us, every man, to awaken us, Jesus offers all prayers, supplications and praises of the whole Church of the Universe to the Father. If a person still does not awaken; if he or she does not reach Jesus Christ, there is nothing to do about it. If Christians are satisfied with superficial prayers and a superficial participation in the sacraments, refusing to change, there is not much we can do. If Jesus heals someone, who sincerely decides to give Him his life, only to close in on himself afterwards like Judas did, then the Immaculate Mother cannot enter into his heart; She cannot enter a soiled soul. Jesus even entered into Judas’ soul to give him a chance. However, if the Christians do not understand that they must participate in the sacrifice of Christ and in His resurrection, then …. Remember what the apostles St. John and St. Barnabas explained in their messages last year.[7]

If we do not participate in Jesus’ sacrifice, how can we understand Mary Most Holy, how can we welcome Her? If Jesus cannot entrust us to His Holy Mother because our rational calculations prevent us from trusting Her, we will not reach fullness; we will certainly have enormous difficulties in reaching the goal, Jesus; do you understand that? Those who have obscured, so to say, the last apparitions of Our Lady for Earth in Medjugorje … what a great responsibility they have! We do not want to judge anyone; we have not responded fully to Her call either; however, there is also an objective fact for which Christianity has to ask for forgiveness, quickly. And those Christians who say that they are devoted to Mary must be Christians who offer themselves, and you know that this word provokes; it provokes because it causes the division between soul and spirit. People have to choose to belong to Jesus Christ by overcoming all obstacles because they have received the grace to overcome every trial of life, every temptation that Satan gives, in order to be risen people.

The people of the Church of the whole Universe are called to participate in this way, that is, to participate fully in the sacrifice of Christ through the Immaculate Mother, the Co-redemptrix, the Mother and Queen of the new creation. She is the Mother who generates [the children of God] for the new creation; She is the Mother and the Queen who governs with the King the whole Universe. We have received the possibility and the grace to do it.

Let us return to the beginning: this is the time to make the final choice, to make a decision, to be ready to walk, to bear fruit, to help even the last one to orient himself towards Jesus Christ. We do not intend to deal with those who have chosen perdition, but we want to protect the people. Yet, those who want to remain in between will not be able to do so because the light of the Face of the Father will be increasingly luminous, and the apparition of the glorious Christ will make darkness disappear along with those who have chosen it. “Whoever has ears, let them hear!“ We will always pray and offer ourselves for all of you who participate, and all of us live in the offering for one another;  from St. Michael, leader of the people, to our Mother and Queen, to whom we offer our lives, to the last; we consecrate the sufferings of the weak and fragile, the depraved, the mislead, the generous, who have incarnated even in hybrids, in order to bring back all those who belong to God to the dignity of children of God. I think that we can define this year as marvelous for the people of God and terrible for those who refuse Him.

I bless you; may the words of the Father be light for your souls and for your lives; may the Face of the Father, through the Son, express itself through you; may God’s fatherhood, which is infinite love and enlightens truth and falseness, express itself through you. I bless you so that Mary’s face may shine on you all. May the “House-Sanctuary of Mary’s Face”[8] shine, and may this people unite firmly with this Sanctuary to show Mary’s face as it has been revealed; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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